How do parents take care of babies with chronic low fever?

How do parents take care of babies with chronic low fever?

[Guide]Low fever is a common fever in children.

Pediatric low fever generally occurs every afternoon, and the duration is shortened. When the child’s low fever continues, parents often do not know what to do.

What should children do when they have low fever?

  First of all, parents should carefully observe the children’s body temperature and make a record to see what the child’s body temperature changes in the morning and afternoon, and what changes during the day and night.

In this way, pay attention to the symptoms associated with fever.

These are the basis for diagnosis.

In addition, you should go to the hospital for a doctor’s treatment in time, pass various physical and chemical examinations, exclude chronic wasting diseases such as tuberculosis, and take good care of children with low fever.

  For children with low fever, we must pay attention to rest, avoid acute exercise, and drink plenty of water. The diet should also be light and easy to digest.

  Because although the fever is not high, at this time the water consumed by human tissues and organs has begun to increase, which is invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the consumed water. Drinking more water can promote the discharge of toxins from the body.should.

Attention to rest is conducive to physical recovery.

Keep the environment quiet, comfortable, airy, not dry, drink plenty of water, eat a light diet, and absorb high-protein, high-vitamin and other non-greasy things with better nutrition.

In addition, antipyretics are generally not needed for low fever, such as long-term low fever exceeding 1?
Those who are more than 2 weeks old should seek medical treatment to find out the cause of the low fever.