Are you infatuated?

One test will tell!

Are you infatuated?
One test will tell!

You go out to eat with your friends. The service lady just poured tea for you. You accidentally spilled the water and filled the table. When you see this wet condition, according to your habits, you will use it.Which of the following papers wiped the table clean?

  A roll of paper B, a wet tissue C, a facial tissue D, and a piece of paper. Analysis of the results: The person who chooses A: 45% of the infatuation index. You will occasionally make certain actions that look very infatuated, but this is just to please your lover.

Do you think that you should fall in love anyway, you should do these things, but in fact, your heart takes a disagreeable attitude.

Although it is not bad to play infatuated, it can be very guilty, and your lover will feel that your behavior is a bit unnatural.

Of course, you ca n’t be a love lover!

But you ca n’t really be free and easy to see through the situation, you can only stubbornly say that you do n’t care, and then come home and then secretly cry about the quilt, really awkward!

  The person who chooses B: 85% infatuation index Facing love, you belong to the type of people who will not react most.

For every male (female) friend you have met, from the beginning, you feel that everyone will of course be together in a wild place.

Therefore, when things go against your wishes, you will often become desperate, as if the end of the world is coming, and you are secretly determined that you can no longer love other people so madly, and you may cry, cry, or hang yourself.

People who don’t understand you will feel that you are overly exaggerated, but in fact this is just a subconscious response, and you will regard yourself as the most sad male and female protagonist in the world.

  People who choose C: 65% of the infatuation index is controversial, but you think that you are definitely the most honorable representative of the kind of “male virginity and female infatuation”, which can be moved by all kinds of infatuation.You will follow the instructions and even make it worse.

Sending roses wildly to a lover is a small case. What’s the point of fishing for the moon while going down the mountain?

As a staunch believer in love novels, do you think love is to love crazy?

But the interesting thing is that you have another characteristic, which is the reason why you ca n’t get an infatuation arch. When you break up with your lover, you will soon fall out of the infatuation and quickly forget it.Everything, and quickly fall in love with others.

This time, you will fall in love and let others fall through your glasses.

But this kind of reaction must not be blamed on you, because the righteous you, every time you love, are crazy in love, the so-called carefree and infatuated guy is you!

  The person who chooses D: 25% infatuation index For super realistic you, love is only part of your life.

Of course, breaking up will also make you sad, but if you take the realistic route, you will soon breathe in air, eat food, dance and dance, and continue to live happily.

Precisely because you are the kind of person who is not crazy about love, so raining at the door and waiting for the other party to turn around, or threatening to talk about the plot in Qiong Yao ‘s novels, for you, you have nothing to do.The things that idle people will do, and you love bread more than anything else, are disdainful.

