NBA Western Conference finals G5 results: Harden 13 missed Rockets out Warriors into the finals


NBA Western Conference finals G5 results: Harden 13 missed Rockets out Warriors into the finals
On May 28th, Beijing time, the Rockets fought away and lost to the Warriors 90-104, thus leaving the game with a total score of 1-4. This season’s journey ended.  The Warriors have reached the finals in Seoul for more than 40 years and joined the Cavaliers.The three of the team scored 20 points, Stephen Curry 26 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals, Clay Thompson 20 points, Harrison Barnes 24 points and 7 rebounds.Andrew Bogut scored no points, but grabbed 14 rebounds, Drummond Green 9 points and 13 rebounds.  Although the Rockets failed, they have made great progress in reaching the Western Conference Finals.The team’s 6-player double-double, James Harden made 2 of 11 shots, scored 14 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, turnovers reached 13 times.Dwight Howard had 18 points, 16 rebounds and 4 clips, Trevor Ariza 15 points, Jason Terry 16 points, and Josh Smith 11 points.Corey Brewer, who came off the bench, scored 16 points.The Rockets are blocked outside the finals. The Rockets have to keep their throats of fate. Any defeat means the end of the season.  The previous round reversed the Clippers 1-3 behind, which has created a lot of miracles.In the face of the Warriors, they fell back to 0-3, they finally pulled back one game, and came to the 1-3 situation again.  The Rockets can only go all out to fight, and strictly guard against the dead at the beginning.Shortly after the opening, Howard scored two three-point opportunities, one scored 5 points, the Rockets started 8-2.Under the strict defense of the Rockets, the Warriors hit only one goal in nearly 4 minutes.Strict defense also made the Rockets lose their feelings. After replacing the shot in 3 minutes, the Warriors overtake by 10-9.Howard cooperated with Smith. After the air relay dunk, the Rockets launched a wave of 10-3, and they had an advantage of 20-12 with 2 minutes and 37 seconds in this section.The Warriors also missed consecutive shots, trailing 17-22 in the first quarter.Only 17 points in a single quarter, this is an extremely abnormal play for the Warriors, the Rockets defensive strength is also evident.  The Warriors broke free in the second quarter. After playing 3 minutes and 30 seconds in this quarter, Thompson hit a three-pointer three times. They hit a 13-2 attack wave and exceeded it by 30-24 in one fell swoop.4 minutes before this section, the Rockets only hit a ball and began to surround the breakthrough.More than half of this quarter, Ariza broke through the jumper and the Rockets turned the score to 36-38, but they did not score a point after 3 minutes.Barnes and Curry made a three-pointer each, and the Warriors once again expanded their advantage 44-36.The Warriors scored 35 points in this quarter, leading 52-46 in the first half.  After Thompson hit another three-pointer in the third quarter, the Warriors led by double digits 57-46.However, within 22 seconds, he ate two fouls in succession, personal fouls reached 5 times, and had to take a break.The Rockets got a turnaround. With 7 minutes and 46 seconds left in this quarter, Smith made two free throws and they only trailed 56-57.After Harden grabbed an offensive rebound, Smith once again took the free throw line, but missed two free throws and missed the opportunity to tie the game.The Rockets missed their best chance, relying on free throws only within 6 minutes.With 3 minutes and 21 seconds remaining in this section, Terry finally hit a three-pointer, chasing the score to 63-66.The difference between the two sides was once only 2 points, but Curry hit another three points at the end of this section, the Warriors opened the gap slightly.After three quarters, the Rockets trailed 68-74.  With 9 minutes and 31 seconds left in the fourth quarter, Thompson was accidentally pushed by Ariza’s top to the head and had to leave the field for inspection.Barnes broke out, one person made four consecutive shots and scored 9 points. With 7 minutes and 10 seconds left in the game, the Warriors opened the gap 87-72.  The Rockets defended with all their strength, and the attack was affected.Howard and Brewer finally succeeded in the basket. With 4 minutes and 19 seconds left in the game, Ariza made three free throws and the Rockets only trailed 83-91.Barnes came forward again, first made two free throws, then dunked in the fast break, Curry also hit a goal, and when the game had 3 minutes and 24 seconds, the Warriors opened the gap again with 97-83.  The Rockets, who are fighting for the whole game, are close to a crash, the choice of shots is a bit rushed, and there have been continuous breakthroughs in defense.They had to take foul tactics early. Iguodala missed four consecutive free throws. The Rockets chased the score 88-97 with 1 minute and 35 seconds left.  Terry missed three consecutive points since then and Harden missed from the distance.When the three-points are needed most, the Rockets’ outer line finds a sense again.With 1 minute and 16 seconds left in the game, Green made one goal, Curry made two free throws and the Warriors led 101-80.Although the Rockets still don’t give up, they have already lost their skills, and this season’s journey ends.(Angkor)

