Are you infatuated?

One test will tell!

Are you infatuated?
One test will tell!

You go out to eat with your friends. The service lady just poured tea for you. You accidentally spilled the water and filled the table. When you see this wet condition, according to your habits, you will use it.Which of the following papers wiped the table clean?

  A roll of paper B, a wet tissue C, a facial tissue D, and a piece of paper. Analysis of the results: The person who chooses A: 45% of the infatuation index. You will occasionally make certain actions that look very infatuated, but this is just to please your lover.

Do you think that you should fall in love anyway, you should do these things, but in fact, your heart takes a disagreeable attitude.

Although it is not bad to play infatuated, it can be very guilty, and your lover will feel that your behavior is a bit unnatural.

Of course, you ca n’t be a love lover!

But you ca n’t really be free and easy to see through the situation, you can only stubbornly say that you do n’t care, and then come home and then secretly cry about the quilt, really awkward!

  The person who chooses B: 85% infatuation index Facing love, you belong to the type of people who will not react most.

For every male (female) friend you have met, from the beginning, you feel that everyone will of course be together in a wild place.

Therefore, when things go against your wishes, you will often become desperate, as if the end of the world is coming, and you are secretly determined that you can no longer love other people so madly, and you may cry, cry, or hang yourself.

People who don’t understand you will feel that you are overly exaggerated, but in fact this is just a subconscious response, and you will regard yourself as the most sad male and female protagonist in the world.

  People who choose C: 65% of the infatuation index is controversial, but you think that you are definitely the most honorable representative of the kind of “male virginity and female infatuation”, which can be moved by all kinds of infatuation.You will follow the instructions and even make it worse.

Sending roses wildly to a lover is a small case. What’s the point of fishing for the moon while going down the mountain?

As a staunch believer in love novels, do you think love is to love crazy?

But the interesting thing is that you have another characteristic, which is the reason why you ca n’t get an infatuation arch. When you break up with your lover, you will soon fall out of the infatuation and quickly forget it.Everything, and quickly fall in love with others.

This time, you will fall in love and let others fall through your glasses.

But this kind of reaction must not be blamed on you, because the righteous you, every time you love, are crazy in love, the so-called carefree and infatuated guy is you!

  The person who chooses D: 25% infatuation index For super realistic you, love is only part of your life.

Of course, breaking up will also make you sad, but if you take the realistic route, you will soon breathe in air, eat food, dance and dance, and continue to live happily.

Precisely because you are the kind of person who is not crazy about love, so raining at the door and waiting for the other party to turn around, or threatening to talk about the plot in Qiong Yao ‘s novels, for you, you have nothing to do.The things that idle people will do, and you love bread more than anything else, are disdainful.

Lack of sleep equals zero fitness

Lack of sleep equals zero fitness

For fitness people, sleep is not good if everything is not good enough.

Because, whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight and lose fat, no matter how hard you are during exercise, how particular your diet is, or even take medication, but as long as you can’t guarantee the sleep time, you can’t fall asleep when you should.If so, it will greatly reduce your hard-working fitness effect.

  Sleeping enough for 8 hours, better fitness results, adequate sleep is indispensable to ensure physical health.

As long as you sleep less for an hour, your body will spend 100-200 kcal more time to maintain function. Insufficient sleep will affect your emotions, make you irritable, lack patience and persistence, and decrease your will to overcome difficulties.

These bad mentalities often limit the normal performance of exercise, make bodybuilders experience worry and discouragement, and affect the exercise effect and the development of fitness habits.

  For young people aged 18-35, the recommended sleep time is 23: 00-7: 00, especially if the bodybuilder cannot maintain 8 hours of continuous sleep, it will destroy the training effect of the day and affect the next day.If you suffer from other reasons in your work and life, this time can be shortened appropriately, but remember the reason that you would rather get up early and stay up late, because 23: 00-22: 00 is normal human metabolism.The highest three-hour period is also a period of abnormally active “growth hormone” secretion that promotes muscle growth, so ensuring sleep quality is a prelude to good health.

  Fitness and sleep are best separated by 4 hours. After sweating, you can sweat out, take a hot bath, and go home to sleep in a beautiful place. This feels really good.

But some people can’t fall asleep after exercising. As soon as they lie down, they run their shadows of crazy movements at high speeds . lingering.

  Experts point out, “This is a temporary insomnia caused by improper exercise. You don’t need to take sleep medications. You can adjust it by changing the exercise time and items.

