Mom’s kiss could cause deadly tragedy

Mom’s kiss could cause deadly tragedy

A mother’s kiss is the most direct way to convey motherly love and the best language for mother and baby communication.

However, this kind of intimacy may not be all sweet and warm, and it may also cause a fatal tragedy.

Disease control experts remind everyone that infants have low immunity and disease resistance. If the mother carries the germs, it is likely that the germs will be transmitted to the baby through close contact with the lips.

Mothers should take appropriate protective measures, especially in the following seven situations, it is not appropriate to kiss the baby.


1 If blisters occur, if there are rice-grain-sized blisters on the face, lip corners, eyes, hands, feet and other parts, several or several connected with one piece, and accompanied by fever or local lymphadenopathy, they should be wary of infection “simple”Herpes virus” because the above symptoms are typical manifestations of “herpes simplex virus” local virus infection.

“Herpes simplex virus” can be transmitted through kisses and other methods. It is not very harmful to adults, but it can be fatal to infants. It is a common viral infection in childhood.
At the age of four, the peak of incidence was in the second year after birth.

  Protective measures: Mothers with symptoms of “herpes simplex virus” such as herpes stomatitis should try to avoid contact with the baby before healing and avoid kissing the baby.


2 heavy makeup light mothers who love beauty, can not avoid heavy makeup light.

And a lot of cosmetics contain lead, mercury or other chemicals. If the mother kisses the baby without removing makeup, or lets the baby kiss the mother, these harmful substances will enter the baby’s body, which may cause complications such as contact dermatitis and chronic lead poisoning.

In the United States, cases of lead poisoning have been reported in infants due to touching the face of the mother and licking the powder and fat on the mother’s face.

  Protective measures: Mothers should try to reduce heavy makeup as much as possible, and they should completely remove makeup before kissing the baby.


3 colds due to the baby’s weak resistance, poor immunity, a little carelessness may be infected with a cold virus, and even cause bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, or combined encephalitis, myocarditis, so the mother should pay great attention to the cold virusEven if you only have mild cold symptoms, a slight headache, and sore throat, you should avoid intimate actions such as kissing each other.

  Protective measures: It is best for mothers with cold symptoms to wear a mask when they come into contact with their baby.


4 Although diarrhea and diarrhea are infectious diseases, the pathogenic bacteria enter the intestine through the mouth, so the mouth of the carrier is also the source of infection.

Mothers kissing their babies, or tasting hot and cold with their tongues before feeding them, may increase the risk of diarrhea.

  Protective measures: If the mother’s stomach has not been good recently, try to avoid kissing the baby.


5 Oral diseases Kissing is direct contact between lips and lips. If the mother has oral diseases such as gingivitis, pulpitis, dental caries, etc., there will be a lot of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. By kissing the baby, these bacteria will enter the babyThe mouth, which can cause your baby’s oral disease or other complications.

  Protective measures: Do not kiss the baby until the oral disease is cured.


6 Once a rash appears, mothers should be alert to whether it is a measles attack once they find a little rash on their body.

Because many young mothers did not get measles when they were young, they are themselves prone to measles.

Measles patients are the only source of infection. The virus exists in the conjunctiva, nose, mouth, pharynx and trachea, and can be transmitted through oral droplets.

And children themselves are susceptible to measles, especially l?
5-year-old children have the highest incidence, and kissing between mothers and children can easily spread the disease.

  Protective measures: Once the mother has a suspect of this disease, the mother should be quarantined immediately and treated actively.


7 Carrying infectious hepatitis virus If the mother is a hepatitis patient or a carrier of the hepatitis virus, it is not safe to kiss the baby.

Hepatitis A is transmitted mainly through stool, oral route and close contact in daily life, while hepatitis B is transmitted through injection, blood transfusion or blood products, close contact, mother-to-child transmission, milk, saliva, and tears are all unsafe factors.

  Protective measures: If the mother carrying the hepatitis virus is still contagious after testing, other methods should be taken to care for the baby.

After Lixia, protect your born day

After Lixia, protect your “born day”

