Little Devil and Ma Wang are expected to be the first big screen with the same frame, cooperating with the vampire movie


“Little Devil” and “Ma Wang” are expected to be the first big screen with the same frame, cooperating with the vampire movie
On May 20th, according to foreign media sources, “Ma Wang” Jason Moma and “Little Devil” Peter Dinaki are expected to co-produce and star in a vampire action adventure movie “Good,” launched by Legend Pictures”Bad and Undead”.The negotiation between Legendary Pictures and the duo has entered the final stage. If it is successfully finalized, these two actors who have starred in “Game of Thrones” but have no opponents with the camera will collaborate on the big screen for the first time.Hugh Jackman played the vampire hunter “Van Helsing” in the 2004 film “Van Helsing”.Ding Laki will play the famous vampire hunter “Fan Haixin” in the movie “Good, Bad and Undead”. “Uncle Wolf” Hugh Jackman once performed this image in the 2004 film “Fan Haixin”.And Moma will play a vampire with a complicated relationship with Fan Haixin. He vowed to Fan Haixin that he will not kill any more, and this has won Fan Haixin’s temporary trust.The film tells the two to go to various towns to cheat. Fan Haixin pretended to defeat the vampire in front of people to get paid, however, when someone gave a huge reward for the life of the vampire played by Moma, they would have to flee.Legendary Pictures compared the film to Bram Stoker (the original author of the famous vampire novel “Dracula”) “Midnight Run”.Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito’s “contrast cuteness” created in the film “Brother Brother Dragon”.At a fan meeting with Jason Momma in June 2019, when a fan asked him if he would like to cooperate with Ding Laki to remake the 1988 classic movie “Brother Dragon”, Momma said he was very willingCooperate with Dinglaji.Although this beautiful fantasy may be far away, fans of “Game of Thrones” and “Neptune” will be expected to see the two of them appear in the new magic world.Sauna Night Net Editor Huang Jialing Intern Cao Yuxin Proofreading Wang Xin

[Can potato seedlings be eaten]_Potatoes_Can you eat them_Diet taboos

[Can potato seedlings be eaten]_Potatoes_Can you eat them_Diet taboos

The dietary contraindications of potato seedlings are generally not edible, because they may be germinated and become seedlings, so they are rich in toxins, and human consumption may cause health threats, cause symptoms of poisoning, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, and they are not suitable for belts.

1. It is not edible, because potato sprouts will produce a toxin called solanine (also known as solanine).

Good quality potatoes contain only 10 mg of solanine per 100 grams, and solanine, germinated and rotten potatoes can increase solanine 50 times or more.

Eating a very small amount of Solanine is not necessarily harmful to the human body, but it can happen after 15 minutes to 3 hours after eating 200 millimeters Solanine (about half or two have become green and sprouted potatoes).

The initial symptoms were ulcers in the mouth and throat, pain in the upper abdomen, and nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

2, avoid even skin.

Potato contains a toxic substance called solanine. If the body contains a large amount of this substance, it can cause acute poisoning.

This toxic substance is mostly concentrated in its skin. Red or purple skin is more than yellow skin. Those who make the skin greener by light can increase the depth of the skin, so they must be peeled when eating, especially if they have been peeledGreen skin, because even if potatoes are peeled and cooked, it is possible to pass about 10% of solanine in the skin to the flesh.

3. Best, germinated potatoes are more than poisonous. The content of Solanine is 100 times that of normal. Therefore, when eating, be sure to dig out the buds and roots, because the substance can replace water and should be put in clean water.Medium immersion.

In addition, the substance is easy to decompose in the presence of acetic acid, and it can detoxify when heated, so it should be stewed on high heat. Adding vinegar during cooking is more conducive to the decomposition of toxic substances.

To prevent poisoning, germinated potatoes are best discarded.

After the poisoning, you should go to the hospital for treatment immediately.

4, spleen and stomach deficiency cold avoid eating more.

Potatoes have the following effects, those with spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea should eat less or not.

5, pregnant women do not eat.