“There may be two reasons for insomnia after fitness: one is that the interval between exercise and sleep is too short; the other is that the amount and intensity of exercise is too large, sore and difficult to fall asleep.

  Experts suggest that bodybuilders who experience this kind of exercise are very sensitive to excitement and should adjust their plans to prepare for sleep about 4 hours after the end of fitness.

For example, advance the fitness time to 3 to 4 pm, so that when you fall asleep around 10 o’clock, the excitement has almost subsided.

Don’t choose special plasma sports, sometimes spinning bikes, and the explosive concerts are too exciting.

Try to choose aerobic exercise, brisk walking, yoga, Pilates are OK, do not exercise too much.

Taboos and spring food

Taboos and spring food

“People take food first”. If you eat properly, you will have a health doctor who can help you improve your physical fitness and resist various diseases from the outside world.

Similarly, dietary taboos have always been recognized by the people.

So what should be avoided in the spring diet?

  Tang Siyi, a medical doctor in the Tang Dynasty, said: “On the 72nd day of spring, the province increased its acidity to increase its sweetness.

“In the” Zunsheng Bajian “of Gao Ming of the Ming Dynasty, it was also recorded:” In the spring, the taste should be reduced by acid and sweetened to improve temper.

“It means: when the liver is busy in the spring, eat less acidic food, otherwise the liver and fire will be more prosperous and hurt the spleen and stomach.

At this time, you can eat more foods with a sweet taste.

Therefore, you can eat more in the spring season: 1.

Chinese yam: “warm and nourish, slightly fragrant but not dry”, it has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and strengthening weakness.


Spring bamboo shoots: In addition to certain proteins, they are rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins.

Fresh food is especially good.


Pea seedlings: seasonal vegetables. For patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, it is most convenient to press fresh juice.


Leek: warm in the air, warm the kidney and warm the sun.

It has better effect on waist and knees, impotence and nocturnal emission.

Leeks are warm and beneficial, with early spring chives and chives that are about to go out.


Toon leaf: it has the functions of eliminating wind, detoxifying, strengthening the stomach and regulating qi.

Spring season dishes, eat its young leaves, into the fragrant very fragrant, often used as cold tofu, scrambled eggs.

However, Toona sinensis leaves are “hair”, and those who have chronic illnesses should not eat.

  Others such as lentils, spinach, cauliflower, coriander, jujube, honey, beans, dairy products, poultry eggs, lean meat and fruits are suitable for spring.

  According to the theory of Chinese medicine, there are some items that should not be eaten in spring.

Such as Spring March, avoid eating mutton, dog meat, quail, buckwheat, fried peanuts, fried sunflower seeds, sea fish, shrimp and spicy things.

How to protect the hair from sunburn?

How to protect the hair from sunburn?

People have experience with UV sunscreen, but don’t think that you can see through the sun indoors.

Liu Lihong, attending physician of the Laser Beauty Center of the General Hospital of the Beijing Military Region, reminds people that sometimes the light looks soft, but the diffusely reflected ultraviolet light reduces the effectiveness of the sun hat.

  Therefore, the sunscreen procedure is no simpler than sitting in the stadium to watch the game.

It is best to use sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30 or more during the game and apply it every two hours.

  Sunscreen details Sunscreen is easy to stay dead Yesterday, Doctor Liu Lihong said in an interview with reporters that when watching the game to observe, pay attention to sunscreen without leaving dead ends, but also pay attention to make up sunscreen in time.

When applying sunscreen, I usually cherish the face and body, but ignore many details: ear skin is very delicate, ears and back of the ears are easy to tan or peel, and the nose is most prone to oil and sweat.Apply sunscreen; don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet.

  Hair is susceptible to sun exposure, and a hat is the best tool for sun protection.

When going out in summer, it is suitable to put on long hair and put on a sun hat.

If the hair is continuously exposed to sunlight, the decomposition of ultraviolet light on the protein reduces the loss of elasticity and gloss. After the hair is exposed, structural changes occur in the internal cells and the melanin in the hair is decomposed, which easily causes split ends and breaks.

  After drying the hair, you can evenly absorb it with olive oil and wrap it with a hair cover. Leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse it with shampoo.

  Sunscreen method Applying sunscreen half an hour ahead of time Dr. Liu Lihong reminded that because the sunscreen isolation ingredients must penetrate into the stratum corneum to exert complementary absorption and isolation effects, they must be wiped 30 minutes before going out.

Add it again before going out. In a strong UV environment, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours and apply it in time after sweating to achieve the best UV protection.