Click on the picture to buy it. As the temperature gets higher and higher, our body also shows a series of symptoms of maladjustment.
The main manifestations are decreased appetite, fatigue, reduced work efficiency, and so on.
What causes this series of adverse effects?
The rise in temperature is only an external cause, and the root cause is that there is something wrong with our bodies.
Xiao Bian told you that something is wrong with the spleen and stomach.
Chinese medicine believes that nourishing the spleen and stomach is the key to summer health.
Let’s take a closer look!
  Why the summer is nourishing the spleen and stomach? Xiao Bian ‘s grandfather researched Chinese medicine quite often. When he was a kid, he often heard him mention: “The spleen is the essence of the day after tomorrow.
“At that time, I could only understand it. What was” the day after tomorrow “?
What is “transportation”?
What is “Sheng Qing”?
These issues also became known after adulthood.
The day after tomorrow is the essence of healthy growth after birth.
After a person falls to the ground, all life activities depend on food and water.
The nutrients needed for growth are also taken through food.
The role of the spleen and stomach in the growth and development of the human body is “unification” and “ascension.”
The stomach has the function of transport. After receiving the food, the stomach starts to secrete gastric acid to digest the food. After the food is initially digested, it is transferred to the spleen for further nutrient absorption.
At this point, the operation of the stomach is over.
The spleen has the effect of lifting the clear, and it further digests and absorbs food in more detail.
The spleen can absorb the rich nutrients in food, which can be used by the body for daily needs.
  We can see that the work of the stomach and spleen is complementary, closely related and indispensable.
Only when the spleen and stomach are healthy can the body function in a healthy and orderly manner.
In summer, not only the temperature is high, but it also often rains. It is humid and hot, and it is easy to appear hot and humid.
In the hot and humid environment, the spleen and stomach can feel the most discomfort, which leads to a series of problems such as decreased appetite and qi and blood deficiency.
Therefore, strengthening the spleen and stomach is particularly important in summer.
  Benefits of nourishing the spleen and stomach: Since the spleen is the “born nature”, the spleen can be called the energy basis of the body.
If a friend with a bad physical constitution can make up for it by regulating the spleen and stomach in life, he can also achieve healthy longevity. In contrast, if a friend with a good physical constitution does not pay attention to the spleen and stomach in daily life, it will also lead to serious physicaldisease.
Spleen and stomach have the following types of benefits.
  1. Increase appetite Many people will lose their appetite in the summer. Without appetite, their appetite will drop significantly, which will cause the body to fail to absorb sufficient nutrients. Over time, it will also lead to malnutrition.
These are the faults of spleen deficiency.
“People are iron, and rice is steel.” Poor appetite will cause a series of adverse effects.
  2. Relevant research on weight loss and weight loss shows that obesity is often caused by spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency.
Weak temper, resulting in the “transportation” work cannot be performed normally, too much water and nutrients accumulated in the body can not be absorbed in time, resulting in obesity.
In addition, patients with spleen deficiency are prone to systemic weakness and indigestion.
  3. Prevent chronic gastroenteritis: The spleen and stomach are healthy, and digestion and absorption are no problem, so the functions of various parts of the body will also be improved.
It is very helpful for the prevention and treatment of chronic gastroenteritis.
  How to nourish the spleen and stomach? Xiaobian said so much just to tell everyone that the first step in summer health is to nourish the spleen and stomach.
So, how to nourish the spleen and stomach in summer is the right way to keep in good health?  1, “Yang Yang” to dampen the spleen, the root cause is damp heat.

Therefore, dehumidification is the preferred method.

The way to dehumidify, Xiaobian recommends two simple and feasible methods here: the first one, appropriate nap.

Many office workers have a short lunch break, which is too late, but Xiaobian still recommends that everyone take a proper amount of rest is necessary, even if the eyes closed for 10 minutes is effective.

Excessive fatigue can cause water to stay in the body for too long, and increase spleen deficiency.

  The second is not to be too greedy and cold.

In summer, the weather is hot, and many people do not leave their mouths or stay in an air-conditioned environment.

In fact, this will lead to increased body moisture.

The body is only temporarily comfortable, and the subsequent problems will directly affect our physical health.

Therefore, you should not eat more cold drinks in summer, and it is most suitable to use a fan to cool down.

  2, moderate aerobic exercise is hot in summer, and rapid exercise can easily lead to dehydration and heat stroke.

Therefore, it is enough to do some aerobic exercise in summer.

For example, walking slowly for 30 minutes, walking slowly after dinner can promote digestion and protect the spleen and stomach.

I also recommend to you today an exercise-sit-ups.

You can do it without going out at home, which is more suitable for friends who do not want to go out.

Do sit-ups 20-40 times a day.

Oatmeal Cashew Corn Carrot Lean Broth

Oatmeal Cashew Corn Carrot Lean Broth

A few days ago was Children’s Day. Parents who didn’t have time to accompany their children that day could take their baby to play to compensate this weekend.

Although I ca n’t often spend time with my child, the nutrition of the babies ca n’t be pulled down. I should still have time to cook a nutritious soup. Let ‘s take a look at the oatmeal, cashew, corn, and carrot lean soup introduced today.Right.

  3-4 servings: 1.

Oatmeal, South apricot, cashew, chestnut, fig and date are washed; 2.

2. Remove the corn from the clothes, cut into sections; wash and cut the carrots;

3. Wash and cut the pig meat and simmer in water;

Pour 8 bowls of water into a clay pot and bring to a boil, add all the ingredients to the boil, and turn to a simmered pot for an hour and a half, season with salt.

  Efficacy: Qingxinhuo, nourishing the spleen and kidney.