Pregnant women often eat potatoes with a high content of solanine, which may cause deformity when accumulated in the body, so it is better to eat less.

Pregnant women in particular should not eat germinated potatoes that have been stored for a long time to prevent miscarriage due to poisoning.

6, avoid freezing.

Potatoes should be stored in a cool place, not exposed to the sun, nor frozen, and frozen potatoes cannot be eaten.

[Can moxibustion eat watermelon]_Moxibustion_Can you eat

[Can moxibustion eat watermelon]_Moxibustion_Can you eat

Moxibustion is a way to keep in good health, but there is a point to pay attention to when moxibustion. Moxibustion cannot touch cold things. Including moxibustion, many people will scoop up their clothes a little. This is mainlyIn order to worry about the body’s coldness, because the pores are open during the moxibustion process, if the body is cold, it will cause a lot of trouble to the body. It is worth paying attention to whether moxibustion can eat watermelon.

Efficacy of watermelon: watermelon coldness, sweetness, homesickness, stomach, bladder meridian; has the effect of clearing heat and relieving summer heat, quenching thirst, diuretic and annoying; treating chest belching, suffocation, fullness, discomfort, watermelon coldness, sweetness, Unfavorable urination, sore nose and mouth, heat, heat stroke, hangover poisoning and other symptoms.

1, relieve heat: midsummer, red sun, some people feel chest tightness and discomfort, mental fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite, weight loss, or low fever.

As the hot weather continued, the symptoms continued unabated, and they did not recover until the autumn was cold.

Years may be repeated again and again, but various examinations have no organic displacement.

These various symptoms are commonly known as Han Xia.

Chinese medicine believes that the summer is due to the summer heat dampness invading the body, blocking the spleen and stomach gas.

This is especially the case when children drink too much, and women do less activities.

After the “summer summer”, in the summer, it is necessary to lose more than 10kg and wait for summer to fall before gradually recovering. In addition to the doctor’s medication, the patient should use watermelon peel and peanut 2 or malt 1 or rice kernel 1 or 2.Make a thick soup, and even if you take it for six or seven days, you can greatly increase your appetite.

2, treatment of heat stroke: summer heat stroke, suddenly dizzy and hot, if there is no vomiting and diarrhea, watermelon planing juice can be used, two or three cups of daily service, light cure.

If the fever persists, you can use 9 grams of light soy sauce and 6 grams of citron soup as a medicine, and then use watermelon juice as a drink, which can also be cured.

If a person with heatstroke suddenly faints or vomits or diarrhea, it should be treated urgently, which should not be applied.

However, after taking medicine and rest, it is also advisable to substitute watermelon juice for drinks.

The role of watermelon: 1, summer cracks: 100 grams of mung beans, add 1500 ml of water, cook soup, remove mung beans 10 minutes after boiling, watermelon grams (without peeling) 500 grams, cool after boiling.

Drink soup several times a day.

The mung bean in the recipe is sweet and cool, which can reduce swelling and qi, clear heat and detoxify; the watermelon peel is sweet and cold, can clear heat and relieve summer heat, and remove annoyance and thirst.

2, spleen and heatstroke: 100 grams of fresh watermelon peel, 10 jujubes, decoction, daily tea.

3. Aphrodisiac: shred the watermelon rind, remove it after boiled in water, eat with cooked chicken, lean meat, seasoning

BTG Hotel (600258) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Comments: 19Q1 Performance Under Pressure and Gradually Opening Stores Expected to Increase Significantly