[Japanese-style Crispy Tofu]_Japanese-style Crispy Tofu _ Homely Practice _ Practice Daquan

[Japanese-style Crispy Tofu]_Japanese-style Crispy Tofu _ Homely Practice _ Practice Daquan

Crispy tofu is a very traditional dish. The skin of this dish is crispy and the inside is very delicate and mellow, so it just satisfies people’s appetite. At the same time, eating crispy tofu can also add rich nutrition.Supplement a large amount of estrogen, it is recommended that menopausal women eat more of this dish, the following is the Japanese style crispy tofu.

First, the practice of Japanese-style crispy tofu 1.

Prepare Japanese tofu 2 strips 2.

Use to cut from the middle, do not cut 3 from the beginning.

Use a knife to cut the tofu into pieces 4 with a line width of about 1 cm.

Wrap the chopped tofu directly in starch and cover it with starch5.

Pour the oil in the pan, add the tofu covered with starch after the oil is hot, and fry the surface until it is crispy and hard.

Once it is all fried, place it in a container 6.

Pour a small amount of oil into the wok, add tomato sauce, sugar, salt, and a moderate amount of water. Boil it after thickening, and pour it on tofu.

Second, a piece of sweet and sour crispy tofu material, one piece of old tofu, 15ml of vinegar, 30ml of tomato sauce, 10ml of raw soy sauce, 2g of salt, 10g of sugar, 15ml of water starch, green onion, and sesame.Inside, mix thoroughly for use; 2, cut old tofu into pieces of mahjong size, and carefully drain the surface of the water with kitchen paper; 3, after the oil in the pot is cooked to eight, put the tofu pieces one by one and fry until golden; 4, if there is more oil in the pot at this time, you can pour out a part of it and pour the mixed seasoning juice into the pot; 5. The fire will thicken the juice, sprinkle with onions, sesame, and turn off the heat.

Three, soy and crispy tofu material 1 tofu, half a cucumber, 1 carrot, shrimp 12 or so, half onion, starch, water, raw soy sauce, soybean oil, sesame oil, sugar, salt amount 1, cut the tofu intoSheet, thickness can be customized.

2. Cut cucumber and carrot into corresponding diamond-shaped slices.

3. Cut the green onions into small pieces 4. Wrap the tofu with a small amount of starch, put it in the oil pan, and fry until it is golden brown and remove it.

5. Fry the shrimp with the remaining oil and remove it.

6, then put a little oil in the pot, when the oil is hot, add green onions, carrot slices and stir fry.

7. Finally add tofu, drizzle with soy sauce, salt, sugar, wet starch, stir-fry cucumber and shrimp, and finally add sesame oil to the pan.

[Hermit Crab’s Harm to Humans]_ Harm _ Impact

[Hermit Crab’s Harm to Humans]_ Harm _ Impact

Hermit crabs are not harmful to humans. In fact, hermit crabs also contribute to humans.

Hermit crab, as the name suggests, is a type of crab, but the shape of hermit crab is between shrimp and crab. This is because after eating other shell animals, hermit crab will take the shell of other animals as its own.

