Putting sugar when cooking soy milk hurts children the most!

Putting sugar when cooking soy milk hurts children the most!

Drinking soy milk everyone likes sugar most, but do you know when and when?

  The correct way to add sugar is to pour the soy milk into a bowl or cup, which is best when the bowl or cup is not hot.

If sugar is added during cooking, lysine in soy milk will react with sugar to produce fructosyl amino acid, which is a harmful substance and is especially harmful to children.

  What sugar is best?

In general, many people like to use white sugar, but the main ingredient of white sugar is sucrose, which has a sweet taste. If the amount is not controlled, it will be harmful to the teeth and the body.

In fact, adding glucose or honey is healthier.

After drinking glucose without digestion and digestion, it will be quickly absorbed by the body, which is more suitable for children or frail people.

And honey is a good mixture of glucose and fructose.

  The least suitable sugar is brown sugar.

Organic acids in brown sugar combine with proteins in soybean milk to produce denatured precipitates that are not easily absorbed.

  In addition, meat, milk, eggs, fish and shrimp foods also contain higher lysine. When cooking, cooking these foods should be post-sugar.