BTG Hotel (600258) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Comments: 19Q1 Performance Under Pressure and Gradually Opening Stores Expected to Increase Significantly
18-year income is stable, and the increase in net profit after deduction of 16% is in line with expectations: 18-year revenue is 85.3.9 billion / + 1.45%, net profit attributable to mother 8.5.7 billion / +35.84%; deduct non-attributed net profit 6.90 billion / + 15.99%, the difference caused by the disposal of 20% equity of Yanjing Hotel and compensation brought non-recurring gains and losses1.6.7 billion.EPS0.88 yuan, in line with expectations.Gross margin 94.47% /-0.17 points.Finance rate 2.01% /-0.63pct, due to the repayment of some bank borrowings, the financial expenses decreased by 50.6 million; the sales expense ratio was 65.70% /-2.25pct, mainly due to the decrease in the number of directly operated hotels resulting in reduced employee compensation and depreciation amortization; management fee rate 12.39% / + 1.13pct, due to the increase in the number of franchised stores, the manager ‘s budget increased and the investment in IT maintenance expansion projects increased. In terms of business, the main business hotel business continued to grow profit — hotel business income of 80.8.9 billion / + 1.46% profit11.08 billion / + 30.07%, of which Home Inns Group revenue was 71.54 billion / + 1.45% of total profit11.42 billion / + 19.08%.In essence, the business income of the scenic spot4.50 billion / + 1.26%, profit 1.7.8 billion / + 18.80%. Of which 18Q4 revenue was 21.70 billion / + 3.1%, net profit attributable to mother 0.5.6 billion / -31%, due to the provision for impairment of goodwill of Nanyuan 81.9 million.Deduct non-net profit 0.300 million / -48.4%, operating costs + 14% due to increased breakfast promotion.1Q1 revenue 19.4.4 billion / + 0.99%, net profit attributable to mother 0.7.4 billion / -1.90%, deducting non-net profit 0.56 billion / -3.04%, mainly due to the current industry environment is still at the bottom, operating data has further declined. The opening of stores has been accelerating year by year, and the Revpar has improved in 19Q1. The number of openings: 622 newly opened in 18 years / a net increase of 337 to 4049, accelerated opening; among them, the number of economic / mid-to-high end / other hotels opened was 208/243/171, Middle and high-end accounted for 39%; In addition, 578 new franchise stores opened, accounting for 93% of new stores, the proportion of franchise further 合肥夜网 increased; 38 directly-managed stores closed the net.In 19Q1, 75 new stores were opened with a net increase of 12. The company expects to open 800 new stores in 19 years, which is significantly higher than the target of 450 new stores in 18 years. Operating data: 1) Home Inn 18 Year Revpar 156 yuan / + 4.2%, average house price is 188 yuan / + 7.4%, occupancy rate 83% / -2.5 points.The economical Revpar is 143 yuan / +1.9%, occupancy rate is 84% /-1.9pct, average house price is 170 yuan / + 4.3%; mid- to high-end affected by the newly opened store climbing period intensity, Revpar: 238 yuan / -5%, the average price of 308 yuan / -1.5%, occupancy rate 77.1% / 2.8 points.2) Affected by the macroeconomic superposition of newly opened stores and closed stores, the growth rate of Revpar in 19Q1 (-0.5%) score 18Q1-Q4 (+4.0, 5.6,4.1/2.8%).3) Same store data: 18 years Revpar overall 154 厦门夜网 yuan / + 2.8%, 19Q1 overall Revpar 135 yuan / -3% profit forecast and evaluation: the company’s target revenue for 19 years is 8.68 billion / + 0.7?3.1%, it is expected that the number of direct-operated stores in 19 will still decrease, so the EPS for 19-20 is reduced to 0.95/1.09 yuan, adding 21 years of EPS forecast to 1.31 yuan, considering the recovery of the industry still has to wait, temporarily downgraded to “overweight” level. Risk warning: economic activity declines, franchise expansion is less than expected, stock lifting risk in December

July 12 (603712): Military and civilian double arrows from Northeast of Baima

July 12 (603712): Military and civilian double arrows from Northeast of Baima

Report summary: The company released an annual report performance forecast, exceeding market expectations.

Net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 is 3.


80 ppm, a 49% increase in one year?
69%; net profit after deduction is 3.


500,000 yuan, an increase of 103% every year?

The company’s product business covers military private network communications and civil private network communications. It has a high degree of entry into the biology and a stable competitive landscape.

Current income composition is about 7?
8 becomes a military product, 2?
3 becomes a civilian product.

