How to use medicinal mouthwash?

How to use medicinal mouthwash?

Everyone’s awareness of oral health care is constantly increasing, and many people also go to pharmacies to buy mouthwashes, which they think is more effective.

In fact, mouthwash water is divided into two categories: non-medicinal and medicinal. Medicinal mouthwash is not suitable for ordinary people, and there are many places to pay attention to when using it.

  Non-medicinal mouthwashes are mostly “xiao”, while therapeutic mouthwashes (ie, medicinal mouthwashes) are mostly “medicine”.

If you clean your teeth thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste before getting up and going to bed every day, you don’t need to use fluoride mouthwash or anti-plaque mouthwash.

Mouthwashes that exclude drugs function like chewing gum, mainly to remove bad breath.

  Due to the different added pharmaceutical ingredients, the effects of medicinal mouthwashes are also different.

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2% sodium fluoride mouthwash can effectively reduce the incidence of dental caries in children and root surface caries in the elderly.

When treating gingivitis and before and after periodontal surgery, you can use mouthwash with chlorhexidine, furacillin and other drugs to inhibit bacteria, sterilize, and reduce inflammation.

Mouthwash containing 1% hydrogen peroxide and compound borax can be antiseptic and deodorant.

In addition, infectious oral mucosal diseases, such as oral mucosal ulcers, can be used.

Mouthwash with 5% procaine relieves symptoms.

Patients with oral diseases should choose mouthwash under the guidance of a doctor, and should not buy and use it at will.

  If you need to use a mouthwash after washing your teeth, gargle with the medicinal solution for 1 minute, and 1-2 mouthwashes can be used each time.

First use water to gargle, and repeatedly rinse all parts of the mouth to properly remove food residues and soft dirt that remain in the small pits, gaps, gums, lip grooves, etc. of the teeth; then, about 10 ml of mouthwash, Rinse for 1 minute with the above method.

After rinsing, rinse the mouth with water.

  It should be noted that, other than mouthwash containing fluoride, other medicinal mouthwashes are not suitable for long-term use as oral care products. When oral diseases are cured, they can be discontinued, so as not to cause disorders of the normal oral flora.

Some “xiao” mouthwashes also contain a small amount of ingredients, and it is not recommended for ordinary people to use them for a long time.