Hermit crabs are omnivores, and his habit can clean up algae and other marine life in the ocean and clean the ocean.

Let’s take a closer look at hermit crabs.

Origin of the name Hermit crabs often eat molluscs such as shells and take their own shells. This is the origin of the hermit crab’s name.

Hermit crab is a general term for the hermit crab family of the Decapoda crooked order and the general family of hermit crabs.

Its shape is between shrimp and crab, and many of them live in the shell.

It has a long body, with head, chest, and abdomen.

The head and chest have a head breastplate, but do not cover the last thorax.

The anterior part of the skull is thick, calcified and reorganized, the posterior part is widened, keratinous or completely membranous, and there is obvious cervical sulcus.

The abdomen is long, curly or straight, and a few species are wide and short. Many asymmetric hermit crabs can also be used as Chinese medicine to treat diseases.

The whole hermit crab is used as medicine to remove the shell.

Sexual taste belongs to the sweet, warm.

Indications Anti-inflammatory, blood circulation.

Treatment of blood stasis and abdominal pain: 5 hermit crabs, tile roasted noodles, red wine, 2 times daily.

Treatment of bruises, lymphadenitis: Dried hermit crabs, rub the vinegar on the affected area.

Treatment of vertigo and tinnitus: hermit crab 2?
3 two, fry with rock sugar after wine frying.

Morphological features 1.

The Ehrlich hermit crab has a shape of approximately 30mm.

The forehead angle is replaced by a moving spine located between the scales at the base of the two eye stalks.

The front part of the carapace of the carapace is rich in calcium, and both have horizontal folds.

The left forceps are extra large and hairless. Their long and wrist segments are triangular. Small particles are scattered on the back. One row of grains is near the two edges and one row of spines on the outer edge.There is often a small anemone attached to the outside, and the upper and lower edges and fingers have small spiny particles.

Right jaw with golden hair on both fingers and palm.

In the second and third steps of the foot, there is a row of small spines on the dorsal edge of the carpal and palmar segments. The knuckles and palmar segments grow hairs, which are slightly curved, and their edges are also hairy.

There are often small anemones attached to the snail shells.


Hermit crab with lower teeth, head carapace is about 35mm long and about 28mm wide, with a forehead angle, two handle positions, reaching the middle of the third antennal stem, and the same length as the second antennal stem, and the second antennae whip is long,The two pliers are the same size and shape. The wrist, palm, and knuckles have dense wart-like postures and hair.

The 2nd, 3rd pairs have prominent vertical stripes on the foot and the eye stem, the 4th and 5th pair of stepped foot knuckles look like meshing shapes, and there are unequal bifurcated abdominal limbs on the left side of the abdomen.

The head breastplate and abdomen are pale yellow, the gills and the middle of the eye stem are dark green, and the sides are green and yellow.

The vertical stripes of the foot are yellow.


Hermit crab with long wrist, head and breastplate is about 10mm long and 9mm wide.

Forehead central tip.

The eye stem reaches the middle part of the first antennal stem, and is as long as the second antennal spine.

The 2nd antennae is long, reaching 1/3 or 2/3 of the last segment of the stalk.

The second antennae whip is about 1 longer than the head breastplate.

5 times.
The left forceps are larger than the left forceps. The surfaces of the fingers, palms, and wrists are densely covered with pointed or round tooth processes and have thin, short hairs.
The wrist is longer than the palm and looks like an attachment.

The outer part of the left palm is rarely hairy.

In the first and second steps, the knuckles are shorter than the palms.

[How to make spring bowls of crystal bowls]_How to make_Homely practices

[How to make spring bowls of crystal bowls]_How to make_Homely practices

Spring tooth crystal bowl cake is a very popular pastry. This type of pastry is mainly made from cassava flour, plus some caster sugar or some favorite fruit juice.

We can easily make it at home. We only need to master the skills to make delicious bowl cakes. Then let’s introduce the method of spring teeth crystal bowl cakes.