Hype yourself as a career star

“Hype” yourself as a career star

Sha worked diligently in the company, and complained. Everyone said that she was serious and responsible.
In the past three years, her department has changed to three directors. Each director thinks she is very capable, but her position is always in situ, but some people who are new and not as qualified as her.She was quickly promoted, and the position surpassed her.
One can imagine the imbalance and resentment in Sasa’s heart.
  Yinger and Xiao Qian work at a company almost at the same time.
The two have similar educational backgrounds and similar experiences. Colleagues also think that their abilities are not inferior.
But after working for two years, Yinger was poached by another company with a high salary, and Xiao Qian was still in the original company and stayed in the original position. Yinger’s good luck made her both envious and jealous.
  Such things happen every day. Opportunities always pass by you and come to others.
In the face of this situation, some people put the responsibility on the boss, thinking that the boss’s vision is too clumsy, and he will not know others.
In fact, you should look for reasons in yourself.
In the modern workplace, to achieve the ideal of promotion, just silently working is no longer the most effective method. Proper use of some hype techniques and the release of your talents as much as possible will be a success.
  A. Let more people know that you Cindy once did a sales job, which made her know the importance of meeting strangers.
For years, she insisted on calling three strangers every day.
She tried every means to attend various parties, and on such occasions, she took the initiative to talk to strangers and exchange business cards instead of just being with people she knew.
She has become more and more social, so she has met many important people, and her talents are also known to them.
Later, after successive recommendations from friends, Cindy continued to change jobs. The more the company changed, the higher the position changed. Her future in the workplace was optimistic for many people.
  Making friends is a magic weapon for career advancement. Don’t underestimate strangers around you, maybe he will be your God someday!
Don’t always be with those friends you know and talk with, and go out of your original circle, the more friends the better.
Friends are your human resources. How big a circle of friends you have, you have a wide range of popularity, and popularity is always important to you.
  B. Implying that you are a busy person. “I’m working on a big project, so busy that I can’t close my eyes for several days!
“You call a friend in the distance with a helpless and complaining tone.
The other party may be thinking at this time, okay, he’s already picking a big deal in the company now.
“I have another entertainment this evening. I really don’t want to go, but the boss asked me to go with him. Are you bothering?
“Your old classmates invited you to their party tonight. You have to quit, and your tone is full of helplessness and regret.
And the friends on the other end of the phone may be jealous of you, look, this guy is very respected by the boss!
  Sometimes a person’s value is reflected in how busy he is at work.
Career advisers tell us that if there is no special situation for a period of time and the boss or supervisor has not arranged any work for you, then you should go and read the recruitment notice in the newspaper.
Saying that you are very busy and tired, in fact, also has meaning beyond words, who can do more work, it shows that you are highly valued in the company.
  This is a busy time. “Busy people” are often synonymous with “powerful people”. When your friends know that you are busy, naturally everyone will say that you are a capable person. In the future, maybeThere are some opportunities waiting for you!
  C. Talk and conduct will always be self-confident. Pay attention to your talk, such as the rhythm and tone of your speech. Speed up the rhythm of your speech. You will look mature, authoritative and professional.
In addition, don’t raise the tone of the end of the sentence, this will make your self-confidence discount. For example, your boss asks you how this report was derived. After you explain it, do n’t say “OK?”
And say it in a consistent tone: “OK!
“Indicates that your explanation is complete and you are sure that your analysis is persuasive.
  D. Demonstrating a mature style: Many people encounter unforeseen events and can’t help but make faces or yell, “Well, it’s bad!
“It makes people feel like you’re immature and you don’t have the ability to respond to emergencies.
Therefore, don’t be panic-stricken at any time. Only when Taishan collapses without changing its color will it show your general style.
  In addition, it is also worth noting that at any time, do not respond with nasal sounds. The words “oh”, “um” and “唔” are easy to give a perfunctory feeling, especially when facing bosses and customers.This word should not be used.

Medicinal diet cooking methods and characteristics

Medicinal diet cooking methods and characteristics

Medicinal food cooking method: stew: There are water-resistant stew and water-resistant stew.

Water-proof stew is to seal the soup and ingredients, put the container into the pot, and simmer for 3 hours on Wuhuo; without water-simmering, boil directly on Wuhuo, skim off the floating foam, and then simmer on low heat until crispy.

Boil: first add base oil in the pot and heat, add the main ingredients and stir fry, then add soup and condiments, and then simmer with mild fire.

Stew: A soup dish prepared by mixing various ingredients with soup and seasoning.

汆: Boil the soup and water with Wuhuo, drop the medicinal materials and food ingredients, and mix with seasoning.

: Put oil in the pot first, add food and medicine at the same time, stir-fry into semi-finished products, add ginger, shallots, pepper, soup and condiments, cover the pot, and simmer with simmering flames.

Burning: Add the ingredients to a pan with a small amount of oil, stir-fry, season and stir. When the color turns dark, add the condiments and soup (or water). After the simmered flames are burned, add Wuming to the soup and add the oil.

Steaming: It is the method of mixing the food and medicine with the seasoning, putting it into a bowl, and heating and cooking with water vapor.

Boil: Put the ingredients in the pot, add an appropriate amount of soup or water, boil with the Wuhuo first, and cook it with the modified fire.

Halogen: First adjust the white or red halogen, then process the raw materials, put it into the marinade, and simmer with gentle heat, so that the marinade is permeated until crispy.

Deep-fried: Burn the oil to a maturity of seven or eight with wuhu, and then bring the ingredients to the pan. Pay attention to turning to prevent overheating and scorching, usually fry to orange.

  Drug supplement is a special food that is completed by combining medicine and food. It has the functions of nourishing and strengthening the body, nourishing human organs, and achieving healthy and longevity.

Therefore, its cooking also has its own characteristics and flavor.

