Taboos and spring food

Taboos and spring food

“People take food first”. If you eat properly, you will have a health doctor who can help you improve your physical fitness and resist various diseases from the outside world.

Similarly, dietary taboos have always been recognized by the people.

So what should be avoided in the spring diet?

  Tang Siyi, a medical doctor in the Tang Dynasty, said: “On the 72nd day of spring, the province increased its acidity to increase its sweetness.

“In the” Zunsheng Bajian “of Gao Ming of the Ming Dynasty, it was also recorded:” In the spring, the taste should be reduced by acid and sweetened to improve temper.

“It means: when the liver is busy in the spring, eat less acidic food, otherwise the liver and fire will be more prosperous and hurt the spleen and stomach.

At this time, you can eat more foods with a sweet taste.

Therefore, you can eat more in the spring season: 1.

Chinese yam: “warm and nourish, slightly fragrant but not dry”, it has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and strengthening weakness.


Spring bamboo shoots: In addition to certain proteins, they are rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins.

Fresh food is especially good.


Pea seedlings: seasonal vegetables. For patients with high blood pressure and diabetes, it is most convenient to press fresh juice.


Leek: warm in the air, warm the kidney and warm the sun.

It has better effect on waist and knees, impotence and nocturnal emission.

Leeks are warm and beneficial, with early spring chives and chives that are about to go out.


Toon leaf: it has the functions of eliminating wind, detoxifying, strengthening the stomach and regulating qi.

Spring season dishes, eat its young leaves, into the fragrant very fragrant, often used as cold tofu, scrambled eggs.

However, Toona sinensis leaves are “hair”, and those who have chronic illnesses should not eat.

  Others such as lentils, spinach, cauliflower, coriander, jujube, honey, beans, dairy products, poultry eggs, lean meat and fruits are suitable for spring.

  According to the theory of Chinese medicine, there are some items that should not be eaten in spring.

Such as Spring March, avoid eating mutton, dog meat, quail, buckwheat, fried peanuts, fried sunflower seeds, sea fish, shrimp and spicy things.

Six foods to help your baby grow fast

Six foods to help your baby grow fast

Many mothers ask, “Is there any food that can effectively make my body grow taller?”

“If there is such food, there will be no dwarf in the world.

However, a balanced intake of five nutrients, not picky eaters, and eating on time is the most effective way to grow.

  Foods that help grow Although there are no special effects for height, some foods do help.

There are many nutrients around us that are good for growth.

  ◎ Milk Calcium, a nutrient that makes bones in bones, is easily absorbed by children during adulthood.

Although drinking milk does not guarantee that you will grow taller, the lack of calcium in the body is definitely not high.

So there is no harm in drinking more milk.

  Drink 3 cups of milk a day to absorb the calcium necessary for growth.

  * I don’t like milk → yogurt, cheese ◎ eggs and eggs are the most high-protein foods you can buy.

Many children like to eat eggs, especially egg white is rich in protein, which is very conducive to the growth of children.

Some mothers worry that the cholesterol contained in egg yolk is not good for children, but children in adulthood do not need to worry about headache value. It is more appropriate to eat 1-2 eggs a day.

  * Do not like eggs → tofu, cheese ◎ Black soybean soybean is recognized as a high protein food, of which black soybean has a higher protein content and is a good food for growth.

Add it when making rice, or grind it into soy milk.

  * Don’t like black soy → Peanut can help grow food ◎ Sardines Sardines protein and calcium.

The calcium in sardines is easier to digest and absorb than the plant-based calcium contained in other seaweeds, which is very helpful for children’s growth.

In addition, anchovies, anchovies, courgettes, and other seafood with bones and meat are good food.

If the amount of silverfish eaten when eating is limited, you can grind it into silverfish meal and drink it with milk.

  * I don’t like sardines → saury, mackerel ◎ Spinach Spinach can contain iron and calcium.

Many children do not like to eat spinach, so do not put it in cold dishes, you can cut it into thin fried rice, or add it to laver wrapped rice.

  * I don’t like spinach → lettuce, green pepper ◎ Orange can supplement vitamin C and help calcium absorption.

But oranges are seasonal fruits in autumn and winter, so you can choose strawberries, pineapples, grapes, kiwi and other seasonal fruits according to different seasons.

This way you can take in vitamins very well.

  * Do not like orange → pineapple, grape, kiwi, strawberry ◎ carrot oxide vitamin A, can help protein synthesis.