Method one: Step 1 Many recipes on the Internet have added horseshoe flour and clear flour (wheat starch) to varying degrees. In fact, it will affect the flexibility and flexibility of the bowl cake.

The easiest and most straightforward way is to use only cassava flour.

Step 2 pure cassava flour, the effect will be very clear Step 3 pure cassava flour, the color is bright and attractive.

In this way, 130 grams of cassava flour added here, and 20 grams of horseshoe flour added, it does not look very transparent and bright, the taste of the taste is also a little horseshoe cake in Q.

Step 5 The red bean cake made from pure horseshoe powder has a soft taste.

Not the state we want.

So don’t ask me if I can use XXX instead.

The ingredients are basically irreplaceable.

Step 6: Mix with 1/2 water and tapioca flour.

Step 7 Boil another 1/2 water and sugar.

Step 8 While stirring the hot syrup, pour it into the cassava powder slurry. Step 9 After the cassava slurry and the syrup are mixed, it is still thin. Although it will not cause water powder separation, it is not enough to support the filling.

If you like the filling to sink to the bottom, you can pour it into a mold and start steaming.

If you want the filling to be on the surface, you need to prepare the next steps.

Step 10: Heat a pot of water and remove from heat.

Step 11: Use heat-insulated water to stir the cassava flour to a paste state. Remember that the hot water is turned off and keep stirring.

Step 12 Stir into a paste Step 13 Add to the mold Step 14 Raw and cooked pulp is in good condition Step 15 Add a variety of your favorite fillings.

Steam over medium and small heat for 20 minutes. If the fire is too strong, the skin will be uneven, and the finished product will not be smooth.

Step 16 After cooling off, you can release the mold. Method 2: Step 11.

Prepare 3 containers, each with 100 g of bowl cake powder in step 22.

Add 30 grams of caster sugar to each serving. Since we are now making three flavors, we need three servings. Step 33.

Then pour 150ml of water into each step 44.

Stir well, remember to stir until there is no cake!

Step 55.

Add 1 scoop of kiwi juice.

Step 66.

Add passion fruit jam step 77.

Add strawberry jam step 88.

Stir well. Stir until fully blended. Step 99.

Put the bowl cake bowl in the steamer, and pour in the bowl bowl cake mix we made in step 1010.

Steam over high heat for 18 minutes.

Practice three: 1.

Material: Purple potato puree 75G, glutinous rice flour 75G, clear flour 75G (wheat starch), sugar 60G, water 200G and oil 40G (I only added 10G) 2.

Purple potatoes are washed and cut into pieces, put in a microwave box, add a little water, bite into the microwave for 3-5 minutes, and can be easily pierced with chopsticks, indicating that they are cooked 3.

Peel the purple potatoes, add water to the blender, and add sugar to form a fine slurry.

Sift the glutinous rice flour and clear flour to make the finished product more delicate5.

Put purple potato pulp into the pot, mix with a spatula until it is fine and free of particles, and then add salad oil and mix until the oil and water do not separate.If you are looking for taste, you can add salad oil according to the formula. If you want to be healthier, you can add it at your own discretion6.

Mix the paste, pour into the oiled mold, and shake it a few times to shake the air bubbles. Be sure to apply oil, otherwise it is not easy to release the mold.

Put in a cold water pot and steam. After the water has boiled, steam over medium and low heat for about 20 minutes 7.

After letting it cool down, you can use a toothpick to draw a circle around the mold first to facilitate demoulding8.

Use a flower mold to cut out the shape and plate, the flower core is chocolate.

Riyue Co., Ltd. (603218): Casting Leader Steadily Expands Cross-strait Strategy Upwind

Riyue Co., Ltd. (603218): Casting Leader Steadily Expands Cross-strait Strategy Upwind

Leading enterprises in wind power castings have steadily expanded their market share.

The company’s main 深圳桑拿网 business is the production and sales of wind power castings and injection molding machines. At present, it has a production capacity of 30 tons. The production and sales of wind power castings are the largest in China. The domestic market accounts for 29% and the global market accounts for 12%.