  At the same time make good use of various auxiliary supplies, such as parasols, hats, long-sleeved clothes, sunglasses, etc., to jointly resist ultraviolet rays.

  Do n’t eat light food when going out. In addition, if you are exposed to the sun for a long time, it is recommended not to eat light vegetables before going out: celery, parsley, white radish, rape, spinach, amaranth, cabbage, etc.

In particular, people who are more prone to skin allergies or spots should pay attention to taboos.

In summer, you should eat more vitamin C, such as kiwi, tomatoes, cabbage, oranges, which can inhibit pigmentation.

The lycopene in tomatoes has sun protection.

Sudden lost sound or multiple precursors to cancer

Sudden “lost sound” or multiple precursors to cancer

Recently, Google chairman Larry Page has been unable to attend important meetings due to severe “lost voices”, coupled with a lot of gray hair, which has caused various speculations about his condition, including thyroid cancer.
Experts said that there may be multiple causes of Page, and based on the disclosed information, it is not yet possible to infer what the problem is.
Colds, thyroid cancer, esophageal cancer, lymphatic cancer, and atrial hypertrophy due to heart disease can all cause hoarseness, and chest CT is needed to determine the condition.
Speechlessness can be explained by experts due to various diseases, such as thyroid cancer, which can compress organs and recurrent laryngeal nerves, such as difficulty breathing, hoarseness, and difficulty speaking.
Acute laryngitis caused by a viral infection can also cause inflammation of the vocal cords. Patients need to snore for at least a week or two, and vocal disturbances caused by muscle tension require voice therapy.
There may also be benign lesions that require surgical resection.
“Dry throat and hoarseness” is not a specific symptom. It is most commonly associated with chronic pharyngitis. In fact, any clinical symptom, if it lasts too long, can be a precursor to a major illness.
Common thyroid diseases include hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism), thyroid nodules, and even thyroid cancer.
There are several types of thyroid cancer without obvious symptoms in its early stages, and their malignancy varies.
But they have one thing in common: they often have no obvious symptoms in the early stages of onset, and people are often not easy to detect.
Therefore, if the lymph nodes in the neck are swollen, hard and fixed, swelling up and down during swallowing, hoarseness, difficulty breathing, ears, shoulders and pillows, etc., you should go to the hospital for examination in time, not take it lightly.
Thyroid nodules are an important cause of thyroid cancer. Thyroid nodules are inextricably linked to thyroid cancer and are an important cause of thyroid cancer.
If thyroid nodules appear, it is important to note that a single nodule is more dangerous than multiple nodules; a hard, fixed, painless nodule, a fast-growing nodule, a nodule with tiny calcifications, and a thyroidSwollen and enlarged lymph nodes adjacent to the neck; nodule enlargement after 2-4 months of adequate thyroid inhibitor treatment; thyroid nodules cause significant compression symptoms or hoarseness; a single “cold””Nodules” need to be vigilant.
The causes of thyroid nodules are more complicated.
The neck exposure history, especially in childhood, is a known risk factor for thyroid cancer.
Recent studies have suggested that both iodine deficiency and excessive iodine intake may cause thyroid nodules.
In addition, fluctuations in mental mood and changes in female estrogen secretion will eventually lead to nodules.
In addition, it is related to the environment, electromagnetic radiation, diet, stress, infection, overwork, and trauma.

Homemade vegetarian assorted clear fire, relieve heat and relieve stomach and spleen

Homemade vegetarian assorted clear fire, relieve heat and relieve stomach and spleen

People who are under the heat of the summer are prone to tiredness and fatigue, and their appetite is not open. Here we introduce a kind of assorted assorted herbs, which can quench thirst, refresh the spleen, relieve heat, and detoxify and dampen the effects.

  Material: 1 piece of tofu, 50 grams of beans, 50 grams of tomatoes, 15 grams of edible fungus, pepper, shallot, sesame oil, vegetable oil, salt.

  Measures: Cut the tofu, beans, tomatoes, and fungus into small cubes; add water to the boil, boil the tofu, beans, tomatoes, and fungus separately (the tomatoes can be slightly hot), remove the drained water, and place on a plate for later use.

Heat the wok, add the vegetable oil, and add the peppercorns to burst the aroma. Then put the shallot, salt, and tomato into the pot together, stir fry evenly, pour on the hot tofu, beans, fungus, and drizzle with sesame oil.

