Homemade vegetarian assorted clear fire, relieve heat and relieve stomach and spleen

Homemade vegetarian assorted clear fire, relieve heat and relieve stomach and spleen

People who are under the heat of the summer are prone to tiredness and fatigue, and their appetite is not open. Here we introduce a kind of assorted assorted herbs, which can quench thirst, refresh the spleen, relieve heat, and detoxify and dampen the effects.

  Material: 1 piece of tofu, 50 grams of beans, 50 grams of tomatoes, 15 grams of edible fungus, pepper, shallot, sesame oil, vegetable oil, salt.

  Measures: Cut the tofu, beans, tomatoes, and fungus into small cubes; add water to the boil, boil the tofu, beans, tomatoes, and fungus separately (the tomatoes can be slightly hot), remove the drained water, and place on a plate for later use.

Heat the wok, add the vegetable oil, and add the peppercorns to burst the aroma. Then put the shallot, salt, and tomato into the pot together, stir fry evenly, pour on the hot tofu, beans, fungus, and drizzle with sesame oil.

Baby’s yellow hair turned out to be zinc deficient

Baby’s yellow hair turned out to be zinc deficient

Children’s hair is thin and yellow, and parents always blame the “calcium deficiency”.

Yesterday, Ms. Lin took her daughter to undergo a trace element examination, and realized that her hair was actually yellow because her child was zinc deficient. In the past few years, the “calcium supplementation work” was done wrong.

  5-year-old Xiaoxin (pseudonym) is a beautiful little girl, but her hair has always been thin and yellow.

Ms. Lin, always worried about her anxiety, thought that it was lack of calcium, so she bought various calcium supplements and ate them to Xiaoxin every day. She also used hair growth and some alternative medicines.

However, no effect has been seen for two years.

Yesterday, Ms. Lin took Xiaoxin to see the chief physician Xu Huifu in the pediatric department of Wuhan First Hospital.

Director Xu suggested to check the trace elements first, and found that Xiaoxin had a large zinc deficiency, which was the cause of hair yellowing.

  Director Xu introduced that although many of the children’s diseases are related to trace elements, if they are caused or excessive, they may cause diseases and affect the child’s development, but trace elements cannot be supplemented indiscriminately.

For example, blind calcium supplementation in children may cause urinary stones or hypercalciuria.

Therefore, the appropriate treatment must be selected with the help of a doctor.

Winter is approaching, health needs to remember 4 things, men, women and children have a share!


Winter is approaching, health needs to remember 4 things, men, women and children have a share!

Lidong is approaching, and the double hotspots of seasons and solar terms will make Xiaole’s eyes shine!

But this time, Xiaole can’t wait for the winter to come, and the healthy little class has to start immediately.

Woman: Adjusting the mood better than the winter and cold autumn season, the “sorrowful autumn” mood may emerge from time to time, and occasionally the mood is not good and wrong, if you have been intoxicated, it will affect your health.

Xiaole recommends a Ganmai jujube soup that helps to regulate mood: 30-40 grams of Huai wheat, 10 grams of licorice, 10 grams of jujube soup, the raw materials are simple, but the effect is not simple?

Huai wheat has the effect of nourishing the heart, licorice can diarrhea, jujube can replenish temper, and the three medicines together can achieve the effect of nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves, especially for women.

Man: Protecting the “life gland”. I have seen the first science popular in this issue. The man “lifeline” refers to the prostate.

The nature of good protection is not much to say, Xiaole here to add two things related to winter.

Low temperature may increase the sympathetic excitability of males, trigger the contraction of prostate gland, vasodilation, leading to chronic congestion of the prostate, leading to the onset of prostate metabolism. This is the cause of spring, summer and autumn, and needs to know!

Winter is coming, to protect the cold prostate, basically drink plenty of water, sit shortly, do not urinate, should pay attention to keep warm, especially the waist and legs, don’t catch cold.