  Gourmet science cashew nut foods are now widely known as healthy foods. Cashew nuts are also one of them. Because they are kidney-shaped, they are called cashew nuts.

Cashew nuts contain a lot of aunts, but its aunt is a kind of benign fat. It is not only easy for people to gain weight, but it has also been widely used to lose weight recently.

  Cashew nuts are sweet, crisp and delicious. The most common way is to eat snacks like peanuts. The most common way of eating cashews is to pass it in boiling oil.

The prepared commercial cashews have many flavor options, such as salted rice, crispy, black pepper, charcoal roast, etc. For cooking, there are cashew shrimp, cold cashew celery yuba, cashew fried scallops and so on.

  Cashews are not common for soup, but cashews are also a good soup material for too many vegetarians. They are commonly used like peanuts and chestnuts: vegetable cashew soup 60 grams of green beans, 1/4 onion, raw50 grams of cashew nuts, 1 corn, half carrot, half potato.

Wash the carrots, potatoes, and onions, and dice them separately. Wash the raw cashew nuts and soak them in water. Wash the corns and cut the corn kernels with a knife. Wash the green bean kernels.Boil over high heat, cook over low heat for 10 minutes, add carrots, potatoes, and onions and cook for 5 minutes; add green bean kernels, corn kernels and cook for 10 minutes, season with salt, chicken powder, and white pepper powder and serve.

  Pumpkin cashew nut soup 200g pumpkin, raw cashew 50g, salt similar.

Peel the pumpkin and cut into cubes. After being plated and steamed, place it in a blender with cashew nuts, salt and an appropriate amount of hot water. Stir well.

  Burdock cashew soup 1 burdock, 100 g raw cashews, 4 shiitake mushrooms, 2 slices of ginger.

The burdock is carefully rubbed and sliced; the mushrooms are softened, removed and sliced; the cashews are washed; pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, boil the cashews, add the burdock, shiitake and ginger slices, cook for an hour, salt and stir sesame oilJust season.
  Liangtangxinshui dried cashews are available in grocery stores. When choosing cashews, they should be neat and uniform, full-colored, full-bodied, dry, and oily.

Chinese medicine should be used for early treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease

Chinese medicine should be used for early treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease

After a year, abominable hand, foot and mouth disease has made a comeback.

The Guangdong Provincial Department of Health recently notified that as of March 26, 3245 clinical and laboratory-diagnosed cases of hand-foot-mouth disease were reported in our province, most of which were mild cases, including 3 severe cases.

Hand-foot-mouth disease cases began to increase in spring, mainly related to climate change (approximate, rainy) and so on.

At present, the hand, foot and mouth disease in our province is in the high incidence season, and the number of reported cases will increase every year, and it is expected to reach a peak from May to July.

  Once an epidemic broke out, many parents stopped the panic, did not dare to let their children go out, and even sent them to major hospitals with minor discomfort.

Experts from the Department of Health believe that hand, foot and mouth disease is a common infectious disease. Most of the cases in our province are mainly light cases, and children can usually recover on their own within a week, as long as there are no complications.

However, if the parents are unable to make a judgment, we admit that the inspection at the nearest hospital will increase the burden on the parents and increase the risk of the child’s illness.

  And Yang Lixin, chief physician of the Department of Physicians of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that including EV71’s hand, foot and mouth disease is a “warm disease” in traditional Chinese medicine theory. Many years of clinical experience have shown that traditional Chinese medicine has better characteristics and prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease.The effect is better with traditional Chinese medicine.

  Yang Lixin said: “The virus in the body belongs to the category of warm poison of traditional Chinese medicine, which is known as the hot and humid epidemic. In Guangzhou’s local climate, some children with a heavy body of moisture are particularly susceptible to the virus.Such as Huoxiangzhengqi liquid.

For example, Xiao Chaihu Banlangen has antiviral effects. After taking it, it can improve immunity and prevent disease invasion.

Severe patients need to be treated with western medicine, and the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine can have a good effect.

“She recommends that citizens add honeysuckle, cotton vine, wicker flower, kapok, winter melon, etc. to the water and boil it for a few days after the tea is replaced. Parents who are worried that the prescription is too cold can add lentils.

In addition, adults can also rely on clearing heat and dampening herbal tea to prevent illness.

  The sharp increase in demand for antiviral drugs is affected by hand, foot and mouth disease. Recently, reporters learned from the market that the demand for antiviral drugs such as Xiao Chaihu and antiviral oral solutions has increased sharply.

  The reporter saw in the large pharmacy that antiviral drugs have been placed in a prominent position, and the number of citizens buying has increased significantly. Within 10 minutes, two citizens have consulted the clerk about the efficacy and dosage of such drugs.

  According to data released by Xiangxue Pharmaceuticals, sales of antiviral oral solutions in Guangzhou also increased by more than 30% year-on-year, driven by increased demand.

