Baby’s yellow hair turned out to be zinc deficient

Baby’s yellow hair turned out to be zinc deficient

Children’s hair is thin and yellow, and parents always blame the “calcium deficiency”.

Yesterday, Ms. Lin took her daughter to undergo a trace element examination, and realized that her hair was actually yellow because her child was zinc deficient. In the past few years, the “calcium supplementation work” was done wrong.

  5-year-old Xiaoxin (pseudonym) is a beautiful little girl, but her hair has always been thin and yellow.

Ms. Lin, always worried about her anxiety, thought that it was lack of calcium, so she bought various calcium supplements and ate them to Xiaoxin every day. She also used hair growth and some alternative medicines.

However, no effect has been seen for two years.

Yesterday, Ms. Lin took Xiaoxin to see the chief physician Xu Huifu in the pediatric department of Wuhan First Hospital.

Director Xu suggested to check the trace elements first, and found that Xiaoxin had a large zinc deficiency, which was the cause of hair yellowing.

  Director Xu introduced that although many of the children’s diseases are related to trace elements, if they are caused or excessive, they may cause diseases and affect the child’s development, but trace elements cannot be supplemented indiscriminately.

For example, blind calcium supplementation in children may cause urinary stones or hypercalciuria.

Therefore, the appropriate treatment must be selected with the help of a doctor.