Children generally do not like to eat whole carrots, so they can be put in different sizes.

For example, if you drink juice, if you don’t like carrot juice, you can squeeze the juice with the apple to neutralize the taste of carrots.

In addition, when making chicken, pork, and beef, you can cut the carrots into thin filaments and fry them together, so that they can be seasoned and have more nutrition.

  * Do not like carrots → pumpkins, green garlic, good growth, best high protein protein beans, protein, traces, vitamins, inorganic matter, cellulose are all necessary nutrients for growth, need balanced supplements.

Among them, protein is the most important nutrient element, so the recipe must be based on high-protein foods.

Moms can cook according to their children’s tastes, but it is best to include the following foods no matter what they do.

  ● During the growth process, five nutrients must be supplemented in a balanced manner. Be sure to eat more foods that consume protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins.

  ● Potential protein foods: This is the type of food that provides essential protein for growth.

The key to growth is the secretion of growth hormone. If growth hormone is not secreted, it will not grow long.

Protein is an important nutrient that promotes the secretion of growth hormone, and also completely creates muscle and blood for children.

  * Soy beans, soy milk, tofu, beef, pork, chicken and other meats, fish, shellfish, etc. ● Calcium-converting foods: If other nutrients are helpful for growth, then calcium is a nutrient that directly affects growth.

Most of the nutrients are distributed in various foods, so you can get as long as you eat, but the range of foods that replace calcium is relatively narrow.

If you do not eat these foods, you may cause calcium deficiency and affect normal growth.

  * Milk, kelp, seaweed, seaweed, lettuce, anchovies, silver fish, etc. ● Foods that can supplement vitamins: Vitamins can help to absorb protein, calcium and other nutrients, and also regulate various functions of the body.In particular, vitamin D can promote calcium absorption and help bones grow.
  * Spinach, carrot, pumpkin, laver, seaweed, mushroom, toadstool, orange, strawberry and so on
  * Perilla cotyledon, eggs, beef liver, cheese, kelp, orange, etc. High protein recipes recommended by experts g 44g of 100g of dried stonehead fish can be called protein mass.
The rest of the food is arranged in order of protein content, and the protein content of the final beans is as high as 10%.
  Dried sashimi> Black soybeans> Peanuts> Blue and white fish> Sardines> Chicken> Squid> Needle fish> Saury> Beef> Pork> Banded fish> Yellow croaker> Shrimp> Artificial cheese> Anchovies> Ming Tai fish> Walnuts> Eggs> Oysters> 黄酱> 菜豆  嫩豆腐酱汤:在熬贝类的鲜汤中放嫩豆腐、大葱、洋葱,鸡蛋调制的嫩豆腐酱汤富含蛋白质和维生素。If you feed your child, you can put less pepper.
  Method: ① Wash the shellfish, soak it in salt water, and then boil it with boiling water. Keep the water for soup.
  ② Cook the minced garlic and pour the soup from the previous step.
  ③ Put the shellfish in the water and season with a little salt.
  ④ Add an appropriate amount of tender tofu.
  ⑤ Beat eggs before turning off.
  Vegetable Chicken Porridge: This is a staple food that combines protein-rich chicken and vitamin- and inorganic-rich vegetables.
For children who have no appetite, porridge is a very good food.
  Method: ① Wash the rice and soak it in water.
  ② Pack the chicken and boil it with water.
The soup is reserved for porridge.
The meat was torn into small pieces.
  ③ Cut onions, carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables into small cubes.
  ④ Put the cooked rice and cut vegetables into the soup, heat them, and stir them from time to time.
  ⑤ Add the torn chicken, heat over low heat, and season with salt.
  Vegetable egg custard: Vegetable egg custard is made from egg-rich eggs, vitamin-rich carrots and onions, and is a good food to help children grow up.
If anchovie soup is used instead of water to supplement calcium, the nutritional value is even higher.
The method is very simple, and many children like to eat.
  Method: ① half a bowl of cold water in a small rice bowl, beat in an egg, add salt to break.
  ② Cut the carrots, onions, and shallots into fine pieces and put them.
  ③ Steam in a steamer for 15 minutes.
   Nutritional pork chops for babies over 2 years old Scientific research shows that May is the easiest time for children to grow up.
Mommy had better seize this opportunity to make a delicious and delicious long high food for the baby.
  适合年龄:2岁以上宝宝长高  原料:猪排1250克,鸡蛋清2个,酱油25克,白糖、料酒、水淀粉各10克,葱末、芥末粉、精盐各5克,味精、咖喱粉适量, 2000 grams of vegetable oil (75 grams actually consumed).
  Method: Wash the pork chops first, chop them into 4 cm long and 3 cm wide small pieces; put them in a pot and cook until they reach 8 ripeness, let them cool and drain, add egg whites, 2 grams of refined salt, 5 grams of cooking wine and waterStarch, mix well and sizing; then put the curry powder, mustard powder, sugar, soy sauce, 3 grams of refined salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. in a bowl together and stir to make a marinade; put vegetable oil in a wok and burn to 60%When it is hot, pour the pork chops into the colander when it is golden brown, and drain the extra oil; put the green onion in the wok and stir-fry it. Put the fried pork chop and seasoning sauce into the pan and stir fry., Wait for the marinade to wrap the ribs and you’re out of the pot.
  Nutritional secrets: Pork ribs are rich in high-quality protein and zinc, calcium and other elements. These are all nutrients necessary for children to build bone tissue. They have the functions of long skin and strong bones.
  Foods that are harmful to growth (animal fats) cause obesity and hinder growth.
  When preparing food for your child, you should choose foods that help your growth, and try to avoid foods that are harmful to your growth.
  Carbonated beverages affect the absorption of calcium necessary for growth, causing the intake of calcium to be excreted with urine.
Easy to cause osteoporosis and tooth decay.
  Glycogen intake of too much sugar can make the body acidic. To neutralize the acidic substances in the body, more vitamins are consumed, which may cause malnutrition.