The elderly: prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cold weather, morning and evening, large temperature difference, should pay attention to go out?

I have seen the third article in this issue of the basin friends to review Ha-coronary heart disease, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease in the stroke center is prone to occur.

With basic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, it is also easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases under such temperature conditions.

Old people should regularly work and rest, and increase or decrease clothing in and out of indoors and outdoors. Once there is dizziness, chest tightness and other discomfort, don’t support and seek medical advice.

Children: Pay attention to health and anti-diarrhea in autumn and winter (especially from October to February), which is the high season of acute digestive tract infection caused by rotavirus. The main manifestation of vomiting and diarrhea.

If you want children to suffer less sin, the key is prevention, develop good hygiene habits, wash hands carefully before and after meals, and go to crowded places such as shopping malls. It is a matter for parents to do with their children without giving them cold food.

鈻睵reventing infectious diseases begins with proper hand washing?
In addition, pre-vaccination is the best way to prevent rotavirus diarrhea. When you can implant it, you can directly consult the local replacement point.

In short, sleep well, eat well, and cherish your body, the next season, happy health hope everyone should be healthy and energetic!

Six foods that help the kidneys detox

Six foods that help the kidneys detox

6 kinds of foods can help the kidneys to detoxify. Once the kidneys have problems, they may easily cause problems such as difficulty urinating, swollen eyes and hands and feet.

To have a good kidney, a proper diet is important.

Old Chinese medicine recommends the following six kidney-friendly foods.


Capsaicin, a key ingredient in red chili peppers, helps to break down body waste (especially blood).

Therefore, red pepper is the perfect food for kidney health.


Egg protein requires a low-protein, low-phosphorus diet to protect the kidneys, but it also needs to be supplemented with enough protein.

Chicken protein contains a variety of healthy proteins, and has a lower phosphorus content than other sources of protein.


In addition to supplementing vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, β-carotene and other basic nutrients, broccoli also replaces indole and thiocyanate and other beneficial ingredients in the broccoli, which all help to remove toxins from the body.Kidney burden.

The easiest way to eat broccoli is to boil it with pepper and salt.


Cabbage Cabbage is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotene. The total vitamin content is 3 times more than that of tomato.

A variety of phytochemicals in cabbage help to scavenge free radicals in the body.

People with kidney disease who have kidneys are advised to eat more coleslaw.


Fish and fish (especially deep-sea fish) are resistant to crushed omega-3 fatty acids and help protect the kidneys.

Fish is also an important source of high-quality protein.


Both fruit juice and vegetable juice have the effect of breaking down and removing garbage from the body.

Fruit and vegetable juice contains a variety of phytochemicals that help prevent the risk of kidney failure in patients with diabetes.

In particular, oxidant juices such as blueberries can act as antioxidants and help improve kidney health.


Why do more sports prevent cancer? 7 reasons you must know


Why do more sports prevent cancer? 7 reasons you must know

1. The muscles that produce transient high movement during exercise can actually prevent cancer. The immune function of regular exercisers is better. This is the first line of defense against cancer.

The Anti-Cancer Health Network will tell you seven reasons to fight cancer.

However, it needs to be reminded that the movements referred to here are not sports like the Olympics every hour, and even long-term, constant aerobic exercise.

It has been determined that muscle production during exercise increases by 10 compared to when it is quiet.
15 times, making the human body slightly transiently elevated.

Body temperature can rise to 40 掳 C or even higher during daily exercise.

Millimeter waves are far less tolerant to heat than normal cells and are prone to killing, especially during the mitotic phase of DNA synthesis.


Exercise increases the oxygen intake of the human body. When the average person is quiet, the oxygen intake is 4 per minute.
7 liters, and can reach more than 100 liters during exercise.

Medical research in the United States has found that the body’s oxygen intake is increased and the respiratory rate is increased. Through the exchange of physical gases, some carcinogens can be transferred to the body to reduce the incidence of cancer, that is, cancer is produced, the body recovers faster, and life can be prolonged.


