Elderly Deficiency Fire Toothache Is Inadequate Renal Fluid

Elderly Deficiency Fire Toothache Is Inadequate Renal Fluid

Symptoms of virtual toothache in the elderly: toothache, no local redness, swelling and hot pain, pain aggravated by hot and cold stimuli, and pain at night, TCM believes that it is caused by insufficient kidney water, caused by inflammation of virtual fire, and when the water is enough to nourish the kidney water, the water is enough to extinguish fire.The pain can be stopped, and the following can be used to cure it: 30 grams of raw land, 30 grams of cooked ground, 30 grams of pregnant Achyranthes bidentata (fried with salt water), 10 grams of asarum, 6 grams of cimicifuga, 6 grams of rice and 10 grams of fresh ginger.One fry for 20 minutes, the second fry for 15 minutes, 350 ml each, take it warm, take it in the morning before meals, and before going to bed at night.

  Taboo: Avoid alcohol, spicy and greasy taste, do not get angry.

  The upper ground is clearing heat and cooling blood, and the cooked ground directly nourishes the kidney yin (renal water).

Ignition down, asarum, pain (toothache), medicine for dispersing pain, numbness, clearing heat, detoxifying, clearing, and reducing turbidity. It has been nourishing Qi and nourishing the stomach.Protect the spleen and stomach from suffering. In short, its role is to nourish yin and qi, replenish water and fire, and detoxify and relieve pain.

  One dose of more than three yuan, you can even take three doses. Comrades with this disease take three doses a month.

Can effectively prevent the occurrence of this disease.

It is harmless to the body even if taken without disease, and also has a therapeutic effect on the headache caused by hypertension (yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity). This prescription is simple, the medicine taste is not much, the prescription is rigorous, and it is economical and practical.

Please remember.

How to tell if your child has autism

How to tell if your child has autism

Autism is a specific disease of generalized developmental disorders.

Autism has become a common disease in children, and this disease can seriously affect children’s physical health.

Many parents don’t know much about autism, so they miss the best time to treat their child.

So, how to distinguish autism?

Let’s take a look together!

1. Many children with autism have language barriers. Clinically, many parents come to see a doctor simply because their children have reached the age when they cannot speak.

Children about one year old are basically able to speak. Parents should not think that their children are still young. It will be better to wait until they are older. This will only affect their illness.

There are also children with autism who, although they can speak, are confused or often speak to themselves, and parents need to be vigilant.

2. Children with autism have repetitive language, movements and behaviors, and sometimes even forced thinking and behaviors.

For example, children keep closing doors and opening doors, asking parents a question repeatedly, and so on. Some children can see a movie or a book dozens or even hundreds of times. Parents can easily detect abnormalities, butNot necessarily related to autism.

3. Normal children are more lively, like to find friends to play with, and love to look around, but children with autism like to do their own affairs alone, do not want to make eye contact with others, do not want to seek attention, even seePeople just hide.

In addition, children with autism also experience paresthesia.

Their hearing is particularly sensitive, sometimes they like to listen to some sounds, and sometimes they are afraid of some sounds.

Most children with autism will experience abnormal pain and visual abnormalities. They are not afraid of pain and tend to squint and look down when looking at things.

10 psychological secrets of online dating

10 psychological secrets of online dating

First, some people with compensatory psychology may find a third party or be willing to accept a third party instead of compensation because the couple is separated, lonely or uncomfortable, or because the spouse is physically unsatisfactory, or the relationship between the couple is not in harmony.To form extramarital affairs.

In fact, sexual life is not the whole content of husband and wife life. As long as the husband and wife strengthen the relationship, communicate more emotionally, miss each other in their hearts, life is still full, so no need to compensate.

  Second, some lovers eventually become dependents. When both parties become married, or the other party is unwilling to become married, the other party still has a crush on each other. When one party has a difficult life or the couple’s feelings are different, the other party feels that they still owe each other’s affection.Therefore, he took the initiative to initiate the embrace of the old lover, and the old love revived, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, a lover may not become a family member. Since both parties have become married or the other party has become married, they should face the reality and cherish the relationship between husband and wife. When the other party has difficulties in life or the husband and wife are in conflict, use extramarital affairs to repay each other ‘s interest.At the same time, it is better to help the other party than to harm the other party.

  Third, some people who are greedy for money because they are greedy for each other’s money, regardless of their personality, take the initiative to commit to each other in exchange for a few copper plates, thereby forming an extramarital affair. In fact, personality is a priceless treasure. Money is something outside of you.Flowers, why bother with a priceless treasure for a few copper plates?

In addition, rich people should also avoid, since the other party is greed for your money, why bother to pay true love for the other party, and have a relationship.