“Some regions have doubled sales.

“The person in charge of Xiangxue Marketing Department introduced.

  The production of Banlangen and Qingkailing Baiyunshan and Huang, Baiyunshan Mingxing Pharmaceutical also said that sales of its antiviral drugs have increased by more than 40%, and the company is currently operating at overload.

Psychological adjustment of college entrance exam candidates

Psychological adjustment of college entrance exam candidates

Xiao Zhang, a junior high school attached to the Normal University, felt unsatisfactory after the test. After knowing it, although her mother did not refuse to speak out loud, she always sighed and frowned for a few days, making Xiao Zhang, who was already uncomfortable, even more depressed.Trough, I feel sorry for my hard-working mother.

  On the contrary to Xiao Zhang, when the college entrance examination was over, Xiao Wang of Shijiazhuang No. 15 Middle School was suddenly very excited. He rented piles of video discs from outside and watched day and night. He was thirsty and drank a few mouthfuls of mineral water. Hungry.Two bites of bread.

The parents wanted to criticize two sentences, but before opening their mouths, Xiao Wang responded: “I have been studying hard for ten years, so you can’t let me be a little free and do something you like?

“His parents were speechless.

  Therefore, Professor Zhang Yanping, a psychologist at the Provincial Institute of Mental Health, analyzed that although Xiao Zhang and Xiao Wang behaved in opposite ways, their properties are the same, and they all belong to the concentrated release of psychological crisis after the test.

Therefore, he reminded the majority of candidates and parents that they must properly conduct psychological adjustment after the exam, eliminate the damage of negative emotions, and face the future life with a positive attitude.

  For children who do not pass the test, Professor Zhang Yanping suggested that parents should not just refuse to blame and complain. Instead, they should provide appropriate comfort and encouragement to their children to help them reduce stress and find suitable and reasonable ways to vent their children.

When your child’s mood is stable, talk about her previous plans and avoid being blunt.

  For candidates like Xiao Wang, Professor Zhang Yanping suggested that parents should communicate more with their children to see what they think, or give their children some suggestions, go outing with classmates, etc., and get in touch with nature.Enriching your life can greatly help regulate your mood.

You can also talk to your elder brother and sister who have already gone to college. They will definitely offer some good suggestions as “come here” and start preparing for the upcoming college life from now on.

  Professor Zhang Yanping said that in fact, anyone who encounters a major turning point in life will encounter collision, stress and other mental torture.

Without active guidance, candidates will experience depression or even more serious psychological problems.

And such psychological problems are likely to lead to unforeseen things.

Therefore, as parents, they should sing the “protagonist” in “post-examination education”, communicate with their children in a timely manner, and help them to relieve their psychological stress and burden. They must pay attention to observe their children’s behaviors, understand their psychological changes, and makeProper boot.

In addition, the whole society must also create a healthy psychological environment for candidates, and let them bravely welcome a new life.

Different strategies for different bosses

Different strategies for different bosses

In the workplace, you will encounter many different types of bosses: some have a gentle personality and are cautious; others are irritable and careless; and everyone has a different habit.

There are different ways to get along with different bosses. Since you are doing things under his or her hands, of course you must master the “coping tactics”.

  For “workaholic” bosses-such bosses often think of themselves as the most capable person in the world. With excess energy, they are enthusiastic about work, and hope that their subordinates will become “workaholics” just like him or her.
In the face of such a boss, the best countermeasure is to give up, and ask him for advice, so that he will always feel that you are working hard and achieving success under his wise leadership, so you can still get his appreciation.

  Facing Bossy Bosses-It takes courage to think that bosses are constantly threatening their subordinates so that they can do their job conscientiously.

  To such a boss, you must often make her feel your existence value.

Especially when you foresee that she will speak ill of you, you must think of salutation in advance.

Of course, it’s more important not to be intimidated.

  Facing Suspicious Boss-Give him (her) a job report every day. The boss suspects his subordinates are lazy all day, so he often directs the game of “police catching thieves” in the office.

The best way to meet such a boss is to give her a report every day (at least weekly), telling her clearly that you have done a job today to dispel her suspicion, and she can rest assured that you are also at ease.

  Facing an indecisive boss-helping him or her resolve that such bosses are usually more resourceful and often determined. As long as others suggest a little modification, they can change his original intention at one time, and the people below mustConstantly restarted.

In fact, as long as you don’t feel lost, you can discuss some decisions with him boldly, help him make a determined decision, and then try to keep him going.

  In the face of forgetful bosses-you can only be like “old mother”. Some bosses are very forgetful, often upside down, often lost, and sometimes obviously talked about the previous day, but after two or three days, he said that he did not say at all.