In addition to the color and taste of dietary cooking, special attention should be paid to maintaining and exerting the effective nutritional ingredients of the dietary diet and the unique effects of curing the disease and strengthening the body.Effect “.

Although Beijing, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Shandong, and Zhejiang have their own characteristics, they all focus on some taste and taste.

For example, Chuanlai seasonings are characterized by sesame, spicy, sour, salty, and the processing methods are often roasted and fried; the taste of Beijing cuisine is more important than the freshness, and the processing methods are fried, wonton, popped, roasted, etc., all of which focus on people inRequirements for taste and taste.

From the medicated diet, food and medicine are regarded as Chinese medicine, which has a certain sexual taste, which can also cause clinical treatment.

If its potential sexual taste is destroyed during cooking, the deteriorating curative effect of medicinal food will be avoided or even lost. Therefore, medicated cooking is made by ordinary diet.

Six tips for maintaining close relationships


Six tips for maintaining close relationships

Tip # 1: Don’t try to keep your passionate and passionate for love to develop naturally.

Passion and love will disappear over time, so you focus on keeping your life normal, pay attention to making money and raising children.

A successful relationship does not necessarily provoke passion and love, but the ease and joy of living together.

  Tip # 2: Don’t quarrel for fairness. If you want to quarrel fairly, the two must be prepared for the quarrel. You must know that only one party will win; when you ask yourself, is it really worth our quarrel?

If the results are considered, 90% of the quarrel should be avoided.

If quarrels are preventive, time should be shortened, and be fair, remember that you are arguing only about what is being quarreled, and do not involve other aspects.

  Tip three: Don’t talk about everything. Talking things may not be useful.

For example: If you have different opinions about abortion, how you talk will not solve the problem.

If you talk, it will only deepen the differences and increase tension between the two of you, so it’s best to set things aside.

  Tip # 4: Do n’t tell the truth. Truth requires absolute honesty. Absolute honesty requires great wit. It ‘s easier said than done.

Your partner does not need to know exactly how you feel and what you think.

When you have to say what you feel, be careful about what you say.

  Tip five: Don’t spend money arbitrarily. People who can control money can have power in the relationship. Power does not depend on how much money is made, but how it has to be spent.

You can open two different bank savings accounts, and the expenses are evenly recovered from the two accounts. You have absolute control over your account, and your partner also has absolute control over his account.

On the basis of mutual agreement, the cost of living is borne equally by the two of you; the power of both of you is equal, and the contradictions naturally decrease.

  Tip # 6: Don’t ignore the life section. If you have to worry about the small things you pay attention to, such as “do not cover the toothpaste cover”, etc., after changes, they may damage your relationship.

Therefore, you should pay special attention to the daily life section.

Of course, you need to pay attention to small things that have a positive effect, such as: you kiss him unexpectedly, or say a few words of praise.

Because a successful relationship is based on daily care and love.

Autumn 膘 posted on the health, mislabeled!


Learn these 3 tricks, adjust the spleen and stomach body

“Autumn 鑶? posted on the health, mislabeled!
Learn these 3 tricks, adjust the spleen and stomach body

In a blink of an eye, it is October, and the autumn flavors are getting stronger and stronger.

In the golden autumn season, together with the autumn wind, some people feel refreshed, and even their appetite is bigger than before.

As soon as autumn arrived, the issue of “Autumn Autumn” was put on the agenda by mother-in-law.

They have shown their talents and made changes to the family to make up for it.

There is a folk saying in the folk: Li Qiu, the autumn, and the winter to spring.

When the cash is in the autumn, after we posted it, can we really get sick in autumn and winter?

Does the saying of Qiu Qiu come from?

In the past, the short supply of materials was lacking, people’s economic conditions were difficult, and they often lacked food and clothing.

In the summer, people don’t have air conditioners to help themselves cool down, and there is no refrigerator to help keep food fresh, so most people’s appetite will drop.

After suffering a “bitter summer”, people’s bodies often become thin and vain.

In order to compensate for the summer’s expectations, people need to replenish energy and store a small amount in order to keep warm in the winter and have a tradition of sticking to autumn.

From this point of view, it was indeed necessary to post Qiu Qiu at that time.