The company’s cost control ability is strong, the company’s gross profit margin has been higher than the highest for nearly 15 subdivisions for a long time, and it ranks first in the profitability industry.

The cost of raw materials is expected to decrease and profitability will increase.

The raw materials of the company’s wind power casting business are pig iron and scrap steel. Due to the increase in raw material prices, earnings in the past two years have been at the bottom of the cycle.

In the next two years, pig iron and scrap prices are expected to fall at a high level, and the company’s gross profit margin is expected to return to the historical central range of 25% -30%.

Rush installation of wind power will bring both volume and price.

Affected by wind power installation, the domestic demand for wind power castings is expected to increase to 36% and 21% in 19-20.

The initial new casting capacity of Riyue shares 10 is expected to be put into production by the end of 2019, and the segmented expansion of production will alternate, transforming the release of the company’s capacity and the company’s performance will increase.

The Shuanghai business progressed smoothly and the gross profit margin increased.

The company is one of the few domestic enterprises with batch production capacity of offshore wind power castings, and the advantages of offshore wind power leaders are obvious.

In terms of overseas business, 15% of Vestas and 8% of GE’s castings are provided by the company, and Siemens has received large-scale orders.

The gross profit margin of the cross-strait business is 15-20pct higher than the domestic onshore wind power business. By increasing the proportion of cross-strait business, the gross profit margin has increased and thickened.

The planned nuclear waste storage business has a market space of 3 billion yuan.

The domestic price of nuclear waste storage containers is 50% -70% lower than overseas, and the domestic demand for replacement is strong. Riyue shares established Ningbo Riyue Nuclear Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to trial-produce nuclear waste storage tanks. The potential for new business growth is huge.

Investment suggestion: The company’s 2019/2020/2021 operating income is expected to be 32.



8.1 billion yuan, net profit attributable to mothers was 4.



6.3 billion yuan, with EPS of 0.



62 yuan, we give the company a 19-year industry average PE valuation of 25 times, the corresponding target reached 22.

25 yuan, the first coverage given a “buy” rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

Risks of wind power policy; 2.

Risks of rising raw material prices; 3.

Overseas business fell short of expectations.

Jidian shares (000875): Coal new energy sector continues to expand power, expansion of thermal power in the first half

Jidian shares (000875): Coal new energy sector continues to expand power, expansion of thermal power in the first half

Event: The company released its 2019 Interim Report.

In the first half of 2019, the total operating income was 40.

63 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

2%; achieve net profit attributable to mother 2.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.

01%, in line with Shen Wanwanyuan’s expectations.

Key points of investment: The scale of thermal power is generally stable, and new energy installations continue to grow rapidly.

As of the end of 2019H1, the company’s total installed capacity reached 683.

470,000 kilowatts, of which 351 are thermal power.

50,000 kilowatts, new energy 331.

97 million kilowatts, new energy installed capacity accounted for 49% of the total installed capacity.

The scale of the company’s thermal power has remained stable, and the installed capacity of new energy has continued to grow rapidly. The installed capacity of new energy in the second half of 18 and the first half of 19 increased by 51.

02 and 24.

780,000 kilowatts.

In 2019H1, the company achieved 55 thermal power generation.

7.7 billion kWh, an increase of 0 every year.

36%; realized supply variable of 14.62 million GJ, reduced by 7.

88%; 30% of new energy generation.

9.1 billion kWh, an increase of 42 per year.

97%, mainly due to the substantial growth in new energy installed capacity.

In terms of sub-sectors, thermal power expanded due to rising coal prices, while new energy continued to increase in scale due to high installed capacity.

The company achieved maximum profit in the first half of 20194.

1.8 billion, an annual increase in profits1.

USD 8.6 billion, of which the thermal power sector exceeded zero.

430,000 yuan, a loss of 10 years.

2.3 billion; new energy sector contributed profits6.