  Fourth, the mentality of the picture Some people because of coveting the beauty of the woman or the body of the man’s body, take the initiative to show love, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, beauty and beauty will naturally disappear with the increase of age. Only the beauty of the soul is eternal. Like wine, the longer the time, the more mellow.

Therefore, the most important thing is to be good at discovering the splendor of your spouse, and present your true feelings. In this way, Xi Shi will naturally appear in the eyes of the lover.

  Fifth, some people get help from others because of difficulties in life, or because the husband has been away for a long time, and the family has been taken care of by each other for a long time. They have no choice but to give up their bodies, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, since the other person sincerely helps you, he doesn’t try to reward you. The other person has kindness to you. You can remember it in your heart. Why give yourself up?

If this affects the other person’s family, would it not be good to do bad things.

  Sixth, some couples have revenge because one side has an affair and does not listen to persuasion. The other side actively seeks a third party in order to get revenge on each other, which leads to extramarital affairs.

In fact, knowing that the other party is having an affair is wrong, why did you go to find a third party?

Moreover, marriage is free, and divorce is also free. If the relationship has broken down and there is no possibility of reconciliation, it may be better to divorce, to reconcile, and to be a friend is better than revenge.

  Seven, curious couples often have ordinary lives and feel dull, but the film and television heroes and lovers linger in love, waves of waves, live a fun and chic, and also want to experience this kind of life, so,Driven by this curiosity, extramarital affairs occur.

In fact, peace is blessing. Don’t look at the mountain high, you don’t know how to be in the blessing.

  Eighth, because of the influence of bourgeois liberation, or obscene film and television, some people think that life is alive, eating, drinking, and playing, while young, perform music in time, they will inevitably engage in heterosexual relations, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, sexual liberation and obscene film and television books and magazines are harmful toxins. Each of us should consciously aim at resistance and establish a correct moral and life outlook. We must not mistake arsenic for sugar.

  Nine, men and women who have a relationship with each other because of work help and support each other. Over time, the two sides share common feelings and love each other, which leads to extramarital affairs. In fact, a good helper at work may not be a good husband and wife in life.Help each other and support each other at work. Why not get along like brothers, sisters and brothers?

Ten, mutual benefit.

Some people use each other, collude with each other, and commit crimes in partnership because of the opposite relationship at work. Both parties cannot be separated from each other, which leads to extramarital affairs. In fact, the saying goes well: “If you don’t reach out, you will be caught.”

Once the incident happened in the east, the people in prison were in jail. Such extramarital affairs had to go to prison to “love”.

  X. Mutually beneficial psychology Some people use each other and collaborate with each other because of the relative relationship at work, and commit crimes in partnership. They have become two ants and cicadas on the line.As the saying goes, “If you don’t reach out, you will be caught.”
Once the east window incident happened, and the people in prison were in jail, this extramarital affairs had to go to prison to “love”.

Office workers need to add certain elements and 6 types of nutrition are essential.


Office workers need to add certain elements and 6 types of nutrition are essential.

Health problems for office workers: 1.

Elevated, highly stressed living conditions result in increased levels of lipid peroxides in the brain and other organs.

Easy to generate free radicals.

Free radicals produce mutations in some external stimuli that can easily deform the body.


Most of the time staying in the office, there are few opportunities to sunbathe, easy to lack vitamin D, dizziness, low back pain and other symptoms.


Frequent eating out of fast food, box lunch, leading to excessive intake of variables and slight easy to gain weight, leading to arteriosclerosis.

At the same time, due to incomplete nutrition, symptoms such as hypoglycemia and anemia are likely to occur.


Work at the desk, usually lack of exercise, is a high incidence of chronic fatigue, spinal disease, muscle and joint pain.


Long-term use of the computer, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, leading to amblyopia, myopia and so on.

Office workers need to add some elements: 1.

B vitamins: transforming nutrition into energy, improving muscle soreness and stabilizing mood.


Vitamin A: relieves eye fatigue and enhances immunity.


Vitamin E: promotes blood circulation.

Maintain the nervous system and reduce the incidence of obesity and arteriosclerosis.


Vitamin C: Resists work stress and enhances immune system function.


Calcium, magnesium: synergy can calm emotions.

Improve work efficiency.


Selenium: uplifting spirit.

Peace of mind, improve thinking agility.

Heavy snow health


Heavy snow health

The monthly seventy-two Houjiji solution “November Festival, the big one is also Sheng, and now Xuesheng also.

“(November refers to the lunar calendar), this is the ancient interpretation of the heavy snow.

The heavy snow festival often arrives around December 7th. At this time, snow has gradually formed along the Yellow River Basin, and the north has a fascinating landscape with thousands of miles of snow.