With the company’s IPO and overall advancement in business, it will become a leader in private network communications with both the military and civilians.

The factors that exceeded the expected performance in 2019 were: the landing of development and R & D results promoted the improvement of orders and sales performance.

R & D expenditure has increased year by year and is 100% expensed. R & D expenditure / operating income has remained at about 24%, which is much higher than peers.

Keeping pace with customer needs, more than 300 pre-researched projects have achieved breakthroughs in multiple new products. R & D projects have gradually landed into sales performance, and product orders have increased significantly.

Accounts received in advance for the first three quarters7.

5.2 billion, 南京桑拿网 an increase of 17 from the initial ranking.

63%, an increase of 55 compared with the same period last year.


Inventory 24.

48 ppm, an increase of 29 from the initial ranking.

17%, an increase of 44 compared with the same period last year.


The increase in the proportion of high-margin product delivery promoted the increase in comprehensive gross profit margin.

The increase in revenue in 2019 and the decrease in the increase in revenue of products with higher gross profit will shift the overall gross profit rate. It is judged that the proportion of system-level products in the product structure has increased.

The first three quarters of comprehensive gross profit margin of 45.

31%, about 44 in the first half.

12% of the current increase, the fourth quarter of the delivery season, the positive role 成都桑拿网 strengthened.

Mainly benefited from the stable product industry structure and the increase in the number of competitors. Affected by comprehensive factors such as high-tech barriers, qualification certification, product trials, and historical accumulation, the barriers to new entrants are extremely high.

Increasing efforts to control expenses will increase corporate efficiency.

Intensify the cost control, effectively control the expenditure, reduce the cost ratio, and significantly improve operating efficiency.

Customer structure factors will lead to a decline in revenue growth due to the adjustment of the sales expense ratio; reasonable control of management expenses, and the slow growth of management expenses in the past few years.

Earnings forecast: Improve earnings forecast, expected 2019?
Net profit in 2021 is 3.

60, 5.
40, 8.

13 trillion, 53% composite strength.

EPS is 0.

47, 0.

70, 1.

05 yuan, corresponding to 1.

The closing price of PE on the 14th was 55.
27, 36.

81, 24.

44 times, maintain “Buy” rating, give 50 times PE in 2020, raise the target price to 35 yuan, corresponding to 27 billion market value, 36% growth space.

Risk warning: systemic risk, order delivery is less than expected.

Mom’s kiss could cause deadly tragedy

Mom’s kiss could cause deadly tragedy

A mother’s kiss is the most direct way to convey motherly love and the best language for mother and baby communication.

However, this kind of intimacy may not be all sweet and warm, and it may also cause a fatal tragedy.

Disease control experts remind everyone that infants have low immunity and disease resistance. If the mother carries the germs, it is likely that the germs will be transmitted to the baby through close contact with the lips.

Mothers should take appropriate protective measures, especially in the following seven situations, it is not appropriate to kiss the baby.


1 If blisters occur, if there are rice-grain-sized blisters on the face, lip corners, eyes, hands, feet and other parts, several or several connected with one piece, and accompanied by fever or local lymphadenopathy, they should be wary of infection “simple”Herpes virus” because the above symptoms are typical manifestations of “herpes simplex virus” local virus infection.

“Herpes simplex virus” can be transmitted through kisses and other methods. It is not very harmful to adults, but it can be fatal to infants. It is a common viral infection in childhood.
At the age of four, the peak of incidence was in the second year after birth.

  Protective measures: Mothers with symptoms of “herpes simplex virus” such as herpes stomatitis should try to avoid contact with the baby before healing and avoid kissing the baby.


2 heavy makeup light mothers who love beauty, can not avoid heavy makeup light.

And a lot of cosmetics contain lead, mercury or other chemicals. If the mother kisses the baby without removing makeup, or lets the baby kiss the mother, these harmful substances will enter the baby’s body, which may cause complications such as contact dermatitis and chronic lead poisoning.

In the United States, cases of lead poisoning have been reported in infants due to touching the face of the mother and licking the powder and fat on the mother’s face.

