After Lixia, protect your born day

After Lixia, protect your “born day”

Click on the picture to buy it. As the temperature gets higher and higher, our body also shows a series of symptoms of maladjustment.
The main manifestations are decreased appetite, fatigue, reduced work efficiency, and so on.
What causes this series of adverse effects?
The rise in temperature is only an external cause, and the root cause is that there is something wrong with our bodies.
Xiao Bian told you that something is wrong with the spleen and stomach.
Chinese medicine believes that nourishing the spleen and stomach is the key to summer health.
Let’s take a closer look!
  Why the summer is nourishing the spleen and stomach? Xiao Bian ‘s grandfather researched Chinese medicine quite often. When he was a kid, he often heard him mention: “The spleen is the essence of the day after tomorrow.
“At that time, I could only understand it. What was” the day after tomorrow “?
What is “transportation”?
What is “Sheng Qing”?
These issues also became known after adulthood.
The day after tomorrow is the essence of healthy growth after birth.
After a person falls to the ground, all life activities depend on food and water.
The nutrients needed for growth are also taken through food.
The role of the spleen and stomach in the growth and development of the human body is “unification” and “ascension.”
The stomach has the function of transport. After receiving the food, the stomach starts to secrete gastric acid to digest the food. After the food is initially digested, it is transferred to the spleen for further nutrient absorption.
At this point, the operation of the stomach is over.
The spleen has the effect of lifting the clear, and it further digests and absorbs food in more detail.
The spleen can absorb the rich nutrients in food, which can be used by the body for daily needs.
  We can see that the work of the stomach and spleen is complementary, closely related and indispensable.
Only when the spleen and stomach are healthy can the body function in a healthy and orderly manner.
In summer, not only the temperature is high, but it also often rains. It is humid and hot, and it is easy to appear hot and humid.
In the hot and humid environment, the spleen and stomach can feel the most discomfort, which leads to a series of problems such as decreased appetite and qi and blood deficiency.
Therefore, strengthening the spleen and stomach is particularly important in summer.
  Benefits of nourishing the spleen and stomach: Since the spleen is the “born nature”, the spleen can be called the energy basis of the body.
If a friend with a bad physical constitution can make up for it by regulating the spleen and stomach in life, he can also achieve healthy longevity. In contrast, if a friend with a good physical constitution does not pay attention to the spleen and stomach in daily life, it will also lead to serious physicaldisease.
Spleen and stomach have the following types of benefits.
  1. Increase appetite Many people will lose their appetite in the summer. Without appetite, their appetite will drop significantly, which will cause the body to fail to absorb sufficient nutrients. Over time, it will also lead to malnutrition.
These are the faults of spleen deficiency.
“People are iron, and rice is steel.” Poor appetite will cause a series of adverse effects.
  2. Relevant research on weight loss and weight loss shows that obesity is often caused by spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency.
Weak temper, resulting in the “transportation” work cannot be performed normally, too much water and nutrients accumulated in the body can not be absorbed in time, resulting in obesity.
In addition, patients with spleen deficiency are prone to systemic weakness and indigestion.
  3. Prevent chronic gastroenteritis: The spleen and stomach are healthy, and digestion and absorption are no problem, so the functions of various parts of the body will also be improved.
It is very helpful for the prevention and treatment of chronic gastroenteritis.
  How to nourish the spleen and stomach? Xiaobian said so much just to tell everyone that the first step in summer health is to nourish the spleen and stomach.
So, how to nourish the spleen and stomach in summer is the right way to keep in good health?  1, “Yang Yang” to dampen the spleen, the root cause is damp heat.

Therefore, dehumidification is the preferred method.

The way to dehumidify, Xiaobian recommends two simple and feasible methods here: the first one, appropriate nap.

Many office workers have a short lunch break, which is too late, but Xiaobian still recommends that everyone take a proper amount of rest is necessary, even if the eyes closed for 10 minutes is effective.

Excessive fatigue can cause water to stay in the body for too long, and increase spleen deficiency.

  The second is not to be too greedy and cold.

In summer, the weather is hot, and many people do not leave their mouths or stay in an air-conditioned environment.

In fact, this will lead to increased body moisture.

The body is only temporarily comfortable, and the subsequent problems will directly affect our physical health.

Therefore, you should not eat more cold drinks in summer, and it is most suitable to use a fan to cool down.

  2, moderate aerobic exercise is hot in summer, and rapid exercise can easily lead to dehydration and heat stroke.

Therefore, it is enough to do some aerobic exercise in summer.

For example, walking slowly for 30 minutes, walking slowly after dinner can promote digestion and protect the spleen and stomach.

I also recommend to you today an exercise-sit-ups.

You can do it without going out at home, which is more suitable for friends who do not want to go out.

Do sit-ups 20-40 times a day.