60 second rule good kids teach

60 second rule good kids teach

0-10 seconds: Quick response When facing your child’s bad behavior, you should take immediate action to transform.

“Safety first” is the overriding principle of getting along with your child, and it is no exception.

So if your child’s violations endanger his safety, your quick response is essential.

  10-20 seconds: Keep calm and settle yourself, try to stay calm.

If it can’t be controlled, it can be sudden, but the sudden way is important.

If you want to shout, don’t shout, “You nasty ghost!

“You can shout,” Oh my God!

“This way you vent your anger without making your child feel hurt and insulted.

  20-30 seconds: Situation assessment takes a few seconds to figure out what is going on, which is very important to you.

In addition to calmly understanding “what happened”, you also need to figure out “why happened.”

For example, a 3-year-old starts to make loud noises, sometimes just because he feels hungry.

  30-40 seconds: Speak your language to be concise.

In addition to the child’s need to understand what he did wrong, he must also know how to do it right.