Today Xiaoxue, they have traces of Xiaoxue in their lives


Today Xiaoxue, they have traces of “Xiaoxue” in their lives
Answer: It all matters.Xiaoxue today.This is the 20th solar term in the twenty-four solar terms.”Xiao Xue” is one of Ren Xianqi’s (above right) representative works, written and composed by Chen Sheng, and released in 2000.”If you really love me and let me go away, I feel sorry for you to say that .”, the song expresses a wave of love and sorrow.Last point of the song: “Sudden snow is coming today, don’t go away, I want my little snow.”This song is also a must-have for many men who are hurt by love.”Xiao Xue” is the character in Yang Zi’s famous work “Family with Children”.The corner of “Xiao Xue” made Yang Zi a national girl.Years later, Yang Zi decreased in an interview with Sauna Nightnet. This role also caused her confusion: “No matter what role is played, the audience will feel awkward and cannot accept the fact that Xiao Xue grew up. It is easier to get fat during adolescenceIt was once unavailable.I feel that my acting career has come to an end.The wife of Japanese actor Kenichi Matsuyama (pictured left) is called “Xiao Xue”, whose real name is Kato Koyuki.She was born as a model, and then dabbled in Japanese dramas. In 2000, she participated in “The Beautiful Life” starring Kimura Takuya and Tokiwa Takako, and was noticed by the audience.She is also the only heroine in the Hollywood movie “The Last Samurai” (starring Tom Cruise).For Chinese audiences, her most famous work is “Pet Lover” starring Matsumoto Jun.In 2011, Xiaoxue and Kenichi Matsuyama married, and the two got together by shooting the movie “Kamyi Gaiden”.