The best way is, when he is in an event or expressing a certain point of view, you can ask him a few times, you can also put forward your own different views, deliberately cause discussion to deepen the boss’s impression, and finally, you can alsoSummarize the statement and repeat it to him in alternative language to keep him firmly in mind.

  Facing vague bosses-“Breaking the Casserole and Asking to the End” Some bosses are vague in the layout of their work and there are no clear and specific requirements, which can be understood as either this or that; some conflict with each other, and the subordinates cannot operate at all.Implementation, once you do it well, he will blame saying that his request is not like this, you are mistaken.

For such a supervisor, when accepting a task, be sure to inquire about its specific requirements, especially in terms of completion time, staff extension, quality standards, amount of funds, etc., and record them one by one, so that the supervisor can go after approval.Do it.

  Some supervisors “humming” when they ask for specific indicators or clear responses for a certain job that you have requested, but they don’t have a clear attitude, or just say “I know”, “you look at it” and so on.

Then, in order to avoid the trouble of contradictions in the future, you can repeatedly explain your intentions as a subordinate, and try to induce them to have a clear response. If necessary, you can use methods to provide language alternatives, such as: “What do you mean .”, Let the boss continue, or let the boss answer with speculative judgment, such as:” Do you mean ×××?

“When the boss has a clearer response, he repeats the enhancement several times immediately, which can be further extended.” If so, then it will . “.

  Facing ignorant bosses-it is time to shoot. Some bosses clearly do not understand the business, layman, not good at it, so pretend to understand, pretend, and want to show themselves everywhere.

Faced with such a boss, can be treated separately.

If it is important and has a principled problem, subordinates can directly observe the point of view, or strive for reason, or firmly oppose it. They cannot be accommodated. Even if the positive suggestions are invalid, they must try their best to make a roundabout way, otherwise it is equivalent to killing the boss and his own.Just kidding; unless it’s a general issue that has nothing to do with the big picture, subordinates can deal with it flexibly and prevent the intensification of positive conflicts and contradictions.

  Facing Introverted Bosses-“Secret” Communication Some psychologists have pointed out that introverts use email more often than extroverts.

Therefore, if your boss is multiple introverts, he may prefer to read E-mail and communicate with his subordinates by this method.

If you want to surprise your boss who is accustomed to ordinary black and white emails, then spend more time learning to make innovative color animation e-mails.

Of course, don’t make personal contacts during work hours, so as not to attract others’ tongues.

Here’s another simple method: when you want to talk to your boss about an important thing, don’t use E-mail, but show your sincerity and determination through interviews. It is a good way to have lunch together.Will not be interfered by other colleagues, and can communicate with the boss most directly and effectively.

  The boss who gives a small report to the boss in the face of instigating right and wrong-using evil to suppress certain types of bosses, loves to solicit right and wrong between subordinates, creates contradictions, and also loves to give small reports to subordinates in front of the boss, so that the relationship between employeesNervous and scolded by the boss at every turn.

In such a situation, the employees must first talk openly, make sure that the boss is playing a ghost, and then find a way to deal with him.

As the saying goes: You must not have a detrimental heart, and you must be defenseless. You must not stop your patience with this kind of “little man” boss. You must find the right time, expose it in person, and take the initiativeAsk the boss to explain the situation and let the boss know the truth.

We must believe that when the boss is responsible for his own company, when he realizes that the person in charge under his management, starting from the survival and development of the company, will generally consider taking corresponding measures.

  Facing a mediocre incompetent boss who likes to push him-if you are mediocre and have no idea, you do n’t need to worry about it, you can completely oppose it with a tolerant heart, “Jin WuzuRed, no one is perfect! ”

Whenever there is a difficult job, giving it to a subordinate to do it can only indicate the incompetence of the superior, but pointing out to the subordinate may not be a good thing. At least there are more opportunities for tempering and more opportunities to show talent.

“People are under the roof and have to bow their heads.” The basic rule is to learn to get along with each other. If you don’t want to get along with yourself, it’s best not to get through with this kind of boss.

  If the boss likes to put all the “cooked dishes” cooked by others into his own bowl and refuses to separate out a “cup of ravioli”, he will be responsible for his mistakes. This shows that he is selfish and humble.

To get along with such a boss, you must be firm and flexible, neither irreversible, nor blindly.

It is also unquestionable to properly protect your own interests in front of the boss. It is necessary to let the boss know that there are principles in life and that tolerance is limited.

Relaxing and good medicine

Relaxing and good medicine

In recent days, Pharaoh often hiccups, and sometimes feels hesitant to eat. He suspects that he has cancer of the esophagus, causing nervousness. He is worried and anxious.

When I went to the hospital for a gastroscopy, it was a contraction of the portal vein, not a gastric or esophageal cancer.

But Pharaoh took the anti-dissolving medicine prescribed by the doctor but had no effect at all, so he had to see an expert to see the doctor. The old expert asked the medical history in detail, examined it carefully, and explained his illness to the is good.