7.4 billion, increasing profits in ten years2.

9.2 billion yuan.

The expansion of the company’s thermal power sector was mainly due to the rise in coal prices, and the company’s comprehensive standard coal unit price in the first half of the year gradually increased by 35.

86 yuan / ton, an increase of 5.


The increase in the profits of the new energy sector was due to 杭州桑拿网 the continued growth of the company’s new energy installed capacity, and Jilin Province, the company’s largest proportion of new energy installed capacity, improved its wind performance in the first half of the year and the abandonment rate continued to decline.

The layout of new energy has moved from the province to the whole country, and is committed to becoming a domestic first-class clean energy listed company.

The total installed capacity of the company’s new energy was about 3.3 million kilowatts, including 1 million kilowatts in the province and 2.3 million kilowatts outside the province.

At present, four new energy development bases in Northeast, Northwest, East China, and Jiangxi have been formed to drive the continuous development of new energy projects in the surrounding areas; Changchun, Hefei, and Jiujiang are three new energy transportation wiki sites, which effectively promote the efficient operation of new energy sector production operations.

It is expected that the development of new energy projects of the follow-up companies will continue to strengthen, and the company is committed to becoming a domestic first-class clean energy listed company with sustainable development and profitability.

Earnings forecast and estimation: We maintain the company’s net profit forecast for its mothers for 2019-2021 is 2 respectively.
44 and 4.

One billion US dollars, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 24, 18 and 15 times respectively.

The company’s current transition to new energy continues, and thermal power is under pressure from profit pressure on coal prices, maintaining its “overweight” rating.

8 ways to make exercise burn more aunts

8 ways to make exercise burn more aunts

1, 30?
45 minutes Under normal circumstances, when you perform aerobic exercise, the target heartbeat is maintained at about 60% of the maximum heartbeat for more than 30 minutes. The slightest in the body will be mobilized to provide energy for the human body, and the highest energy supply record for adults can reach85% of the total consumption has entered the optimal stage of weight loss.

  After 45 minutes of exercise, the consumption of adults began to decrease again.

So experts recommend low-intensity aerobic exercise during weight loss, the time is 30?
45 minutes.

  Excessive exercise intensity will reduce the proportion of adult consumption.

When approaching the maximum intensity exercise, the accidental energy supply ratio only accounts for 15%.

  2. The interval exercise breaks down the exercise. After 10 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, relax and rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour. When you slow down, the body is still in a state of excitement, and it takes energy to recover to its original state and continue to maintainHigh aunt burn rate.

Because there are two “post-combustions”, the heart’s reactivation is as effective as a full 30-minute exercise and consumes more aunts, and metabolism is pushed to the extreme.

  3, fast and strong exercise time is short, but the speed is very fast, so that the heart rate can reach the standard quickly, and keep running.

After each contraction of the heart, there is enough time to rest, which will help the heart work better.

At the same time, due to the regular contraction and relaxation of muscles, the venous blood recovery is accelerated, and the coronary arteries supplying the heart’s own nutrition are dilated, which can make the heart get more nutrition.

Self-test: In order to achieve the best results in a limited time, the speed should be at least 10% faster than usual.

Bring a heartbeat monitor to ensure that the intensity is always maintained at 60-80% of the maximum heartbeat.

  4. Start a new button every four weeks to change the speed, telescope and tilt of the device.

If you have a soft spot for a treadmill, it is recommended that you often change the slope rather than the speed, because the pace will decrease when the speed increases, and the large stride will burn more calories.

You can also continuously change the direction of the treadmill to reduce running backwards, reduce fatigue, and maximize energy consumption.

  Tips: When using the instrument, carry as few handles as possible, which can consume 10% more displacement.

  5. When walking on a treadmill with weights, lift two lighter dumbbells to fully exercise the biceps and squeeze them, so as to triceps.

Supplemented with a 3-pound dumbbell, it can increase the burning rate of adults by 5-15%.

