8 ways to make exercise burn more aunts

8 ways to make exercise burn more aunts

1, 30?
45 minutes Under normal circumstances, when you perform aerobic exercise, the target heartbeat is maintained at about 60% of the maximum heartbeat for more than 30 minutes. The slightest in the body will be mobilized to provide energy for the human body, and the highest energy supply record for adults can reach85% of the total consumption has entered the optimal stage of weight loss.

  After 45 minutes of exercise, the consumption of adults began to decrease again.

So experts recommend low-intensity aerobic exercise during weight loss, the time is 30?
45 minutes.

  Excessive exercise intensity will reduce the proportion of adult consumption.

When approaching the maximum intensity exercise, the accidental energy supply ratio only accounts for 15%.

  2. The interval exercise breaks down the exercise. After 10 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, relax and rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour. When you slow down, the body is still in a state of excitement, and it takes energy to recover to its original state and continue to maintainHigh aunt burn rate.

Because there are two “post-combustions”, the heart’s reactivation is as effective as a full 30-minute exercise and consumes more aunts, and metabolism is pushed to the extreme.

  3, fast and strong exercise time is short, but the speed is very fast, so that the heart rate can reach the standard quickly, and keep running.

After each contraction of the heart, there is enough time to rest, which will help the heart work better.

At the same time, due to the regular contraction and relaxation of muscles, the venous blood recovery is accelerated, and the coronary arteries supplying the heart’s own nutrition are dilated, which can make the heart get more nutrition.

Self-test: In order to achieve the best results in a limited time, the speed should be at least 10% faster than usual.

Bring a heartbeat monitor to ensure that the intensity is always maintained at 60-80% of the maximum heartbeat.

  4. Start a new button every four weeks to change the speed, telescope and tilt of the device.

If you have a soft spot for a treadmill, it is recommended that you often change the slope rather than the speed, because the pace will decrease when the speed increases, and the large stride will burn more calories.

You can also continuously change the direction of the treadmill to reduce running backwards, reduce fatigue, and maximize energy consumption.

  Tips: When using the instrument, carry as few handles as possible, which can consume 10% more displacement.

  5. When walking on a treadmill with weights, lift two lighter dumbbells to fully exercise the biceps and squeeze them, so as to triceps.

Supplemented with a 3-pound dumbbell, it can increase the burning rate of adults by 5-15%.

  6. Cycle through the eight strength instruments one after the other without interruption.

Focus on the chest, waist and legs.

These exercises require more oxygen to effectively increase heart rate and burn more calories.

  7. If you want to burn more calories alternately, the upper body movement and the lower body movement are alternately performed.

  8. Use the best time period of Burning Aunt 6: 00-9: 00am (get up early, jog for 30 minutes, or walk to work for 30 minutes.

Do not exercise too much, or you will be tired before the real day begins.

) 2: 00-6: 00pm (If you are going to the gym, choose this time period, metabolism will accelerate, the same amount of exercise, burn more calories per hour) 6: 00-9: 00pm (aerobic exercise 30minute.
Take an hour’s rest after dinner, don’t drag it before going to bed, otherwise the state of excitement will affect your sleep quality.