Star Weight Loss Abdominal Exercise

Star Weight Loss Abdominal Exercise

Throughout the entertainment industry, beautiful women are like clouds.

In this harsh environment for beauty, how can a star keep his figure!


Looking at the abdomen on them, envious.

Now, follow in the footsteps of the celebrities and see how they cut off excess and excess meat!

  The interactive step is lying flat on the ground with the front facing up, both hands straight back, and legs straight up.

While contracting the abdomen, the right leg and the right arm are raised toward the middle together, and the right hand tries to touch the right foot.

  Return to the original state, and repeat the above action with the left arm and left leg.

Intensify Exercise: You can carry out the above exercises with two pounds of weight in each hand.

  Lie flat on the ground with your face lifted upright, put a chair behind your head, hold both legs with both hands, straighten your legs up, and relax your feet.

Contract the abdomen and lift the tibia up as far as possible, 6 to 10 inches off the ground.

  Hold for two seconds, then return to the initial state.

Intensify Exercise: Tie a 2-pound sandbag on top of both feet to make your abdomen stronger during the exercise.

  The penguin lays on the ground with its front facing up, placing both sides of the body in an upward direction, with its legs bent and its feet touching the ground.

Head up so that the main shaft is 6 to 10 inches off the ground.

Use your right hand to go as far as your right foot.

  Return to the original state, always ensure that the spindle is dry off the ground, and repeat the edge change.

Strengthen the exercise: Keep your heels away from the part slowly, so as to increase your range of motion.

  Tip: Eat a small amount of belly: dried fruit, nuts, whole wheat crackers, how to eat will not get fat.

Carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers contain no calories and are good ingredients for salads.

Cantaloupe, cantaloupe, and apple allow moisture to make you feel moisturized and remove fatigue.

Hype yourself as a career star

“Hype” yourself as a career star

Sha worked diligently in the company, and complained. Everyone said that she was serious and responsible.
In the past three years, her department has changed to three directors. Each director thinks she is very capable, but her position is always in situ, but some people who are new and not as qualified as her.She was quickly promoted, and the position surpassed her.
One can imagine the imbalance and resentment in Sasa’s heart.
  Yinger and Xiao Qian work at a company almost at the same time.
The two have similar educational backgrounds and similar experiences. Colleagues also think that their abilities are not inferior.
But after working for two years, Yinger was poached by another company with a high salary, and Xiao Qian was still in the original company and stayed in the original position. Yinger’s good luck made her both envious and jealous.
  Such things happen every day. Opportunities always pass by you and come to others.
In the face of this situation, some people put the responsibility on the boss, thinking that the boss’s vision is too clumsy, and he will not know others.
In fact, you should look for reasons in yourself.
In the modern workplace, to achieve the ideal of promotion, just silently working is no longer the most effective method. Proper use of some hype techniques and the release of your talents as much as possible will be a success.
  A. Let more people know that you Cindy once did a sales job, which made her know the importance of meeting strangers.
For years, she insisted on calling three strangers every day.
She tried every means to attend various parties, and on such occasions, she took the initiative to talk to strangers and exchange business cards instead of just being with people she knew.
She has become more and more social, so she has met many important people, and her talents are also known to them.
Later, after successive recommendations from friends, Cindy continued to change jobs. The more the company changed, the higher the position changed. Her future in the workplace was optimistic for many people.
  Making friends is a magic weapon for career advancement. Don’t underestimate strangers around you, maybe he will be your God someday!
Don’t always be with those friends you know and talk with, and go out of your original circle, the more friends the better.
Friends are your human resources. How big a circle of friends you have, you have a wide range of popularity, and popularity is always important to you.
  B. Implying that you are a busy person. “I’m working on a big project, so busy that I can’t close my eyes for several days!
“You call a friend in the distance with a helpless and complaining tone.
The other party may be thinking at this time, okay, he’s already picking a big deal in the company now.
“I have another entertainment this evening. I really don’t want to go, but the boss asked me to go with him. Are you bothering?
“Your old classmates invited you to their party tonight. You have to quit, and your tone is full of helplessness and regret.
And the friends on the other end of the phone may be jealous of you, look, this guy is very respected by the boss!
  Sometimes a person’s value is reflected in how busy he is at work.
Career advisers tell us that if there is no special situation for a period of time and the boss or supervisor has not arranged any work for you, then you should go and read the recruitment notice in the newspaper.
Saying that you are very busy and tired, in fact, also has meaning beyond words, who can do more work, it shows that you are highly valued in the company.
  This is a busy time. “Busy people” are often synonymous with “powerful people”. When your friends know that you are busy, naturally everyone will say that you are a capable person. In the future, maybeThere are some opportunities waiting for you!
  C. Talk and conduct will always be self-confident. Pay attention to your talk, such as the rhythm and tone of your speech. Speed up the rhythm of your speech. You will look mature, authoritative and professional.
In addition, don’t raise the tone of the end of the sentence, this will make your self-confidence discount. For example, your boss asks you how this report was derived. After you explain it, do n’t say “OK?”
And say it in a consistent tone: “OK!
“Indicates that your explanation is complete and you are sure that your analysis is persuasive.
  D. Demonstrating a mature style: Many people encounter unforeseen events and can’t help but make faces or yell, “Well, it’s bad!
“It makes people feel like you’re immature and you don’t have the ability to respond to emergencies.
Therefore, don’t be panic-stricken at any time. Only when Taishan collapses without changing its color will it show your general style.
  In addition, it is also worth noting that at any time, do not respond with nasal sounds. The words “oh”, “um” and “唔” are easy to give a perfunctory feeling, especially when facing bosses and customers.This word should not be used.