  6. Cycle through the eight strength instruments one after the other without interruption.

Focus on the chest, waist and legs.

These exercises require more oxygen to effectively increase heart rate and burn more calories.

  7. If you want to burn more calories alternately, the upper body movement and the lower body movement are alternately performed.

  8. Use the best time period of Burning Aunt 6: 00-9: 00am (get up early, jog for 30 minutes, or walk to work for 30 minutes.

Do not exercise too much, or you will be tired before the real day begins.

) 2: 00-6: 00pm (If you are going to the gym, choose this time period, metabolism will accelerate, the same amount of exercise, burn more calories per hour) 6: 00-9: 00pm (aerobic exercise 30minute.
Take an hour’s rest after dinner, don’t drag it before going to bed, otherwise the state of excitement will affect your sleep quality.


Relaxing and good medicine

Relaxing and good medicine

In recent days, Pharaoh often hiccups, and sometimes feels hesitant to eat. He suspects that he has cancer of the esophagus, causing nervousness. He is worried and anxious.

When I went to the hospital for a gastroscopy, it was a contraction of the portal vein, not a gastric or esophageal cancer.

But Pharaoh took the anti-dissolving medicine prescribed by the doctor but had no effect at all, so he had to see an expert to see the doctor. The old expert asked the medical history in detail, examined it carefully, and explained his illness to the is good.

Sure enough, Pharaoh improved immediately after taking the medicine.

In fact, the medicine prescribed by the old expert is exactly the same as that prescribed by the original doctor.

It is said that under the same objective conditions, the treatment effect of a certain drug on a certain disease is also the same. Why do the same drugs, experts or general doctors who produce diseases when used, are easy to produce drugs to cure them?

It turned out that the physical effects of physical diseases that need to be treated with drugs are also closely related to the psychological state of patients.

  As the saying goes, good words are better than good medicine.

The correct speech behavior of doctors has a benign suggestive effect. It has unique healing power for patients, can complement each other with drugs, and help patients recover quickly. This is the “psychological effect of drugs”.

The reason is that the patient’s trust in the expert from the bottom of his heart, coupled with the expert’s good working attitude, explained the disease clearly, and implicitly produced a suggestive effect, which played a magical effect.

If a patient has a drug of distrust, even if it is indeed a symptomatic medicine, it may have little effect after use.

As a result, trusted drugs often receive unexpected results after use.

This is why some doctors prescribe even “placebos” to patients, and the results are quite good.

  In addition, psychological imbalances can lead to a series of dysfunction in the cerebral cortical dysregulation, making it difficult for drugs to exert their effects.

In particular, the function of the hypertension tract is affected by emotional penetration, excessive tension, anxiety, depression and other adverse emotions can interfere with the physiological function of the insulin tract.

Studies have shown that the emotional quality directly affects the peristalsis, emptying and absorption function of the turbo-channel, and the gastric emptying time of the depressed person is delayed, while worrying, the gastrointestinal tract peristalsis is accelerated and the emptying time is shortened when over-excited.

Generally, the site of drug absorption is in the small intestine. After taking the drug, the length of gastric emptying time makes the drug reach the small intestine more or less quickly, which will affect the drug absorption and plasma concentration, so the effect is not good.

  Understanding this is good for both the doctor and the patient.

When treating a patient, a doctor should understand the patient’s psychological condition in detail, try to meet the patient’s psychological needs, and increase the patient’s trust in the doctor.

As a patient, you should maintain an optimistic mood, an open mind, and full confidence in order to make the drug play a better effect.

Five fitness exercises for women

Five fitness exercises for women

In order to occupy a share in sexual life, there must be a strong sexual function. Male sexual function is a problem that people often pay attention to, and the following also provides women with a variety of programs to enhance sexual function.

  Exercise Scheme 1: Different muscles in different swimming postures have different effects on the body. Among them, frog and butterfly are the most suitable for women.