Sure enough, Pharaoh improved immediately after taking the medicine.

In fact, the medicine prescribed by the old expert is exactly the same as that prescribed by the original doctor.

It is said that under the same objective conditions, the treatment effect of a certain drug on a certain disease is also the same. Why do the same drugs, experts or general doctors who produce diseases when used, are easy to produce drugs to cure them?

It turned out that the physical effects of physical diseases that need to be treated with drugs are also closely related to the psychological state of patients.

  As the saying goes, good words are better than good medicine.

The correct speech behavior of doctors has a benign suggestive effect. It has unique healing power for patients, can complement each other with drugs, and help patients recover quickly. This is the “psychological effect of drugs”.

The reason is that the patient’s trust in the expert from the bottom of his heart, coupled with the expert’s good working attitude, explained the disease clearly, and implicitly produced a suggestive effect, which played a magical effect.

If a patient has a drug of distrust, even if it is indeed a symptomatic medicine, it may have little effect after use.

As a result, trusted drugs often receive unexpected results after use.

This is why some doctors prescribe even “placebos” to patients, and the results are quite good.

  In addition, psychological imbalances can lead to a series of dysfunction in the cerebral cortical dysregulation, making it difficult for drugs to exert their effects.

In particular, the function of the hypertension tract is affected by emotional penetration, excessive tension, anxiety, depression and other adverse emotions can interfere with the physiological function of the insulin tract.

Studies have shown that the emotional quality directly affects the peristalsis, emptying and absorption function of the turbo-channel, and the gastric emptying time of the depressed person is delayed, while worrying, the gastrointestinal tract peristalsis is accelerated and the emptying time is shortened when over-excited.

Generally, the site of drug absorption is in the small intestine. After taking the drug, the length of gastric emptying time makes the drug reach the small intestine more or less quickly, which will affect the drug absorption and plasma concentration, so the effect is not good.

  Understanding this is good for both the doctor and the patient.

When treating a patient, a doctor should understand the patient’s psychological condition in detail, try to meet the patient’s psychological needs, and increase the patient’s trust in the doctor.

As a patient, you should maintain an optimistic mood, an open mind, and full confidence in order to make the drug play a better effect.

Correct whitening ideas effortlessly


Correct whitening ideas effortlessly

Whitening is an attitude, pursuing a manifestation of self-charm, and flaunting a pure and flawless beauty appeal.

In our eyes, whitening and translucent good skin is a necessary condition for beauty.

Any idiom describing beauty, any sentence describing beauty, will take fair skin as a key expression object.

However, want to whiten, is your point correct?

  The correct whitening concept and whitening can not be asked to find a whitening essence, which can be easily achieved just by taking care of it every day; so that the effectiveness of whitening products to the highest level, the following points, we must know.

  1Recognize the types of pigments and the function of whitening products. There are many whitening products on the market. Some products have different whitening effects.And characteristics, the right medicine.

  2Whitening can only restore the original race, and the skin’s black and white is not the criterion for judging the perfect skin. The uniformity and brightness of the complexion in the perfect skin range.

If the skin itself is naturally severely dark, the purpose of using whitening products is to remove dull skin tone and restore the skin tone evenly and transparently, instead of making people from natural dark blacks to be white.

The skin will not be whiter than most people because of whitening products, and the misunderstanding that whitening product ads will only waste money.

  3 Sun protection does not leave me Most of the melanin is caused by the ultraviolet rays in the sun. If you do not develop the habit of sun protection, even how many whitening products are applied will not help.

Based on an average of eight hours of sun exposure per day, a minimum of SPF 24 PA ++ or above is required.

But don’t be greedy for sunscreens with a high degree of SPF. The higher the SPF degree, the easier it is to double the pores. Therefore, high-degree sunscreens such as SPF 50 PA +++ are only suitable for heavy rain and long-term outdoor use.

  Also, don’t forget that the eyes are thinner than the skin, and sun protection is more important.

  4 Moisturizing first and then whitening If it is sensitive or dry skin, it should be moisturizing the skin before using whitening products, which can improve the moisture of the skin stratum corneum, healthy skin cell tissue, and can reduce the sensitivity of the skin whitening productsshape.

Before using whitening products, apply moisturizing essence to the base.

  5 Mask is not suitable for general whitening mask, unless otherwise specified, usually only 15 minutes is sufficient.

Do not think that the longer the mask is applied, the more effective it will be.

When the mask is applied for too long, the facial cells are prone to lack of oxygen, which affects the normal breathing of the skin, and the nutrients in the mask cannot effectively penetrate the skin, reducing the effectiveness of the mask.

  Whitening the skin inside and outside can definitely reflect the physical condition. It is necessary to keep the skin white and clean. Except for coating, good eating habits are very helpful to prevent the production of pigments. In addition, star makeup artists teach the way.

