Recommend 5 gyms for your fitness and discount

Recommend 5 gyms for your fitness and discount

“Why are more and more people coming to the club to exercise?

And many are young people!

“For days and nights, no matter during the day or night, there is always a crowd in a fitness club in Fuzhou. Almost all the operating rooms and equipment are” occupied “by the members who often exercise in the club.

  Indeed, since entering the summer vacation, major fitness venues in Fuzhou have ushered in a large number of “new faces.”

Who are they?

Why come to work out on a hot day?

  The students and teachers took advantage of the busy fitness college entrance examination just after the holiday, and many prospective college students chose to exercise at a club near their homes.

“High school seniors have been busy studying throughout the year and have little time to exercise.

Now that I have finished the exam, I can exercise well and improve my body.

“Mr. Chen said that his results came out, the whole person relaxed, and also had free time to exercise well, in the future, he can better meet the challenges of the intense study life in the university.

  In addition to the children on vacation, the extra teachers are also preparing to exercise before the time.

“I’m usually busy preparing for classes and attending classes. Apart from playing with my colleagues, I really don’t have time to go to the gym.

Now you can finally hire a personal trainer to guide you.

“Ms. Wang is going to go to the club to buy a card when she has finished revising the student test papers.

  Various clubs have launched summer cards to see the business opportunities contained in the summer season. Too many clubs have acted. In addition to conducting various summer training courses to attract students during the summer vacation, they have also launched special cards, summer cards and other small card types to developMarket needs.

  Special broadcast Ⅲ Haosha Fitness opens Latin dance summer class and Taekwondo summer class.

Hosa Fitness Baolong Store opened a 42-day weight loss training camp, conducting 4 hours of concentrated training every day, providing free nutrition packages with fat reduction, outdoor training once a week, and a professional personal trainer team to help guide.

  Bolihao Fitness offers a summer swimming class: 980 yuan, two-month dispatch card and 12 breaststroke training courses; a hip-hop summer camp: 1480 yuan, two-month release card, and 15 hip-hop training courses; eight-week discountFat training camp: 2880 yuan, 2 months dispatch card and 24 lessons.

  The Fuzhou OM Yoga Club has launched a summer card. You can buy a summer card with a student ID of 900 yuan. You can use it in July and August. You can use it within two months.


Zhongbo Fitness Summer Bi-Month Card, 480 yuan, unlimited items, times, time, with student ID.

  Lichao Fitness offers swimming training classes, children 280 yuan and adults 300 yuan, 15 people per class, one-on-one teaching 800 yuan / person, small classes of 2-4 people 600 yuan / person.