Five simple and fun office fitness exercises

Five simple and fun office fitness exercises

Many office workers are busy with work and housework, often suffering from being unable to extend their time to participate in regular exercise.

The US “Fox News Network” recently launched an effective and interesting “5 methods of office fitness” that can help office workers to exercise at any time, anywhere in the workplace, home or on the road.

  1. Hanging chair squatting.

  This simple office fitness is one of the most effective physical exercises.

Specific actions: stand as straight as possible, relax your shoulders.

The toe uplift touches the upper to keep the foot stable.

Keep the backrest upright, squat down to hang, and keep 2 with the seat.

With a distance of 5 cm, hold the horse for 10 seconds each time and repeat the action.

Note that the vertical position of the knees should be behind the toes, and the upper body should be straightened by the hip muscles.

  2. Place a desktop crouch for fitness.

  Train your upper body and core muscles.

Specific actions: Use the core muscles of the thorax and abdomen to keep the body as straight as possible; press your hands on the table and bend your elbows at 90 degrees to maintain the push-up posture; then bend your knees and squat 10 times, then do 5 push-ups.

The action is repeated 3-4 times.

  3. “Business Flight”.

  Effectively train your desk’s leg and waist muscles.

Specific actions: stand straight, pull your head and shoulders back to maintain the “perfect posture”; single leg forward, lean down and lift the other leg back, the leg is in line with the body and parallel to the ground

Hold the “flying” position for 3 seconds, then return to the posture position, repeat the movement several times, and after 1 minute of exercise, change the other leg.

  4, V-shaped exercise.

  Work shifts throughout the day and keep up with your body.

V-shape exercises can stretch and activate muscle groups associated with maintaining a good posture.

Specific actions: Keep upright sitting and exhale. You should stretch your spine to make your body taller and hold it for a few seconds. After that, your body leans forward slightly, spreads out the full length, and is V-shaped, as if holding a hut above your head.

  5. Self-gravity exercise.

  Earth’s gravity is everywhere and can be used for fitness.

Stretching due to its own weight can be used for muscle training anytime, anywhere.

For example, push-ups, stretching the door frame as a horizontal bar, and walking around in the workplace are all good exercises.

Soft skin cares about weekdays


Soft skin cares about weekdays

Beauty-conscious fashion women are looking for a tall, fleshy figure with smooth, egg-like skin.

But your skin is affected by your parents. You ca n’t decide whether you are tall or tall, but the skin can be repaired and maintained. Through your care, huh, maybe the soft, delicate and healthy skin makes you look more watery and clear.
  1. An appropriate amount of human body tissue fluid can reach a concentration of 72%, and the residual amount in an adult’s body is 58% -67%.

