Diet experts recommend cold recipes

Diet experts recommend cold recipes

This winter, the topic of flu has been mentioned again and again, but the number of colds has continued to increase.

For common colds, it is best not to join the queue for medical treatment. One is to avoid the danger of contracting the virus, and the other is to reduce the trouble of expert doctors.

  Diet experts recommend common cold recipes. In addition to taking cold medicine, traditional food therapy is also a good method.

Diet experts will provide you with several small diet prescriptions, which can not only enjoy delicious food, but also enhance your resistance.


Rice ginger vinegar porridge: Method: 50-100 grams of rice, 3 grams of ginger, boil in a casserole and boil 1-2, and then add lizard onions 5-7, when the porridge is cooked, put 10-15 ml of rice vinegar,Just cook.

Under hot clothing, it is advisable to lie under the covers after eating, preferably to sweat slightly.

  Efficacy: Ginger treats colds, colds, cough, etc. Rice vinegar is the best medicine.


Rice and Lentil Porridge: Method: Use half a bowl of glutinous rice and lentils to cook porridge, and drink one bowl for breakfast and dinner each day.

  Efficacy: Barley lentils can strengthen the spleen and stomach to remove moisture, promote gastrointestinal absorption, and strengthen physical strength to fight cold viruses.


Sweet potato ginger soup: Method: After peeling sweet potatoes, cut into small pieces, cut a piece of ginger into thin slices, add six bowls of water to cook, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, drink a cup every morning and dinner.

  Efficacy: Sweet potato supplements nutrition, ginger can be cold, more suitable for cold and cold.


Chives soup: practice: coriander root, shallots, cabbage head decoction, add brown sugar, replace tea.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of sweating and relieving the nose.


Hot salty lemon tea: Method: Cut one or two thin slices with fresh lemon, put a small amount of salt, and then rinse with hot water.

Each cup can be washed three times, and the second and third times do not need to add salt. Be careful not to use cold boiling water.

  Efficacy: Hot salty lemon tea can smooth phlegm.


Mint tea: Method: Take fresh mint leaves, drink with hot water, drink a cup every morning and dinner.

  Efficacy: Suitable for cold patients with dry mouth, sore throat, and no sputum or sputum.

  Friendly Tips: Pay attention to your diet when you have a cold, and do not “eat”.

The diet should be based on carbohydrate foods. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins and minerals and improve the body’s immunity.

For those who like to fry, fried food will give up temporarily.

In order to restore physical strength and vitality, we must start with a basic diet!