Moreover, although the living conditions are much better now than before, but the “smashing” that has experienced the heat of the summer, it is not wrong to make up for it in the fall!

However, after experiencing the changes of the times, people gradually misunderstood the autumn.

Sticking autumn 鑶樷墵 pure meat to make up, carefully posted a disease at first, posted autumn 鑶?refers to the occasion of the autumn or after the autumn, occasionally eat well.

Nowadays, in the eyes of many people, the autumn 鑶?鍙樻垚 has become a simple 鈥渟elling with meat, Hu eats the sea for a whole season鈥?

Modern people have good living conditions and nutrition can keep up. Some people even ate “three highs” – high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat.

To be honest, if you blindly “meat”, you won’t get the cold-resistant energy, not too many aunts, causing too much, further increasing the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

In addition, as soon as the autumn enters a large amount of meat, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, increase the burden on the stomach, leading to digestive disorders, anorexia, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Note: Patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes are not allowed to hang around with Qiu, and need to be supplemented under the guidance of a physician.

Therefore, it is actually a technical job to post Qiuqiu. If you want to “stick it well” and achieve the goal of strengthening your body, it is really not as simple as “big make-up”.

You have to ask how to “post” is appropriate, Xiaobian has 3 suggestions.

Key points: You must be so attached to Qiu Jin.


Adjust the spleen and stomach, and lay down the foundation of “Autumn Autumn”. After a hot summer torture, many people’s spleen and stomach are relatively weak. If you want to make up for it in the fall, you need to raise your spleen and stomach.

It is recommended that you usually eat more foods that can spleen and digest food, such as glutinous rice, lotus seeds, lentils, winter melon, rice porridge, yam lotus seed paste, glutinous rice flour and so on.


Further enrich the variety of foods in the fall, and want to achieve the goal of strengthening the body through tonic, not only pure meat supplement, but also rich in food types, pay attention to the combination of vegetarians.

Every meal should be tried with meat (fish), vegetables, whole grains to ensure adequate quality protein, starch, vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, minerals and fiber supplements.

Meat should be “white and red”, eat more fish, poultry and other white meat, eat less pork, beef, lamb and other red meat; secondly, vegetables and fruits are white, such as lotus root, lotus seeds, yam radish, lily, almond, etc.; eatAppropriate amount of eggs, dairy products, soy products, etc., can increase the intake of high quality protein.

Eat the right amount of pumpkin, sweet potato, oats, etc., can be supplemented to supply energy to the brain.


Appropriate exercise and fall can increase the amount of exercise, jogging, and climbing are good choices.
These exercises help improve blood circulation, improve heart and lung function and the body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes.
Note: But still avoid the morning and evening temperatures and the midday sun is fierce.

Don’t lose weight by losing weight

Don’t lose weight by losing weight

Some obese patients not only over-diet, but also dare not drink too much water.
In fact, the lack of drinking water is precisely a taboo for weight loss.
銆€銆€An expert who specializes in obesity in the United States points out that if you don’t drink enough water, many people will become obese, lose muscle elasticity, reduce organ function, increase toxins in the body, joint and muscle pain, and evenLead to diseases such as “urinary retention”.
銆€銆€It turns out that the lack of drinking water for obese people will result in the inability to metabolize excess body fat in time.
On the contrary, in the state of water shortage, the body spontaneously retains water, that is, by accumulating a part of the water as a compensation, which in turn increases the body weight.
This condition can also disrupt the metabolism of the entire body, leading to serious consequences.
銆€銆€Therefore, dieters should not 鈥渞educe water鈥? but on the contrary, while controlling food calories, drinking plenty of water can make metabolism work more normal and weight more easily controlled.
Drinking water will temporarily increase your weight, but it will soon be excreted and will not stay in your body for a long time.
Of course, there are exceptions for people with heart, liver, and kidney failure.
It turns out that many obese people drink plenty of water after restoring their diet, restore their standard weight, and their health has improved.

Cold dew has arrived, these health tips Zhuzhou people should know!


Cold dew has arrived, these health tips Zhuzhou people should know!

The dew will be cold and the condensate will also come from the “September Festival, the air is cold and will condense.”

At 16:15 on October 8th, we will welcome the cold dew. This is the first solar festival with the word “cold” in the twenty-four solar terms. The weather will change from cool to cold, and the autumn will be thicker.