  Protective measures: Mothers should try to reduce heavy makeup as much as possible, and they should completely remove makeup before kissing the baby.


3 colds due to the baby’s weak resistance, poor immunity, a little carelessness may be infected with a cold virus, and even cause bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, or combined encephalitis, myocarditis, so the mother should pay great attention to the cold virusEven if you only have mild cold symptoms, a slight headache, and sore throat, you should avoid intimate actions such as kissing each other.

  Protective measures: It is best for mothers with cold symptoms to wear a mask when they come into contact with their baby.


4 Although diarrhea and diarrhea are infectious diseases, the pathogenic bacteria enter the intestine through the mouth, so the mouth of the carrier is also the source of infection.

Mothers kissing their babies, or tasting hot and cold with their tongues before feeding them, may increase the risk of diarrhea.

  Protective measures: If the mother’s stomach has not been good recently, try to avoid kissing the baby.


5 Oral diseases Kissing is direct contact between lips and lips. If the mother has oral diseases such as gingivitis, pulpitis, dental caries, etc., there will be a lot of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. By kissing the baby, these bacteria will enter the babyThe mouth, which can cause your baby’s oral disease or other complications.

  Protective measures: Do not kiss the baby until the oral disease is cured.


6 Once a rash appears, mothers should be alert to whether it is a measles attack once they find a little rash on their body.

Because many young mothers did not get measles when they were young, they are themselves prone to measles.

Measles patients are the only source of infection. The virus exists in the conjunctiva, nose, mouth, pharynx and trachea, and can be transmitted through oral droplets.

And children themselves are susceptible to measles, especially l?
5-year-old children have the highest incidence, and kissing between mothers and children can easily spread the disease.

  Protective measures: Once the mother has a suspect of this disease, the mother should be quarantined immediately and treated actively.


7 Carrying infectious hepatitis virus If the mother is a hepatitis patient or a carrier of the hepatitis virus, it is not safe to kiss the baby.

Hepatitis A is transmitted mainly through stool, oral route and close contact in daily life, while hepatitis B is transmitted through injection, blood transfusion or blood products, close contact, mother-to-child transmission, milk, saliva, and tears are all unsafe factors.

  Protective measures: If the mother carrying the hepatitis virus is still contagious after testing, other methods should be taken to care for the baby.

Different strategies for different bosses

Different strategies for different bosses

In the workplace, you will encounter many different types of bosses: some have a gentle personality and are cautious; others are irritable and careless; and everyone has a different habit.

There are different ways to get along with different bosses. Since you are doing things under his or her hands, of course you must master the “coping tactics”.

  For “workaholic” bosses-such bosses often think of themselves as the most capable person in the world. With excess energy, they are enthusiastic about work, and hope that their subordinates will become “workaholics” just like him or her.
In the face of such a boss, the best countermeasure is to give up, and ask him for advice, so that he will always feel that you are working hard and achieving success under his wise leadership, so you can still get his appreciation.

  Facing Bossy Bosses-It takes courage to think that bosses are constantly threatening their subordinates so that they can do their job conscientiously.

  To such a boss, you must often make her feel your existence value.

Especially when you foresee that she will speak ill of you, you must think of salutation in advance.

Of course, it’s more important not to be intimidated.

  Facing Suspicious Boss-Give him (her) a job report every day. The boss suspects his subordinates are lazy all day, so he often directs the game of “police catching thieves” in the office.

The best way to meet such a boss is to give her a report every day (at least weekly), telling her clearly that you have done a job today to dispel her suspicion, and she can rest assured that you are also at ease.

  Facing an indecisive boss-helping him or her resolve that such bosses are usually more resourceful and often determined. As long as others suggest a little modification, they can change his original intention at one time, and the people below mustConstantly restarted.

In fact, as long as you don’t feel lost, you can discuss some decisions with him boldly, help him make a determined decision, and then try to keep him going.

  In the face of forgetful bosses-you can only be like “old mother”. Some bosses are very forgetful, often upside down, often lost, and sometimes obviously talked about the previous day, but after two or three days, he said that he did not say at all.