When the body’s moisture is reduced, dry skin and sebaceous gland secretion decrease, which causes the skin to lose elasticity and even wrinkles.

In order to ensure the intake of water, girls should drink about 1200 ml per day.

  2. Foods that eat vitamins Vitamins play an important role in preventing skin aging and keeping the skin delicate and moist.

Japanese scholars have found that vitamin E has an important effect on skin anti-aging.

Because vitamin E can destroy the chemical activity of free radicals, thereby inhibiting aging.

Vitamin E also prevents lipofuscin from accumulating on the skin.

Scientists have discovered that lipofuscin production is related to lipid peroxides.

Foods rich in vitamin E include cabbage, sunflower oil, and rapeseed oil.

Vitamin A and B2 are also substances that can’t be added for smooth and fine skin.

When the human body lacks vitamin A, the skin will become dry and rough and scaly; if vitamin B2 is lacking, the corners of the mouth will become milky, the lips and skin will crack, scaling and pigmentation will occur.

Vitamin A foods include animal liver, cod liver oil, milk, cream, poultry eggs, and orange-red vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin B2 foods include liver, kidney, heart, egg, milk and so on.

  3, eat more foods containing iron, the skin is shiny and ruddy, and need sufficient blood.

Iron is one of the main components of heme in the blood, so you should eat more iron foods.

Such as animal liver, egg yolk, kelp, laver and so on.

  4, increase the amount of plasma collagen and elastin food intake collagen can make the cells plump, so that the skin is full, and wrinkles are reduced; elastin can enhance human skin elasticity, so that the skin is smooth and elastic.

Foods with high levels of collagen and elastin include trotters, animal tendons and pigskin.

  5. Pay attention to the intake of alkaline foods. The physiological acidity of the fish, meat, poultry, eggs, grains and other foods eaten daily.

Weight acidic food concentration body fluids and blood lactic acid, uric acid content increased.

When the organic acid cannot be excreted in time, it will erode the sensitive epidermal cells and make the skin delicate and elastic.

In order to neutralize the acidic components of the body, you should eat some physiologically alkaline foods, such as apples, pears, oranges and vegetables.

  In addition to the above tricks, the skin should also avoid external irritation.

The scorching sun in summer and the cold wind in winter will make the skin rougher. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate protective measures according to the changes of the season.

Do not wash your skin excessively.

Repeated rubbing can cause the damaged skin cells to have time to regenerate.

Pay attention to protect the skin, avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances, choose appropriate cosmetics and cleaning products according to your skin, and perform appropriate massage.

 A woman like water, like you, should not take care of her skin.

Chinese medicine teaches you how to choose Chinese medicine for diarrhea?

Chinese medicine teaches you how to choose Chinese medicine for diarrhea?

Guide: The motherland medicine combines the following types of diarrhea, and only the right medicine can achieve satisfactory results.

Here’s how to replace the anti-diarrheal proprietary Chinese medicine?

One, five more diarrhea.

The symptoms of this disease are that every morning before getting up in the morning, the pain around the navel, abdominal distension and bowel, and light after diarrhea.

The patient can be treated with Sishen Pills and the like.

Second, long diarrhea.

This disease means that diarrhea has not healed for a long time.

The patient has facial yellow muscle thin, fatigue, weakness, indigestion, stool and other symptoms.

Patients should take Guchang Zhixie Pills, Shenqi Baizhu Pills.

If there is prolapse, you can use Buzhong Yiqi Pill.

Third, injury and diarrhea.

This disease is caused by eating a diet that is not easy to digest.

The symptoms are abdominal fullness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, accompanied by pantothenic acid, suffocation and so on.

This disease can be treated with Jiawei Baohe Pills and Zhongli Spleen Pills.

Fourth, cold diarrhea.

This disease is caused by eating cold food.

The patient has abdominal pain and bowel sounds. If the affected area is pressed or hot, the pain will be relieved, but the stool is still thin.

Patients can take Fuzi Lizhong Pill, Shen Gui Li Zhong Pill or warm umbilical cream for treatment.

Five, hot diarrhea.

This disease is caused by eating pungent food and causing dysfunction of the large intestine.

The symptoms are abdominal pain, bowel, pain, and a burst of fever, accompanied by fever, thirst and so on.

Treatment can be served with Shuanghuang Xiaoyan tablets, flavored Xianglian pills and so on.

Six, spleen diarrhea.

This disease is often caused by weak spleen and stomach and diminished digestive function.

