Little Devil and Ma Wang are expected to be the first big screen with the same frame, cooperating with the vampire movie


“Little Devil” and “Ma Wang” are expected to be the first big screen with the same frame, cooperating with the vampire movie
On May 20th, according to foreign media sources, “Ma Wang” Jason Moma and “Little Devil” Peter Dinaki are expected to co-produce and star in a vampire action adventure movie “Good,” launched by Legend Pictures”Bad and Undead”.The negotiation between Legendary Pictures and the duo has entered the final stage. If it is successfully finalized, these two actors who have starred in “Game of Thrones” but have no opponents with the camera will collaborate on the big screen for the first time.Hugh Jackman played the vampire hunter “Van Helsing” in the 2004 film “Van Helsing”.Ding Laki will play the famous vampire hunter “Fan Haixin” in the movie “Good, Bad and Undead”. “Uncle Wolf” Hugh Jackman once performed this image in the 2004 film “Fan Haixin”.And Moma will play a vampire with a complicated relationship with Fan Haixin. He vowed to Fan Haixin that he will not kill any more, and this has won Fan Haixin’s temporary trust.The film tells the two to go to various towns to cheat. Fan Haixin pretended to defeat the vampire in front of people to get paid, however, when someone gave a huge reward for the life of the vampire played by Moma, they would have to flee.Legendary Pictures compared the film to Bram Stoker (the original author of the famous vampire novel “Dracula”) “Midnight Run”.Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito’s “contrast cuteness” created in the film “Brother Brother Dragon”.At a fan meeting with Jason Momma in June 2019, when a fan asked him if he would like to cooperate with Ding Laki to remake the 1988 classic movie “Brother Dragon”, Momma said he was very willingCooperate with Dinglaji.Although this beautiful fantasy may be far away, fans of “Game of Thrones” and “Neptune” will be expected to see the two of them appear in the new magic world.Sauna Night Net Editor Huang Jialing Intern Cao Yuxin Proofreading Wang Xin