Different strategies for different bosses

Different strategies for different bosses

In the workplace, you will encounter many different types of bosses: some have a gentle personality and are cautious; others are irritable and careless; and everyone has a different habit.

There are different ways to get along with different bosses. Since you are doing things under his or her hands, of course you must master the “coping tactics”.

  For “workaholic” bosses-such bosses often think of themselves as the most capable person in the world. With excess energy, they are enthusiastic about work, and hope that their subordinates will become “workaholics” just like him or her.
In the face of such a boss, the best countermeasure is to give up, and ask him for advice, so that he will always feel that you are working hard and achieving success under his wise leadership, so you can still get his appreciation.

  Facing Bossy Bosses-It takes courage to think that bosses are constantly threatening their subordinates so that they can do their job conscientiously.

  To such a boss, you must often make her feel your existence value.

Especially when you foresee that she will speak ill of you, you must think of salutation in advance.

Of course, it’s more important not to be intimidated.

  Facing Suspicious Boss-Give him (her) a job report every day. The boss suspects his subordinates are lazy all day, so he often directs the game of “police catching thieves” in the office.

The best way to meet such a boss is to give her a report every day (at least weekly), telling her clearly that you have done a job today to dispel her suspicion, and she can rest assured that you are also at ease.

  Facing an indecisive boss-helping him or her resolve that such bosses are usually more resourceful and often determined. As long as others suggest a little modification, they can change his original intention at one time, and the people below mustConstantly restarted.

In fact, as long as you don’t feel lost, you can discuss some decisions with him boldly, help him make a determined decision, and then try to keep him going.

  In the face of forgetful bosses-you can only be like “old mother”. Some bosses are very forgetful, often upside down, often lost, and sometimes obviously talked about the previous day, but after two or three days, he said that he did not say at all.

The best way is, when he is in an event or expressing a certain point of view, you can ask him a few times, you can also put forward your own different views, deliberately cause discussion to deepen the boss’s impression, and finally, you can alsoSummarize the statement and repeat it to him in alternative language to keep him firmly in mind.

  Facing vague bosses-“Breaking the Casserole and Asking to the End” Some bosses are vague in the layout of their work and there are no clear and specific requirements, which can be understood as either this or that; some conflict with each other, and the subordinates cannot operate at all.Implementation, once you do it well, he will blame saying that his request is not like this, you are mistaken.

For such a supervisor, when accepting a task, be sure to inquire about its specific requirements, especially in terms of completion time, staff extension, quality standards, amount of funds, etc., and record them one by one, so that the supervisor can go after approval.Do it.

  Some supervisors “humming” when they ask for specific indicators or clear responses for a certain job that you have requested, but they don’t have a clear attitude, or just say “I know”, “you look at it” and so on.

Then, in order to avoid the trouble of contradictions in the future, you can repeatedly explain your intentions as a subordinate, and try to induce them to have a clear response. If necessary, you can use methods to provide language alternatives, such as: “What do you mean .”, Let the boss continue, or let the boss answer with speculative judgment, such as:” Do you mean ×××?

“When the boss has a clearer response, he repeats the enhancement several times immediately, which can be further extended.” If so, then it will . “.

  Facing ignorant bosses-it is time to shoot. Some bosses clearly do not understand the business, layman, not good at it, so pretend to understand, pretend, and want to show themselves everywhere.

Faced with such a boss, can be treated separately.

If it is important and has a principled problem, subordinates can directly observe the point of view, or strive for reason, or firmly oppose it. They cannot be accommodated. Even if the positive suggestions are invalid, they must try their best to make a roundabout way, otherwise it is equivalent to killing the boss and his own.Just kidding; unless it’s a general issue that has nothing to do with the big picture, subordinates can deal with it flexibly and prevent the intensification of positive conflicts and contradictions.

  Facing Introverted Bosses-“Secret” Communication Some psychologists have pointed out that introverts use email more often than extroverts.

Therefore, if your boss is multiple introverts, he may prefer to read E-mail and communicate with his subordinates by this method.

If you want to surprise your boss who is accustomed to ordinary black and white emails, then spend more time learning to make innovative color animation e-mails.

Of course, don’t make personal contacts during work hours, so as not to attract others’ tongues.

Here’s another simple method: when you want to talk to your boss about an important thing, don’t use E-mail, but show your sincerity and determination through interviews. It is a good way to have lunch together.Will not be interfered by other colleagues, and can communicate with the boss most directly and effectively.

  The boss who gives a small report to the boss in the face of instigating right and wrong-using evil to suppress certain types of bosses, loves to solicit right and wrong between subordinates, creates contradictions, and also loves to give small reports to subordinates in front of the boss, so that the relationship between employeesNervous and scolded by the boss at every turn.

In such a situation, the employees must first talk openly, make sure that the boss is playing a ghost, and then find a way to deal with him.

As the saying goes: You must not have a detrimental heart, and you must be defenseless. You must not stop your patience with this kind of “little man” boss. You must find the right time, expose it in person, and take the initiativeAsk the boss to explain the situation and let the boss know the truth.

We must believe that when the boss is responsible for his own company, when he realizes that the person in charge under his management, starting from the survival and development of the company, will generally consider taking corresponding measures.

  Facing a mediocre incompetent boss who likes to push him-if you are mediocre and have no idea, you do n’t need to worry about it, you can completely oppose it with a tolerant heart, “Jin WuzuRed, no one is perfect! ”

Whenever there is a difficult job, giving it to a subordinate to do it can only indicate the incompetence of the superior, but pointing out to the subordinate may not be a good thing. At least there are more opportunities for tempering and more opportunities to show talent.

“People are under the roof and have to bow their heads.” The basic rule is to learn to get along with each other. If you don’t want to get along with yourself, it’s best not to get through with this kind of boss.

  If the boss likes to put all the “cooked dishes” cooked by others into his own bowl and refuses to separate out a “cup of ravioli”, he will be responsible for his mistakes. This shows that he is selfish and humble.

To get along with such a boss, you must be firm and flexible, neither irreversible, nor blindly.

It is also unquestionable to properly protect your own interests in front of the boss. It is necessary to let the boss know that there are principles in life and that tolerance is limited.