There is a farmer: “Big snow winter solstice flies, do a good job in the sideline,” people are looking forward to seeing the “Ruixue Zhaofeng Year” in the heavy snow festival, showing the arrival of the heavy snow festival, indicating the auspiciousness of the coming year.

銆€銆€From the perspective of TCM health education, heavy snow has reached a good time for “tonic”.

When it comes to tonic, many people only understand it in a narrow sense. They think that the so-called “complement” is to eat foods with high nutritional value and use aphrodisiac. In fact, this is only one aspect of tonic, and tonic is a health careBranch content.

The so-called health, we should first know what to raise?

What is life?

The so-called maintenance, that is, maintenance, nursed back to health, nourishment, nursing, so-called life, is the meaning of life, survival, growth.

It is absolutely necessary to achieve the goal of strengthening the body by raising the spirit, adjusting the diet, practicing the body, cautious things, and adapting to the cold.

In the process of application, we pay due attention to two points: 1.

Moderate moderation: The so-called moderation is just right.

It must not be too much, not too late.

If you are too cautious, it may lead to loss of nursed care and be overwhelmed.

If you work a little, you will be afraid of gas and hurt your life. If you have a little cold and heat, you will not be able to close your door. The only thing you can eat is fat and greasy, and you will eat less and eat less. This state is constrained by too much nutrition, which not only harms your health.It is even more impossible to “finish the end of the year.”


Do not over-bias: comprehensive nursed back to moderate.

Some people regard “complement” as nutrition, so the diet is nutritious and nutritious, and the food must be tonic; the living reminder is easy, and the rest is only one; gradually, it is supplemented by tonic drugs.

Although food supplement, medicine supplement, and retreat are all in the health part, it is too much to affect health.

It is just that some people have too much over-nutrition to over-nutrition. Excessive retreat is only a temporary failure. If the medicine is too much, the yin and yang will be eclipsed, causing the body’s metabolism to be out of tune.

銆€銆€Therefore, in the case of nursed back to health, we should adopt a combination of dynamic and static, work and rest, replenishing and diarrhea, and the method of providing support for the gods, and strive to “.and the longevity of the Tuen Mun, Wang Qiao fight for the year.”

The best way to eat whole grains


The best way to eat whole grains

The coarsest rice porridge “scrape” a small amount of coarse rice is characterized by a rich germ, which contains high levels of vitamins and cellulose. It is often eaten to reduce complications and diabetes, and rice contains a lot of zinc, which can improve the skin.Rough situation.

銆€銆€Before making flour rice porridge, soak the flour rice for about 30 minutes, then cook it like normal rice porridge.

Crude oil rice porridge can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, which helps digestion and nutrient absorption.

But diabetes is best not to drink this kind of flour white porridge. Under normal circumstances, drinking white porridge directly may cause a sudden increase in blood sugar.

銆€銆€Sorghum is suitable for making high-glutinous rice and making porridge for cooking. It is slightly rough, but it is a lot of fine and nutritious.

High glutinous rice is most suitable for making a kind of snack called sorghum. After grinding the glutinous rice into powder, add baking powder, sugar, egg and appropriate amount of water to the thick, knead the dough, steam the sorghum dough, and cook the pan.Slightly fried, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

銆€銆€Sorghum is not easy to digest for some people with mild gastrointestinal function. You can try some sorghum. Some kind of sorghum can be put in the preparation of white fungus or corn glutinous rice, which can make the soup that is very nutritious.Add some rich taste.

銆€銆€Strong rice soup is the most nourishing glutinous rice with strong bones, spleen and stomach, edema, dehumidification, clear lung heat and so on.

Glutinous rice is a very good tonic for women. A lot of vitamin B1 can make skin smooth and white, and can also withstand the role of anti-uterine cancer.

銆€銆€The glutinous rice is slightly cold, so it is not suitable for porridge or single consumption.

It is very suitable for soup with some foods that can shrink the warming effect. It can be stewed with chicken legs, tomatoes and glutinous rice. It is not only easy to digest, but also very good tonic.

Glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so try not to eat too much, especially for the elderly and children and people with stomach cold gastritis. When eating glutinous rice, be sure to eat moderately. Do not eat more.

銆€銆€The best match for eating buckwheat noodles to help digest buckwheat noodles is to mix with minced meat and cucumber. The soba noodles are cold and easy to hurt the stomach. Therefore, it must be soaked for a long time until it is soaked, and the taste is better.It is also easier to digest.

銆€銆€Cucumber can make buckwheat noodles more refreshing and not easy to get tired, while minced meat is best to use mutton, mutton warm stomach, and buckwheat is a good match.