Chinese medicine massage can also cure colds

Chinese medicine massage can also cure colds

Common diseases such as the common cold can also achieve good results with traditional Chinese massage.

  The common cold clinically has the following symptoms: stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, headache, fever and so on.

First of all, the common cold is mainly caused by the wind evil attacking the human body, the course of the disease is directed and it is easy to heal.

In the winter and spring, it mainly contains cold evil, and there is no sweat, headache, runny nose, itchy throat, cough, thin white sputum, and cold and cold symptoms such as cold and cold.For treatment, the disease is from cold to fever, and symptoms such as severe fever, sweating, sore head, sore throat, runny nose, cough, and thick yellow sputum are seen.

This is a common cold type.

  Choosing acupoints of cold type should dispel wind and dispel cold, and expelling lungs.

The foot bladder meridian, the Taiyin lung meridian, the hand yangming large intestine meridian, the governing vein, and the acupoint of Renmai are matched with the relevant acupoint.

The acupoints are Zhongfu, Fengmen, Fengchi, Fengfu, Feishu, Hegu, Sun, Yingxiang, Shoulder Well, Yintang.

  The heat-reducing type should remove wind and dissipate heat, and clear the lungs.

Outside the vertebrae, Quchi, Tiantu, Huanzhong points.

  Basic operation method: Wind-cold type presses the kneading hall, the sun, welcomes the incense, divides the forehead, and presses Hegu, Waiguan, the body sweats as the degree, and then firmly squeezes the wind pool, the shoulder well, and presses the central government, the air door, the windChi, Feishu (operation time per point is 1?
2 minutes), then press and rub the hips again?
2 minutes, finally, grip the Taiyin lung meridian and the hand Yangming large intestine meridian 1?
2 times.

  The chemical heat type presses the kneading hall, the sun, the yinxiang, and wipes the forehead, and then rubs from the shoulder along the Yangming large intestine meridian and the hand yin lung meridian to the tip of the finger.
2 times, focus on kneading pool, ruler, foreign customs, Hegu, Yuji, kneading wind pool, and then focus on kneading Zhongfu, Tiantu, Langzhong, pinch the shoulder well, step on massage 1?
2 minutes, and click on the large vertebra, Feishu (1?
2 minutes), pat the back to the shoulders 5 times, and pat 5 times from the top to the waist along the du vein and bladder meridian.

  Therapeutic principle Fengyin massage Yintang, Yingxiang, push forehead, can relieve headache, nasal qi; according to Feishu and Zhongfu (acupoints for lung recruitment, hands, acupuncture points of the foot and Taiyin Meridian), match Yuyu, can declarePulmonary solution, stop coughing, remove nasal congestion; press the damper (Acupoint of the foot sun meridian and Dumai meeting) to disperse the wind and cough, remove heat, relieve headache, Xiang Qiang; press and pinch the damper, Fengchi (foot Shaoyang,Yangwei Zhihui), Shoulder Well (Foot Shaoyang, Yangwei Zhihui), can relieve the pain of dispersing the cold and stop the head pain; Press Kuni Valley (the original point of the Hand Yangming Jing), Waiguan (Bamaijiao Point), Can clear the wind and clear the heat, relax the muscles, and can strengthen the force of solution.

  The heat-reducing type Dazhui (Zhuyang Meeting) can declare the Sanyang Meridian Qi and has a good antipyretic effect; according to the wind pool, the wind pyrolysis table can be evacuated;Hegu can relieve lung heat, remove cough and eliminate sore throat; press Zhongzhong (hand, foot Yangming Meridian Acupoint), Tiantu (Yinwei, Renmai Zhihui) can relieve cough and eliminate sore throat.

  Traditional Chinese massage massage for the above common cold
Healed 4 times.

Avoid wind and cold during operation.

At the same time, patients should pay attention to cold protection and warmth in their diet, drink plenty of water, and avoid overwork.

Since massage treatments generally have no adverse effects, this method is particularly suitable for children, the elderly and those who are preparing to conceive.

For pregnant women, acupuncture points such as Hegu can be eliminated under the guidance of a doctor.