The best way is, when he is in an event or expressing a certain point of view, you can ask him a few times, you can also put forward your own different views, deliberately cause discussion to deepen the boss’s impression, and finally, you can alsoSummarize the statement and repeat it to him in alternative language to keep him firmly in mind.

  Facing vague bosses-“Breaking the Casserole and Asking to the End” Some bosses are vague in the layout of their work and there are no clear and specific requirements, which can be understood as either this or that; some conflict with each other, and the subordinates cannot operate at all.Implementation, once you do it well, he will blame saying that his request is not like this, you are mistaken.

For such a supervisor, when accepting a task, be sure to inquire about its specific requirements, especially in terms of completion time, staff extension, quality standards, amount of funds, etc., and record them one by one, so that the supervisor can go after approval.Do it.

  Some supervisors “humming” when they ask for specific indicators or clear responses for a certain job that you have requested, but they don’t have a clear attitude, or just say “I know”, “you look at it” and so on.

Then, in order to avoid the trouble of contradictions in the future, you can repeatedly explain your intentions as a subordinate, and try to induce them to have a clear response. If necessary, you can use methods to provide language alternatives, such as: “What do you mean .”, Let the boss continue, or let the boss answer with speculative judgment, such as:” Do you mean ×××?

“When the boss has a clearer response, he repeats the enhancement several times immediately, which can be further extended.” If so, then it will . “.

  Facing ignorant bosses-it is time to shoot. Some bosses clearly do not understand the business, layman, not good at it, so pretend to understand, pretend, and want to show themselves everywhere.

Faced with such a boss, can be treated separately.

If it is important and has a principled problem, subordinates can directly observe the point of view, or strive for reason, or firmly oppose it. They cannot be accommodated. Even if the positive suggestions are invalid, they must try their best to make a roundabout way, otherwise it is equivalent to killing the boss and his own.Just kidding; unless it’s a general issue that has nothing to do with the big picture, subordinates can deal with it flexibly and prevent the intensification of positive conflicts and contradictions.

  Facing Introverted Bosses-“Secret” Communication Some psychologists have pointed out that introverts use email more often than extroverts.

Therefore, if your boss is multiple introverts, he may prefer to read E-mail and communicate with his subordinates by this method.

If you want to surprise your boss who is accustomed to ordinary black and white emails, then spend more time learning to make innovative color animation e-mails.

Of course, don’t make personal contacts during work hours, so as not to attract others’ tongues.

Here’s another simple method: when you want to talk to your boss about an important thing, don’t use E-mail, but show your sincerity and determination through interviews. It is a good way to have lunch together.Will not be interfered by other colleagues, and can communicate with the boss most directly and effectively.

  The boss who gives a small report to the boss in the face of instigating right and wrong-using evil to suppress certain types of bosses, loves to solicit right and wrong between subordinates, creates contradictions, and also loves to give small reports to subordinates in front of the boss, so that the relationship between employeesNervous and scolded by the boss at every turn.

In such a situation, the employees must first talk openly, make sure that the boss is playing a ghost, and then find a way to deal with him.

As the saying goes: You must not have a detrimental heart, and you must be defenseless. You must not stop your patience with this kind of “little man” boss. You must find the right time, expose it in person, and take the initiativeAsk the boss to explain the situation and let the boss know the truth.

We must believe that when the boss is responsible for his own company, when he realizes that the person in charge under his management, starting from the survival and development of the company, will generally consider taking corresponding measures.

  Facing a mediocre incompetent boss who likes to push him-if you are mediocre and have no idea, you do n’t need to worry about it, you can completely oppose it with a tolerant heart, “Jin WuzuRed, no one is perfect! ”

Whenever there is a difficult job, giving it to a subordinate to do it can only indicate the incompetence of the superior, but pointing out to the subordinate may not be a good thing. At least there are more opportunities for tempering and more opportunities to show talent.

“People are under the roof and have to bow their heads.” The basic rule is to learn to get along with each other. If you don’t want to get along with yourself, it’s best not to get through with this kind of boss.