The patient showed pale complexion, weak body, no taste, no bloating after eating, diarrhea at the time of sputum, accompanied by bowel, fart and so on.

Patients can take Shenqi Baizhu Pills, Ginseng Jianpi Pills or Appetizing Jianpi Pills.

Obviously, the most common internal infectious disease in summer and autumn is ulcer disease.

The symptoms are abdominal pain, diarrhea, heavy and heavy, and mucus or pus in the stool.

Acute dysentery can be treated with Xianglian pills, Jiawei Xianglian pills and Shuanghuang Xiaoyan tablets; chronic dysentery can be combined with Jiawei Xianglian pills and Shenqi Baizhu pills, and can also be treated with berberine tablets.

For toxic dysentery, due to acute morbidity and serious illness, patients should be immediately sent to the hospital for rescue.

If chronic diarrhea is caused by intestinal tuberculosis, amoebic dysentery, ulcerative colitis and malignant tumors, it should be treated in the hospital in time.

Ten foods that give you perfect sex


Ten foods that give you perfect sex

Do you know that food also has an aphrodisiac effect!

Some foods are rich in hormones that enhance libido, which helps to improve the quality of sexual life. In addition, ingesting these tempting foods with the other half is also a very provocative foreplay!

銆€銆€Here we introduce 11 kinds of foods that will enhance your appetite and will increase your sexual desire.

銆€銆€First, oysters This is a classic helper food.

Oysters contain high levels of zinc, which promote the production of semen and plasma ketones.

Oysters also contain dopamine, a hormone that can enhance libido.

Try to separate it into your foreplay – you feed her and let her feed you.

This slippery taste and possible peeling process should give you two different moods.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: wash its shell thoroughly and remove all the soil and bacteria.

Then pry them open and put them on the ice bed. If you like, you can also squeeze some fresh lemons on top and then give it to the skin.

銆€銆€Second, celery However, when you think of sex, you may not be the first to think of celery, and even do not think that it may be a magical food for irritating.

This is because it contains a lot of androsterone, and then odorless hormones are emitted, which are manifested by sweating men and women.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: celery, it is best to eat raw.

Wash your hands and cut open the skin, then chew it.

銆€銆€Third, banana bananas contain bromelain enzymes, which are believed to enhance male sexual desire.

In addition, it also contains potassium and vitamin B, which increases the overall energy of the body.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: First, put them on a plate, peel it apart in a variety of different ways, then let your partner start eating it slowly, then you will gorge it all at onceEat it, and start eating your next enjoyment time.

銆€銆€Fourth, the pear Aztec called the pear tree ahuacatl or “rhino tree”.

And pears can indeed be expected as part of the body. They contain high concentrations of folic acid, which can help protein metabolism and give you more energy.

They also contain vitamin B6, a nutrient that increases male hormones, and potassium, which helps regulate the thyroid gland of women. These two basic components allow both men and women to achieve sexual desire.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: Cut it in half, use your fingers to pick it up, and then lick it with your partner to enjoy the delicious.

銆€銆€Five, almonds (or nuts) Almonds are a major source of fatty acids, which are very important because they provide the hormones needed by the male body to ensure their health.

In addition, the smell of almonds evokes the passion of women’s instincts.

Try to light some candles with almond scent, fiddle with her emotions, and then you can eat some almonds (but not too much) and provide yourself with the energy of a later sexual life.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: eat them unprocessed (without adding salt or sugar).

Or, crush some fresh almonds and sprinkle some salad on top to give you the energy you need. Six, mango, peach and strawberry have something to make your teeth sticky, like a sweet candy.More interesting?

Maybe you should do this and use it as a prelude (or period) for your sex.

The above three kinds of fruits, whether their shape, texture or fleshy, have some suggestive characteristics of sexual characteristics, and are also quite entertaining in your sexual prelude.

You can try to apply the juice of these fruits to your body, then feed each other’s juices on your body and create a good atmosphere in advance for what you need to do next.

This creates a great (and delicious) way to discover each other’s body.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: Let your woman eat the peeled mango, cut in half the peach, or eat the strawberry, then let her give you KJ.

銆€銆€Seven, fig figs are rich in amino acids that are thought to increase libido.

They can also improve sexual stamina.

In addition, the shape and sweetness of a fresh fig, the juicy taste is highly enjoyable in two aspects of human feeling.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: Feed her some fresh figs and let the fig juice flow through your body at the beginning of the two of you.