  1. Eat more legumes and products “It’s easy to get white skin, as long as you have the opportunity to eat more legumes such as soy milk, tofu flowers, tofu and so on.

Beans are rich in protein, which is very helpful for the production of collagen in the skin. It is beneficial to eat more and make the skin whiter. It is a cheap and natural whitening supplement.

“2, one tomato a day” Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, called vitamin C, which can help inhibit melanin formation and reduce freckles.

In addition, tomatoes are effective in anti-oxidation, which can improve the dark yellow skin that proliferates due to oxidation, which is very helpful for even skin tone.

“3, eat less acidic foods” eat more foods containing vitamins C and E such as persimmon, kiwi, orange, apple, strawberry, green leafy vegetables, carrots, oats, etc. These all contain natural antioxidants, there areHelps restore skin’s natural complexion

In addition, if you want to have a clean skin, you should consume less acidic foods such as meat, oil, alcohol and sugar.

“4, Tremella sugar water” Tremella is also known as the civilian version of bird’s nest, eat more to promote skin collagen proliferation.

Tremella syrup can be cooked with red dates and lily?

Body and rotten, then add rock sugar, which can help whiten skin.

“5. Lemonade” Lemons are rich in vitamin C. Drinking more can not only help detoxify, but also whiten the skin.

It is best to drink one to two cups of warm lemonade on an empty stomach. It is best not to add sugar to prevent the accumulation of melanin.

“6. Rice water cleansing” After each rice wash, leave the first and second pass of rice water for cleansing.

The reason is that the precipitated fibers and minerals in the degradable water in white rice will remain in the washing water, and vitamin B is rich in heteronutrients.

Lack of Vitamin B can cause many skin problems such as wrinkles, aging, allergies, and impede the skin from absorbing nutrients.

No excuse for losing weight, see how you use it eight hours a day

No excuse for losing weight, see how you use it eight hours a day

Go to work eight hours a day. Don’t let work stop you from losing weight.

Teach you some little recipes so that you can lose weight under the eyes of your boss.

  AM8: 30 before going out-thinning tools can be worn to thin body shape + burning cooked pantyhose, secretly sculpting the perfect shape body shape body shaper can outline the curve, can make the body more perfect, and can make the appetite smaller.

The underwear and pantyhose that are popular on the market that can help burn adults. Wear them all day, even if you don’t exercise, you can consume more than usual.

Persist in perfect body shape.

  It can be heated automatically in the places where traces are easy to accumulate and self-heat, which has the effects of improving microcirculation, rapid metabolism, and consumption metabolism.

  High heels and flat shoes, wear high heels every day, flat shoes will be moved to the upper leg muscles, the lower half, it is best to change every day, the whole leg will be well-proportioned and beautiful, away from radish legs.

  Work area AM9: 00: Go to work-walk to increase the amount of exercise, take less rides and walk more. When climbing the stairs into the company to take the bus, do not sit, stand, and get off early, walk slowly to the company, so that you canIncrease your overall physical activity and relax.

When you go downstairs, you should choose to climb the stairs as much as possible. It is best to climb every 3 floors. It will not be too tired and can achieve sports effects.

  Exercise area, calf AM9: 30 to the company-all the time, straighten your chest, straighten your waist to sit correctly, and you can exercise your muscles to lift your feet, sitting cross-legged, etc. will affect the lower body circulation and cause swelling.

In addition, when you sit down and keep your back on your back, your muscles will be in a relaxed state and gradually become extra meat.

Therefore, when you are sitting, you must lift your chest and abdomen, so that you can exercise your abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, and back muscles.

  Work area, back, buttocks at 10:00 AM at work-change habitual movements, exercise small movements of muscles at work, in fact, a little change can help to lose weight.

To help you sort out some details that we often ignore in daily work, they are all small movements that can easily deform your muscles and excess meat. Come and see if you have a standard!

  Action 1-Don’t use your elbow when you answer the phone at the table. Keep your elbow away from your body. After a while, you will feel tired. After you get used to it, you can shake your arm up and down to shake off the “butterfly arm”.

  Exercise Part 2-Stomping the abdomen, clamping the arm muscles, stomping to copy files, and using the copy machine farthest away from you, take a few more steps.

Note that when walking, the abdominal muscles must be contracted, and the arm muscles must be clamped.

do you know?

Supermodels all look good in this way!

  Exercise parts, buttocks, calf movements 3–Stiff, knees bent, squat down and pick up something, then stand up, you can effectively exercise your arms, abdomen and thigh muscles.

  Exercise parts, buttocks, thigh movements 4–doing sit-ups with the opportunity to practice “sit-ups” by taking the opportunity to do Step1, before hanging down and hanging 2?
3 seconds, this is effective for firming thighs and arm muscles.

  Step2, sit on the chair about 1/2.

  Step3, sit back to Step2 state.