The frog and butterfly must exercise the muscles of the thighs and pelvis, and often swim in these two postures. Long-term exercise can effectively prevent diseases such as uterine prolapse, rectal droop, and bladder droop. Due to the strong abdominal muscles,It can improve women’s sexual function and feel better when they have sex.

  Exercise Option 2: Bicycle This is the easiest way to exercise, it can exercise your leg joints and thigh muscles, and it is also very effective for the exercise of the foot and joint joints.

It also helps your blood circulation system.

  Exercise plan three: jogging / has great benefits to the heart and blood circulation system. Maintaining exercise for more than 30 minutes a day will help to lose weight, which can increase women’s sexual desire.

  Exercise plan four: Volleyball is especially effective in training the arm muscles and abdominal muscles. At the same time, it is also very helpful to improve your sensitivity, so that you can strengthen your collaboration ability and enjoy more fun between bed changes.

  Exercise plan five: Shebin (a body-building exercise) Shebin experts found that if a woman is too thin or obese, it will lead to decreased sexual desire. More factors affecting their sexual desire are psychological barriers caused by physical problems, such as uglyCauses poor self-confidence, or makes it more difficult to arouse the sexual participation of heterosexual partners.

At the same time, too much fat or too thin caused inconvenience or fatigue of sexual behavior, fatigue and other factors, over time, leading to decreased or even disappeared sexual interest.

One of the seductive findings of Shebin experts is that most women participating in Shebin training have significantly improved or improved their sexual desire, sexual pleasure and sexual ability after half a year or one of training, making women happier in sexual life.

Diet experts recommend cold recipes

Diet experts recommend cold recipes

This winter, the topic of flu has been mentioned again and again, but the number of colds has continued to increase.

For common colds, it is best not to join the queue for medical treatment. One is to avoid the danger of contracting the virus, and the other is to reduce the trouble of expert doctors.

  Diet experts recommend common cold recipes. In addition to taking cold medicine, traditional food therapy is also a good method.

Diet experts will provide you with several small diet prescriptions, which can not only enjoy delicious food, but also enhance your resistance.


Rice ginger vinegar porridge: Method: 50-100 grams of rice, 3 grams of ginger, boil in a casserole and boil 1-2, and then add lizard onions 5-7, when the porridge is cooked, put 10-15 ml of rice vinegar,Just cook.

Under hot clothing, it is advisable to lie under the covers after eating, preferably to sweat slightly.

  Efficacy: Ginger treats colds, colds, cough, etc. Rice vinegar is the best medicine.


Rice and Lentil Porridge: Method: Use half a bowl of glutinous rice and lentils to cook porridge, and drink one bowl for breakfast and dinner each day.

  Efficacy: Barley lentils can strengthen the spleen and stomach to remove moisture, promote gastrointestinal absorption, and strengthen physical strength to fight cold viruses.


Sweet potato ginger soup: Method: After peeling sweet potatoes, cut into small pieces, cut a piece of ginger into thin slices, add six bowls of water to cook, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, drink a cup every morning and dinner.

  Efficacy: Sweet potato supplements nutrition, ginger can be cold, more suitable for cold and cold.


Chives soup: practice: coriander root, shallots, cabbage head decoction, add brown sugar, replace tea.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of sweating and relieving the nose.


Hot salty lemon tea: Method: Cut one or two thin slices with fresh lemon, put a small amount of salt, and then rinse with hot water.

Each cup can be washed three times, and the second and third times do not need to add salt. Be careful not to use cold boiling water.

  Efficacy: Hot salty lemon tea can smooth phlegm.


Mint tea: Method: Take fresh mint leaves, drink with hot water, drink a cup every morning and dinner.

  Efficacy: Suitable for cold patients with dry mouth, sore throat, and no sputum or sputum.

  Friendly Tips: Pay attention to your diet when you have a cold, and do not “eat”.

The diet should be based on carbohydrate foods. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins and minerals and improve the body’s immunity.

For those who like to fry, fried food will give up temporarily.

In order to restore physical strength and vitality, we must start with a basic diet!