  If the boss likes to put all the “cooked dishes” cooked by others into his own bowl and refuses to separate out a “cup of ravioli”, he will be responsible for his mistakes. This shows that he is selfish and humble.

To get along with such a boss, you must be firm and flexible, neither irreversible, nor blindly.

It is also unquestionable to properly protect your own interests in front of the boss. It is necessary to let the boss know that there are principles in life and that tolerance is limited.

Elderly Deficiency Fire Toothache Is Inadequate Renal Fluid

Elderly Deficiency Fire Toothache Is Inadequate Renal Fluid

Symptoms of virtual toothache in the elderly: toothache, no local redness, swelling and hot pain, pain aggravated by hot and cold stimuli, and pain at night, TCM believes that it is caused by insufficient kidney water, caused by inflammation of virtual fire, and when the water is enough to nourish the kidney water, the water is enough to extinguish fire.The pain can be stopped, and the following can be used to cure it: 30 grams of raw land, 30 grams of cooked ground, 30 grams of pregnant Achyranthes bidentata (fried with salt water), 10 grams of asarum, 6 grams of cimicifuga, 6 grams of rice and 10 grams of fresh ginger.One fry for 20 minutes, the second fry for 15 minutes, 350 ml each, take it warm, take it in the morning before meals, and before going to bed at night.

  Taboo: Avoid alcohol, spicy and greasy taste, do not get angry.

  The upper ground is clearing heat and cooling blood, and the cooked ground directly nourishes the kidney yin (renal water).

Ignition down, asarum, pain (toothache), medicine for dispersing pain, numbness, clearing heat, detoxifying, clearing, and reducing turbidity. It has been nourishing Qi and nourishing the stomach.Protect the spleen and stomach from suffering. In short, its role is to nourish yin and qi, replenish water and fire, and detoxify and relieve pain.

  One dose of more than three yuan, you can even take three doses. Comrades with this disease take three doses a month.

Can effectively prevent the occurrence of this disease.

It is harmless to the body even if taken without disease, and also has a therapeutic effect on the headache caused by hypertension (yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity). This prescription is simple, the medicine taste is not much, the prescription is rigorous, and it is economical and practical.

Please remember.

How to tell if your child has autism

How to tell if your child has autism

Autism is a specific disease of generalized developmental disorders.

Autism has become a common disease in children, and this disease can seriously affect children’s physical health.

Many parents don’t know much about autism, so they miss the best time to treat their child.

So, how to distinguish autism?

Let’s take a look together!

1. Many children with autism have language barriers. Clinically, many parents come to see a doctor simply because their children have reached the age when they cannot speak.

Children about one year old are basically able to speak. Parents should not think that their children are still young. It will be better to wait until they are older. This will only affect their illness.

There are also children with autism who, although they can speak, are confused or often speak to themselves, and parents need to be vigilant.

2. Children with autism have repetitive language, movements and behaviors, and sometimes even forced thinking and behaviors.

For example, children keep closing doors and opening doors, asking parents a question repeatedly, and so on. Some children can see a movie or a book dozens or even hundreds of times. Parents can easily detect abnormalities, butNot necessarily related to autism.

3. Normal children are more lively, like to find friends to play with, and love to look around, but children with autism like to do their own affairs alone, do not want to make eye contact with others, do not want to seek attention, even seePeople just hide.

In addition, children with autism also experience paresthesia.

Their hearing is particularly sensitive, sometimes they like to listen to some sounds, and sometimes they are afraid of some sounds.

Most children with autism will experience abnormal pain and visual abnormalities. They are not afraid of pain and tend to squint and look down when looking at things.

10 psychological secrets of online dating

10 psychological secrets of online dating

First, some people with compensatory psychology may find a third party or be willing to accept a third party instead of compensation because the couple is separated, lonely or uncomfortable, or because the spouse is physically unsatisfactory, or the relationship between the couple is not in harmony.To form extramarital affairs.