Doing back and forth is like doing sit-ups, you can exercise the abdominal muscles.

  Exercise site, buttocks, thighs AM11: 00 go out to participate-using the weight of both hands to exercise the arm muscles work has the best opportunity to go out, can increase the frequency of walking every day, can improve blood circulation, and can improve basal metabolic rate.
  When you encounter something, you need to go out for a meeting with your arms away from your arms. Hold the documents with both hands. Do n’t hold it against your body. Do not hold your arms open. This will make it easy to exercise your arm muscles.Tight.

Keeping your arm and body at a certain distance when carrying a tote, you can also exercise your biceps and triceps.

  Lunch at PM12: 00 in the exercise area-Go out for a walk and try eating out. Drinking a cup of black coffee after a meal and going out for lunch can increase your chances of exercise.

Drinking a cup of black coffee after a meal can help digestion and promote adult decomposition.

Be careful not to add sugar, hot is more effective than ice. After drinking coffee 30?
In 40 minutes, the fatty acid concentration in the blood will increase. At this time, with the right amount of exercise, the molecular weight can be turned into thermal energy to effectively burn.

  Cancel siesta to prevent the lower abdomen. After sleeping, lie on your stomach and sleep on your stomach. The lunch and lunch will be stuck in your stomach, which will cause indigestion and develop a convex abdomen.

  PM14: 00 continue to work-pay attention to the hidden version of the small movement alignment clips small pieces of paper cut A4 paper into 1/4 size small pieces of paper, sandwiched between the legs, for a long time, you will obviously feel the thigh due toForce and become sore.

  Foot massage In the afternoon, the calf is most susceptible to swelling. Hiding the foot massager under the table and stepping on it, massaging the acupoints on the soles of the feet can help the body to circulate normally, thereby reducing the swelling of the legs.

  Use the weight of your legs to massage to the soles of your feet.

  Work area PM16: 30 before work-If you have satiety, you will eat less at dinner. Use low-calorie afternoon tea to make dinner less. Before afternoon at work, eat something that can be satisfactorily extended to dinner.Can make dinner less.

This practice not only eliminates the pain of dieting and weight loss, but also increases happiness and makes work happier.

Are you infatuated?

One test will tell!

Are you infatuated?
One test will tell!

You go out to eat with your friends. The service lady just poured tea for you. You accidentally spilled the water and filled the table. When you see this wet condition, according to your habits, you will use it.Which of the following papers wiped the table clean?

  A roll of paper B, a wet tissue C, a facial tissue D, and a piece of paper. Analysis of the results: The person who chooses A: 45% of the infatuation index. You will occasionally make certain actions that look very infatuated, but this is just to please your lover.

Do you think that you should fall in love anyway, you should do these things, but in fact, your heart takes a disagreeable attitude.

Although it is not bad to play infatuated, it can be very guilty, and your lover will feel that your behavior is a bit unnatural.

Of course, you ca n’t be a love lover!

But you ca n’t really be free and easy to see through the situation, you can only stubbornly say that you do n’t care, and then come home and then secretly cry about the quilt, really awkward!

  The person who chooses B: 85% infatuation index Facing love, you belong to the type of people who will not react most.

For every male (female) friend you have met, from the beginning, you feel that everyone will of course be together in a wild place.

Therefore, when things go against your wishes, you will often become desperate, as if the end of the world is coming, and you are secretly determined that you can no longer love other people so madly, and you may cry, cry, or hang yourself.

People who don’t understand you will feel that you are overly exaggerated, but in fact this is just a subconscious response, and you will regard yourself as the most sad male and female protagonist in the world.

  People who choose C: 65% of the infatuation index is controversial, but you think that you are definitely the most honorable representative of the kind of “male virginity and female infatuation”, which can be moved by all kinds of infatuation.You will follow the instructions and even make it worse.

Sending roses wildly to a lover is a small case. What’s the point of fishing for the moon while going down the mountain?

As a staunch believer in love novels, do you think love is to love crazy?

But the interesting thing is that you have another characteristic, which is the reason why you ca n’t get an infatuation arch. When you break up with your lover, you will soon fall out of the infatuation and quickly forget it.Everything, and quickly fall in love with others.

This time, you will fall in love and let others fall through your glasses.

But this kind of reaction must not be blamed on you, because the righteous you, every time you love, are crazy in love, the so-called carefree and infatuated guy is you!

  The person who chooses D: 25% infatuation index For super realistic you, love is only part of your life.

Of course, breaking up will also make you sad, but if you take the realistic route, you will soon breathe in air, eat food, dance and dance, and continue to live happily.

Precisely because you are the kind of person who is not crazy about love, so raining at the door and waiting for the other party to turn around, or threatening to talk about the plot in Qiong Yao ‘s novels, for you, you have nothing to do.The things that idle people will do, and you love bread more than anything else, are disdainful.