Pediatric aphtha clearing heat and detoxification

Pediatric aphtha clearing heat and detoxification

Pediatric aphtha is characterized by yellow-white ulcers on the gums, tongue, cheeks, and palate, painful salivation, or fever.

If the ulcer area is broken, the overlying erosion is called oral erosion; the ulcer only occurs on both sides of the lips and is called thrush.

The disease can occur on its own or in conjunction with other diseases.

Many infants and young children are common and have a good prognosis.

If the constitution is weak, aphthous ulcers appear repeatedly, and the delay is difficult to heal.

  In the diagnosis of the disease, we must distinguish between the real and the false.

Patients with acute onset, short course of disease, severe oral ulcers and pain, localized burning sensation, or fever, are mostly empirical; those with slow onset, long course of disease, and mild oral rot and pain are mostly deficient.

Second, we must identify the viscera.

The ulcers on the tongue and the tongue are mostly heart-shaped; the main ulcers on the mouth and jaw, the palate, and the gums are the spleen and stomach.

In terms of treatment, empirical treatment is to clear heat and detoxify; deficiency syndrome is to nourish yin and lower fire, and set fire to its original cause.

  Wind fever and spleen symptoms can see mouth and palate, palate, gums, mouth ulceration, even full mouth erosion, redness around the mouth, halitosis, salivation, refusal to eat due to pain, irritability, or accompanied by fever, short red urine, constipation,Red tongue, thin yellow fur, pulse like floating strings.

This is caused by exogenous wind-heat evil poison, which should be caused by spleen and stomach, and smoked on the tongue.

Governing Law: Shufeng Qingrejiedu.

Fang Yongliang powder: 9 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 12 grams of forsythia, 7 grams of gardenia, 5 grams of rhubarb, 5 grams of thenardite, 6 grams of bamboo leaves, 7 grams of mint, and 3 grams of licorice.

If the stool is not solid, Xiebaisan can be used: 7 grams of Huoxiang, 6 grams of gardenia, 10 grams of plaster, 6 grams of windproof, 3 grams of licorice.

  For those who have evidence of aphthous acne and fever, the following prescriptions can also be used: Daqingye, fresh rehmannia, gypsum, reed root 15-30 g each, black ginseng, red peony, paeonia 6-10 g, and licorice 3 g.

  This card can be used tin tin powder a minimum, the affected area is allowed, 2-3 times a day.

  The inflammation on the fire was seen on the tongue, the tongue was festering, the color was red, the pain was upset, the mouth was dry, the urine was short, the tongue was red, the tongue was thin, and the veins were thin and yellow.

This is because the heart is full of fire, and the evil heat is caused by inflammation of the menstrual cycle.

This card is based on local oral symptoms, and generally no fever and other systemic symptoms.

Governing Law: Qingxin to relieve heat.

Fang Xiexindaochi decoction: 5 grams of Coptis chinensis, 9 grams of habitat, 9 grams of bamboo leaves, 3 grams of Moutong, 3 grams of licorice

If you are thirsty, you can add 12 grams of raw gypsum and 9 grams of trichosanthin to clear heat and get rid of heat.

If the urine is small, you can add 9 grams of psyllium, 9 grams of talc to diuresis and fever.

Coated with green plum powder (see thrush), 3-4 times a day.

Bing boron powder can also be used to minimize the affected area, 2-3 times a day.

  Inflammation on virtual fire sees oral ulceration, the surrounding color is not red or reddish, the pain is not great, recurrent or prolonged unhealed, fatigue, redness, or hot flushes, night sweats, hot hands and feet, dry mouth, thirst, red tongue, mossLess or flower peeling, fine pulse.

Governing Law: Nourishing Yin and lowering fire, igniting fire.

Fang with nectar (see thrush) and 1 g of cinnamon.

Externally applied aphthous powder (see Thrush).

If you suffer from aphthous ulcers after diarrhea or vomiting, treat Qi and Yin Shuangbu, and use Qiwei Baizhu powder to add flavor: 5g of ginseng, 6g of Poria, 9g of Atractylodes, 6g of Alder leaves, 4g of woody incense, 12g of pueraria root, 3 of licorice rootGrams, 5 grams of ume, 0 catechins.

5 grams.