In fact, sexual life is not the whole content of husband and wife life. As long as the husband and wife strengthen the relationship, communicate more emotionally, miss each other in their hearts, life is still full, so no need to compensate.

  Second, some lovers eventually become dependents. When both parties become married, or the other party is unwilling to become married, the other party still has a crush on each other. When one party has a difficult life or the couple’s feelings are different, the other party feels that they still owe each other’s affection.Therefore, he took the initiative to initiate the embrace of the old lover, and the old love revived, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, a lover may not become a family member. Since both parties have become married or the other party has become married, they should face the reality and cherish the relationship between husband and wife. When the other party has difficulties in life or the husband and wife are in conflict, use extramarital affairs to repay each other ‘s interest.At the same time, it is better to help the other party than to harm the other party.

  Third, some people who are greedy for money because they are greedy for each other’s money, regardless of their personality, take the initiative to commit to each other in exchange for a few copper plates, thereby forming an extramarital affair. In fact, personality is a priceless treasure. Money is something outside of you.Flowers, why bother with a priceless treasure for a few copper plates?

In addition, rich people should also avoid, since the other party is greed for your money, why bother to pay true love for the other party, and have a relationship.

  Fourth, the mentality of the picture Some people because of coveting the beauty of the woman or the body of the man’s body, take the initiative to show love, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, beauty and beauty will naturally disappear with the increase of age. Only the beauty of the soul is eternal. Like wine, the longer the time, the more mellow.

Therefore, the most important thing is to be good at discovering the splendor of your spouse, and present your true feelings. In this way, Xi Shi will naturally appear in the eyes of the lover.

  Fifth, some people get help from others because of difficulties in life, or because the husband has been away for a long time, and the family has been taken care of by each other for a long time. They have no choice but to give up their bodies, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, since the other person sincerely helps you, he doesn’t try to reward you. The other person has kindness to you. You can remember it in your heart. Why give yourself up?

If this affects the other person’s family, would it not be good to do bad things.

  Sixth, some couples have revenge because one side has an affair and does not listen to persuasion. The other side actively seeks a third party in order to get revenge on each other, which leads to extramarital affairs.

In fact, knowing that the other party is having an affair is wrong, why did you go to find a third party?

Moreover, marriage is free, and divorce is also free. If the relationship has broken down and there is no possibility of reconciliation, it may be better to divorce, to reconcile, and to be a friend is better than revenge.

  Seven, curious couples often have ordinary lives and feel dull, but the film and television heroes and lovers linger in love, waves of waves, live a fun and chic, and also want to experience this kind of life, so,Driven by this curiosity, extramarital affairs occur.

In fact, peace is blessing. Don’t look at the mountain high, you don’t know how to be in the blessing.

  Eighth, because of the influence of bourgeois liberation, or obscene film and television, some people think that life is alive, eating, drinking, and playing, while young, perform music in time, they will inevitably engage in heterosexual relations, resulting in extramarital affairs.

In fact, sexual liberation and obscene film and television books and magazines are harmful toxins. Each of us should consciously aim at resistance and establish a correct moral and life outlook. We must not mistake arsenic for sugar.

  Nine, men and women who have a relationship with each other because of work help and support each other. Over time, the two sides share common feelings and love each other, which leads to extramarital affairs. In fact, a good helper at work may not be a good husband and wife in life.Help each other and support each other at work. Why not get along like brothers, sisters and brothers?

Ten, mutual benefit.

Some people use each other, collude with each other, and commit crimes in partnership because of the opposite relationship at work. Both parties cannot be separated from each other, which leads to extramarital affairs. In fact, the saying goes well: “If you don’t reach out, you will be caught.”

Once the incident happened in the east, the people in prison were in jail. Such extramarital affairs had to go to prison to “love”.

  X. Mutually beneficial psychology Some people use each other and collaborate with each other because of the relative relationship at work, and commit crimes in partnership. They have become two ants and cicadas on the line.As the saying goes, “If you don’t reach out, you will be caught.”
Once the east window incident happened, and the people in prison were in jail, this extramarital affairs had to go to prison to “love”.