How to tell if your child has autism

How to tell if your child has autism

Autism is a specific disease of generalized developmental disorders.

Autism has become a common disease in children, and this disease can seriously affect children’s physical health.

Many parents don’t know much about autism, so they miss the best time to treat their child.

So, how to distinguish autism?

Let’s take a look together!

1. Many children with autism have language barriers. Clinically, many parents come to see a doctor simply because their children have reached the age when they cannot speak.

Children about one year old are basically able to speak. Parents should not think that their children are still young. It will be better to wait until they are older. This will only affect their illness.

There are also children with autism who, although they can speak, are confused or often speak to themselves, and parents need to be vigilant.

2. Children with autism have repetitive language, movements and behaviors, and sometimes even forced thinking and behaviors.

For example, children keep closing doors and opening doors, asking parents a question repeatedly, and so on. Some children can see a movie or a book dozens or even hundreds of times. Parents can easily detect abnormalities, butNot necessarily related to autism.

3. Normal children are more lively, like to find friends to play with, and love to look around, but children with autism like to do their own affairs alone, do not want to make eye contact with others, do not want to seek attention, even seePeople just hide.

In addition, children with autism also experience paresthesia.

Their hearing is particularly sensitive, sometimes they like to listen to some sounds, and sometimes they are afraid of some sounds.

Most children with autism will experience abnormal pain and visual abnormalities. They are not afraid of pain and tend to squint and look down when looking at things.