Twenty-four solar terms have a total of seventy-two, all of which are based on a phenological phenomenon. There are also three cold chills. At the beginning, the swan geese are coming, and the second waiting for the shui shui into the water, the three waiting chrysanthemums are Huang Hua, meaning that this timeThe swan geese moved southward, and it was difficult to fly the birds, but there were many daisy flowers on the beach.

After the cold dew, the dew is too much, the cold is even worse, so there is a saying, “cold dew cold dew, cold dew everywhere”, the weather changes from cool to cold, often warm and cool, early autumn fog gradually rises, the sun clears the sky,At this time, the north and autumn scenes, the white clouds and red leaves, occasionally see the early frost, the southern part of the autumn is gradually thicker, the breezy, the heart is refreshing.

What are the customs of the cold season?

What kind of health tips are there?

We together look!

In the south, during the cold dew season, the farewell season is good, and the sun and the hustle and bustle are the good seasons for traveling, enjoying flowers and fishing.

As the temperature drops rapidly, the sun in the deep water can no longer penetrate, and the fish swim to the shallow water area with high water temperature, so there is a saying of autumn fishing.

Drink chrysanthemum wine cold dew, the chrysanthemum blooms, in addition to autumn dry, some areas have the custom of drinking chrysanthemum wine.

Chrysanthemum wine is made from chrysanthemum plus glutinous rice and koji. The taste is cool and sweet, and it has the functions of nourishing the liver, improving eyesight, strengthening the brain and delaying aging.

Ascending the cold dew season, the northwestern part of the country has presented a deep autumn scene, white clouds and red leaves, occasionally early frost, and the southern part of the autumn is getting thicker and thicker, so there is a custom of climbing the scenery.

Cold dew health 1

To the salt night honey, nourishing yin and anti-dry during the day to drink some light salt water, drink honey water at night, is a good way to supplement the body’s water, but also autumn health, anti-aging diet, while also preventing due to autumn drynessConstipation.

Honey has a worsening effect on neurasthenia, hypertension, coronary arteriosclerosis, and lung disease.

Taking honey regularly in the fall can also be used to moisturize the lungs and raise the lungs.

Diet should pay attention to eating less spicy, smoked and other foods, eat more autumn pear, hawthorn, sesame, walnut, white fungus, radish, tomato, lotus root, lily, sand ginseng, etc. have the effect of nourishing yin and moistening, benefiting stomach and promoting fluidfood.

Breakfast should be warm, preferably hot porridge, because the previous rice, glutinous rice to achieve excellent spleen and stomach, supplement the role of gas.

Middle-aged and older people should eat more red dates, lotus seeds, yam, duck, fish, meat and so on.

At the same time, the room should maintain a certain humidity, pay attention to add water.


The soles of the feet are warm, and the clothes are added at the right time: “The cold feet are not exposed.

“After the cold dew, the temperature gradually decreases, so do not often bend your body to prevent the cold from invading the body.

Every night, use hot water to soak your feet, alternate the blood vessels of the feet to expand, blood flow is accelerated, improve the skin and tissue nutrition of the feet, reduce the pain of lower limbs and relieve fatigue.

After the cold dew, the weather is cold, the elderly, children and people with weak constitution should pay attention to cold and warm, and gradually add clothes.

As the saying goes, “Spring and autumn and autumn”, moderately relieve some cold in the autumn is conducive to improve the cold resistance of the skin and nasal mucosa, but elderly and suffering from various chronic diseases, you should pay attention to cold and warm, to prevent “frozen” disease.


Going to bed early and getting up early, the right amount of exercise after the cold dew is short and long, and the yang in the natural world begins to converge and is included.

Going to bed early can conform to the yang converge, and get up early to adapt to the lungs to recover and stretch, so autumn health should be done early to get up early.

Autumn is a good time for exercise. You can choose different sports according to your personal situation. Long-term adherence can enhance your heart and lung function.

Walking, climbing, etc. are all good choices.

However, the intensity should not be too large at the beginning, and the amount of exercise should be gradually increased. If excessive exercise increases the fatigue of the human body, it is not conducive to recovery.

Have you remembered the health of these cold seasons?

The autumn wind is just right, let us not rush, walk non-stop, and go to the next far!

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