銆€銆€Eight, although eggs are not the most food to enhance your sexual desire, but the eggs are rich in vitamin B6 and vitamin B5.

Both of these vitamins are very beneficial for balancing hormone levels and hormonal strength, and these two are very important factors that a healthy sexual desire must have.

Eggs also symbolize new life and youth.Some people will eat an egg before the start of their sexual life, which will increase their sexual desire and enhance their energy.

But in fact, all birds and fish eggs contain vitamin B6 and vitamin B5, not just eggs.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: cook an egg before your sex life, and it is best to mix some caviar and open the bottle of champagne (just a little).

銆€銆€Nine, a good source of liver glutamine – the porous fuel of your immune system – the liver does enhance your sexual desire that has slowly declined.

And of course, this is not the best food, but if you add it to your basic diet, your body, and your partner, you will be thankful for doing so.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: dialysis the liver in a pan and put some onions, spices and olive oil to make your taste more suitable.

銆€銆€Ten, garlic is, maybe you need to stock some extra mint to improve the tone, but it is very worthwhile.

Garlic contains allicin, an active ingredient that increases the blood flow to your genitals.

Therefore, it is a very effective medicine to help you increase your libido.

If only its smell makes you and your partner unacceptable, then you can use garlic capsules as a substitute.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: Then, if you can’t accept the smell of garlic while you are having sex, use garlic capsules, it will also lead to your sexual life eleven, chocolate in addition to the facts, chocolateThe most reliable method for women’s vagina, chocolate contains theobromine – a very caffeine-like alkaloid.

Completely contains phenethylamine, a chemical that gives you the feeling of being “in love.”

So, when your woman is talking about chocolate and making her feel good about herself, there are actually some scientific grounds behind it.

In addition, dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants, which are very useful for your body because they help maintain the balance of the immune system.

銆€銆€How to enjoy this libido food: from chocolate bars to chocolate fondue, as long as it is chocolate, you and your partner will think that this is a eating enjoyment.

Eat carrots, slimming, and amazing efficiency, 10 pounds per month.


Eat carrots, slimming, and amazing efficiency, 10 pounds per month.

Carrots are something that everyone is more common.

If you want to lose weight, it is easy to eat carrots.

Today, the editor will teach you how to eat a few carrots, as long as you do 10 months of thinning is not a problem.

銆€銆€Carrot slimming highlights 鈼?contains carrots and vitamins B1, B2, C, D, E, K and folic acid, calcium and dietary fiber and other nutrients, so that the body absorbs nutrients more comprehensive.

銆€銆€鈼?Contains human plant metabolism, achieving the purpose of natural weight loss.

銆€銆€鈼?It not only inhibits the body’s desire to eat sweets and greasy food, but also prevents colds and consolidates vision.

銆€銆€Carrot slimming drinks recommend carrots to eat a lot of methods, and each method is particularly convenient to operate, absolutely in line with MM requirements.

銆€銆€Boiled carrot material: 1, 2 carrots.

銆€銆€Practice: 1.

Wash the carrots and slice them.


Pour two bowls of water into the pan, then add the carrot slices and cook over medium heat until the carrot slices are soft.

銆€銆€Slimming: Every morning, the carrots are drunk together with the soup, and the lunch and dinner are eaten as usual.

If you want to continue to lose weight, take it every other week, you will be able to achieve the MM’s expected goal.

銆€銆€Freshly squeezed carrot juice material: 2 carrots.

銆€銆€Practice: 1.

Wash the carrots and cut them into round pieces.


Put the chopped carrots into the juicer until you squeeze out the sticky carrot puree.

銆€銆€Slimming to eat: drink carrot juice 1 per day?
2 times, drink before meals, do not have to control the diet, determine the appropriate amount according to their physical and physical conditions, as long as perseverance persists for one month, you can easily lose 10 pounds.

銆€銆€Carrot tomato drink material: 50 grams of carrots, 1 tomato, half a cup of yogurt, 1 tsp of lemon juice.

銆€銆€Practice: 1.

Wash the carrots and cut them into pieces. The tomatoes are stalked, washed and cut into combs.


Put the carrots and tomatoes in the juicer, pour the juice into the glass after high-speed pulverization, add yogurt, and taste the lemon juice.

銆€銆€Slimming: Every morning with breakfast, it is delicious, and the weight is also super strong.