Exercise can increase the number of immune cells. The number of immune cells in the body can rise as the movement increases, so that the nanoparticles are destroyed at the beginning of the formation.

On the contrary, sedentary people are prone to cancer due to lack of sufficient immune cells.

Exercise itself also stimulates the secretion of certain hormones in the body, speeds up the proliferation of white blood cells, increases the ability of phagocytic cells, and produces a small number of cells in the body, which will soon be annihilated by numerous white blood cells.


Exercise makes a lot of sweat and sweat in the body can excrete some carcinogens in the body in time, greatly reducing the possibility of cancer.


Exercise accelerates blood circulation. When the blood circulation is accelerated, the proteins appearing in the body are washed away like small sand particles in the rapids, and cannot stand firm in an internal organ, grow and develop, and spread and spread.


Exercise can improve people’s emotional movements when the brain produces substances that can cause discomfort, can eliminate sorrow and trouble, and inhibit the erosion of bad emotions.

Exercise can exercise people’s will and enhance confidence and perseverance in overcoming cancer. It is vital to overcome many diseases.


Exercise can reduce the movement of human feces and reduce excess feces in the body. After exercise, sweating and excretion of lead, strontium, nickel and other carcinogens can be transferred to the body with sweat, thereby achieving anti-cancer effect.

How to properly massage the cervical vertebrae


How to properly massage the cervical vertebrae

Massage treatment of cervical spondylosis is acceptable to patients. It has the functions of Shujin Tongluo, Huoxue Sanyu, swelling and pain relief, smooth joints, and complex fractures. It has obvious effects on nerve root type, and it has vertebral artery type and sympathetic type.There is also a certain effect.

For cervical spondylotic myelopathy, massage therapy should be used with caution.


The patient is sitting, the doctor standing in the back and applying the sputum method to the wind house, shoulder Zhong Yu, shoulder outside Yu, Tian Zong points, can Shujin Tongluo, so that the neck and shoulder fracture muscles can relax.

It is used in the neck and shoulder, focusing on the trapezius muscle. After 3-5 minutes of casting, the doctor holds the head in one hand and applies the first hand to the bone of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae. At the same time, the passive movement of the cervical vertebrae is extended 3-5 times.

Then the neck and the affected side of the shoulder, combined with the cervical vertebrae flexion passive movement 3-5 times.

Finally, the doctor held the mandible in one hand, the neck and shoulders of one hand, and the passive movement of the cervical spine.

This method is the main method for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. Its function is Shujintongluo, promoting blood circulation and dispersing phlegm, reducing swelling and relieving pain, accelerating local blood circulation, promoting metabolism, helping to eliminate nerve root diseases and edema, and improving the nutritional supply of local tissues.Improve the hypoxic state of the lesion.


Sitting position, the doctor is standing behind the patient, applying the method to the wind pool, the wind house, the shoulder well to relieve the muscles of the complication, further relieve the complications of the muscles, can make blood through the network, make the neck and shoulders stiff and stiffThe muscles tend to soften.


Sitting position, the doctor stood on the side of the patient, one handed the tiger’s mouth to hold the patient’s occipital part, one hand held the lower jaw with the elbow, the palm of the hand embraced the head and pulled upwards, using the patient’s weight to fight, the intervertebral space was widened, the intervertebral foramenexpand.

Sitting, the doctor holds the top of the head with one hand, holds the patient’s lower jaw in one hand to hold the ball, and slowly shakes the cervical spinal canal. After the patient’s muscles relax, the cervical vertebrae stretched obliquely, and the sound of the sound is often heard.

The function of this method is smooth joint, correcting the wrong seam, correcting the method to open the intervertebral space, sudden movement can correct the joint joint disorder, increase the range of motion of the cervical vertebra, and at the same time change the relative position of the epiphysis and nerve root to reduceStimulate and oppress, thereby alleviating and eliminating clinical symptoms.