Nutritional Therapy for Four Common Symptoms at Home

Nutritional Therapy for Four Common Symptoms at Home

Headaches, nausea, insomnia, constipation . Almost everyone has experienced these symptoms and ruled out major diseases. In fact, they are often caused by high work pressure, emotional stress, and bad living habits.

TCM nutritionists believe that for these common symptoms, in addition to symptomatic treatment with medicine, it does not prevent trying nutritional diet therapy and improve the symptoms through diet adjustment.

  ● Headaches Headaches have complex causes, emotional tension, and headaches caused by complications such as excessive brain use. You Huazhi, a Chinese dietitian at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that occasionally headaches are not necessarily a disease.A “warning” of fatigue.

In addition to excluding obvious disease factors such as cerebrovascular disease, cervical spondylosis, hypertension, etc., the following dietary treatments can be used to relieve headaches with the effect of drugs.

  Therapeutic side: (1) Gastrodia stewed fish head method: take 5 grams of walnuts, 5 grams of Shouwu, 6 grams of Gastrodia, one half catty fish head, put the above ingredients in the pot and simmer for 1-2 hours, season.

  Efficacy: Gastrodia can dilate blood vessels and has the effect of improving headaches.

  (2) Method for making rice wine and walnut puree: take 5-6 walnut kernels, mash them into a mud powder, add 50 ml of rice wine, 5 grams of sugar, and then steam over low heat for about 10 minutes.

  Efficacy: Very effective for relieving intractable headaches.

  ● Nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, colds, and gastroenteritis may cause nausea and vomiting.

In addition, some people are prone to diarrhea and nausea as soon as they eat cold food. This is a typical manifestation of “cold stomach”.

Experts believe that it is necessary to avoid overeating, especially not eating too much greasy food, which hurts the spleen and stomach.

  Therapeutic side: (1) Preparation of ginger juice: take a large piece of ginger (with skin), wash it, wrap it with gauze, smash it, squeeze out the ginger juice, add hot water and honey, season and season.

  Efficacy: Ginger juice can reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, especially the first time nausea is more routine and effective.

  (2) Preparation method of white lentils porridge: 120 grams of fresh white lentils, 150 grams of previous rice, moderate brown sugar.

The lentils are cooked in a pot with clean previous rice.

  Efficacy: spleen and diarrhea, summer heat and dampness.

This prescription is suitable for the symptoms of weak spleen and stomach, chronic diarrhea and nausea and vomiting.

  ● Insomnia Almost everyone has insomnia. Insomnia is caused by many reasons. For insomnia caused by mental illness, pain, etc., simple food therapy can not alleviate the symptoms, but experts said that for work stress, stress, and irritabilityWhite-collar workers, using the method of diet, are at ease, and their sleep effect is more obvious.

  Therapeutic side: (1) lotus seed lily lily stewed lean meat production method: take lotus seeds, lily 30 grams each, 150 grams lean meat, moderate amount of water, stew in the cup for 1-2 hours, stew seasoning, can you go to bed at night?.

  Efficacy: Lotus seeds and lily have the effects of moistening lungs, relieving cough, and relieving the nerves. This soup is suitable for people with irritability and irritability. It has obvious effects on those who are nervous and emotionally uncomfortable.

  (2) Guishen Huaishan boiled pork loin manufacturing method: take 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of codonopsis, 10 grams of Huaishan, 500 grams of pork loin, add appropriate amount of water, simmer for 2 hours in a pot, and after the pork loin is cooked, lift itSlice and serve.

  Efficacy: Angelica, Codonopsis has the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the kidney. This prescription is suitable for the symptoms of palpitations, shortness of breath, back pain, insomnia caused by blood loss and kidney deficiency.

  ● Constipation TCM believes that constipation is divided into hot constipation and deficiency constipation.

Hot constipation, generally manifested as dry stools, hot anus during defecation, and debilitating constipation are mostly spleen and stomach deficiency, lack of blood and qi, and inability to defecate, causing constipation with longer and longer stools, so You Huazhi believes that overall improvementConstipation, first of all, drink plenty of water, and eat an appropriate amount of moisturizing and gas-producing food.

People with hot constipation should avoid alcohol, spicy and other irritating foods, and people with cold constipation should avoid raw cold fruits and cold drinks.

  Therapeutic side: (1) Potato honey juice preparation method: Take a potato, wash it without peeling, blanch it with boiling water for a few minutes, then mash it in a bowl, then filter the potato juice with gauze, take the potato juice and add an appropriate amount of honey,Drink a small amount of boiling water.

  Efficacy: Suitable for constipation with deficiency of both qi and blood.

  (2) Walnut sesame paste method: Take 4-5 walnut kernels, a small amount of cooked sesame seeds, mash them into a bowl and pulverize them into powder, mix with hot boiling water, add honey to taste and serve.

  Efficacy: Suitable for the elderly with chronic chronic constipation.

  (3) Radish juice preparation method: Wash the white radish, mash it in a bowl, and filter the radish juice with gauze.

Add hot water to radish juice and honey.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and purging, especially suitable for people with habitual constipation.