Elderly Deficiency Fire Toothache Is Inadequate Renal Fluid

Elderly Deficiency Fire Toothache Is Inadequate Renal Fluid

Symptoms of virtual toothache in the elderly: toothache, no local redness, swelling and hot pain, pain aggravated by hot and cold stimuli, and pain at night, TCM believes that it is caused by insufficient kidney water, caused by inflammation of virtual fire, and when the water is enough to nourish the kidney water, the water is enough to extinguish fire.The pain can be stopped, and the following can be used to cure it: 30 grams of raw land, 30 grams of cooked ground, 30 grams of pregnant Achyranthes bidentata (fried with salt water), 10 grams of asarum, 6 grams of cimicifuga, 6 grams of rice and 10 grams of fresh ginger.One fry for 20 minutes, the second fry for 15 minutes, 350 ml each, take it warm, take it in the morning before meals, and before going to bed at night.

  Taboo: Avoid alcohol, spicy and greasy taste, do not get angry.

  The upper ground is clearing heat and cooling blood, and the cooked ground directly nourishes the kidney yin (renal water).

Ignition down, asarum, pain (toothache), medicine for dispersing pain, numbness, clearing heat, detoxifying, clearing, and reducing turbidity. It has been nourishing Qi and nourishing the stomach.Protect the spleen and stomach from suffering. In short, its role is to nourish yin and qi, replenish water and fire, and detoxify and relieve pain.

  One dose of more than three yuan, you can even take three doses. Comrades with this disease take three doses a month.

Can effectively prevent the occurrence of this disease.

It is harmless to the body even if taken without disease, and also has a therapeutic effect on the headache caused by hypertension (yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity). This prescription is simple, the medicine taste is not much, the prescription is rigorous, and it is economical and practical.

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