Super Body Recipes For Miss World Fitness

Super Body Recipes For Miss World Fitness

Message from Miss World Fitness: For women, the idea of satisfying their appetite without letting their weight exceed the normal range is wonderful, but there are insurmountable obstacles in real life.

After all, since people are a whole, how can it be slim and upright as before?

I think the most important thing is to pay attention to daily physical exercise and reasonable diet.

  Here are some healthy weight-loss recipes.

  Recipe 1: Breakfast: milk: half a catty (defatted) (2-4) slices of whole wheat bread, a glass of juice, lunch: rice (millet), 100 grams of lean meat, 100 grams (boiled or cooked), 1 tomato, 1 carrot(50g each) Dinner: One apple rye bread (2-4 slices) chicken breast (meat) one hour before meals: 100g (cooked) mixed vegetables: 200g recipes such as (broccoli, green bean sprouts) etc. 2 breakfast: Tortilla 100g nonfat yogurt one small box pear one (100g) lunch: whole wheat bread (4-5 slices) steamed fish one piece (200g) vegetable salad 200g glass of orange juice dinner: one kiwi mix one hour before meal100 grams of rice, 100 grams of lean lamb, 100 grams (simmered), 500 grams of bean sprouts and green leafy vegetables. Recipe 3 Breakfast: (2-4) eggs, rye bread, 100 grams of juice, one glass of lunch: corn muffins, 100 grams of fish, 200克拌绿色蔬菜500克晚餐:饭前一个橙子黑米饭100克  去皮鸡腿100克西红柿50克,胡萝卜50克特别提示:几种食谱交替进行,采购不到的食品可根据实际情况用同类食品代替.

  It is best to have two varieties of fruit in the afternoon.

  When working too tired, you can add 250g of dairy products or one fruit.

  Drink 8 cups of water about 2L per day. Liquids such as soup and milk are also calculated internally.

  When cooking, it is advisable to cook, and the daily consumption of fat should not exceed 50g.

  Put less salt, soy sauce and other condiments, and add vinegar in moderation.

  On weekends, you can have cream cake, ice cream, chocolate, etc. in the morning and lunch.

Friendship: Moderate youth is the last word

Friendship: Moderate youth is the last word

There is a very philosophical saying in China that “the matter is bound to reverse.”

In life, anything that goes too far will go to the opposite side of it.

Friendship also has some communication. In the past, it is very dense, but it is prone to cracks: only by holding a moderate degree can the friendship between friends become eternal1.

Listen to your friends.

  As a friend, you have to learn to listen.

When your friend encounters frustrations and troubles, he will find an object to vent his emotions, and as a friend, you can listen to the other person sincerely and patiently, which is to open an emotional vent for your friends.

In the process of telling you, not only do you listen patiently, but you also insert one or two emotional consolation words from time to time, or you come up with ideas and ideas for your friends, and your friends ’emotions will step out of the swamp due to balance.He will feel that having a friend like you is truly sustainable.

In this way, the emotions of friends will deepen and friendship will grow with each passing day.

A woman was extremely distressed by her marriage spouse, so she called her girlfriend to pour out her worries; however, those days, she was catching up with her girlfriend and struggling to work, and could not find time to listen to the friend’s dumping: As a result, the girlHe finally resigned because he couldn’t bear the emotional depression for a while.

If at that time he was able to do things leisurely